What is Feedly?

Feedly is an aggregator for articles and interesting content from your favorite blogs, websites and RSS feeds.

Our mission is to connect people to the knowledge they need to become better at what they do.

We believe that reading opens doors, whether that’s performing better at work, mastering a craft, learning something new or following current events. Reading is an important tool for those with curious minds, and Feedly is an app that enables readers to connect with the websites and sources about the things they are most passionate.

Feedly Awards

Feedly currently scores 90/100 in the Productivity Tools category. This is based on user satisfaction (88/100), press buzz (77/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Feedly gathered from around the web.

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Feedly Review

Editors' Review by the Productivity Tools Software Review Team

Feedly is a content aggregation software service and a smart reader solution designed for different types of users, from the casual or curious reader to industry professionals and businesses. 

It enables users to pull together and organize web content from various sources into a single platform and then consume them whenever they want.

This AI-driven application offers cloud-based access for web browsers through a signup process, free of charge.

Feedly is also supported by native applications for Mac computers as well as for mobile devices running on both Android and iOS systems.

Feedly’s AI, called Leo the research assistant, automatically collates the user’s most frequented or preferred content sources, which includes blog sites, online news outlets, digital publications and YouTube channels.

All of these content-rich websites are curated in a centralized location for easy access and the most convenient reading experience.

The app is extremely efficient when it comes to managing content sources and the actual content itself, as it allows for the customization and filtering of various feeds. 

It is also very useful for monitoring and keeping track of brand and/or product mentions across the web, including social media.

Feedly can be used to monitor competitor activities and article keywords, which is quite helpful for online businesses and digital marketers.

Feedly can be integrated with Google Alerts, allowing the app to issue alerts and notifications regarding content that makes mention of specific keywords and phrases set by the user.

Feedly Homepage

Feedly Features

Feedly’s features are backed by a diverse set of collaborative tools and functions that include a number of sharing options.

This is mainly because the platform is specifically designed to encourage content sharing among friends, teammates and colleagues, as well as within other social networks through shared boards and feeds.

The shared boards function allows users, whether they are in a team or not, to effectively curate, highlight, identify as well as share their comments on relevant blog posts, articles, social media posts and other forms of content shared on the platform.

In addition, the Feedly app also features a wide range of third-party integrations with renowned and widely used social media networks like LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, etc., for quick and easy sharing of relevant and engaging content. 

Conversely, the app facilitates and streamlines workflow processes through productivity export options to useful services like OneNote, Slack, Evernote and Trello, effectively allowing the reposting and sharing of feeds and encouraging insightful discussions around any relevant topic or content.

Apart from the web browser support, Feedly also works with native apps for Mac computers. However, where the content aggregation software really shines is its accessibility through mobile apps. 

Users can gain access to their favorite feeds and content anytime and anywhere using their smartphones through the Android and iOS apps.

This is especially crucial since content nowadays, regardless of form (written or video), is mostly consumed through smartphones and other mobile devices.

Feedly on Google Play (Android)

Whether you’re simply a passionate learner eager to get the latest about your favorite topics, or a professional who wants to get ahead of the curve by catching up on the next big trend in your industry, it is most likely that you are getting your daily dose of content via your smartphone or tablet.

The Android version of Feedly allows you to gather, organize and consume all of your favorite content in one location, from blogs posts to news publications, articles, reviews, YouTube videos and more.

The app makes sharing extremely easy and convenient for readers. Any publication they just read they can share efficiently to their friends and colleagues with just a tap of a button.

Regardless of how many sources you have saved in your Feedly account, the content comes to you in a clean, well-organized and easily digestible format.

Feedly on Android allows for quicker and more streamlined access to a wide variety of resources for relevant information. 

This means you will not only be able to keep up with important trends within your industry, but you will also gain insights about your favorite topics from different angles and points of view.

This allows you to slowly build up a more diverse range of knowledge and expertise on subject matters you are passionate about for and really care about.

Feedly is connected to over 40 million feeds, giving you and your team access to even the most niche topics and content specific only to your work and/or industry. 

Moreover, Feedly can also help you discover new content sources and feeds based on your favorite subjects, from tech blogs to business-related articles, design concepts to marketing strategies, media and so much more.

Feedly on the App Store (iOS)

Feedly for iOS is just the same as the Android version, except that it runs on your iPhone, iPad or any Apple product with internet connectivity.

As in any platform, operating system or device, Feedly works on alleviating information overload by helping users get started in three very basic steps.

First, it will help you find and organize sources in a centralized location.

These sources can be trade publications, leading online news websites, trusted blog sites, even your favorite YouTube channels and RSS feeds. The app can also connect with research journals and social media feeds like Twitter and so on.

Feedly provides its users with the most advanced technologies and the right tools so they can harness the full power of the World Wide Web.

The next step is to train Leo, the AI research assistant, to help filter out unnecessary content, or content that is essentially irrelevant to you, your team or your business. 

The Feedly app gives you total control over your priorities when it comes to the content, but you have the power to ask Leo to scour your content and prioritize the events, trends and subject matters based on your preferences.

Leo is an AI assistant specifically designed to help Feedly users save time on content searches and organization. It allows them to simply read the content they want.

The third and final step is the function that enables you to easily share relevant content as well as your insights with your friends, workmates and your team anytime and anywhere. 

The app allows you to curate, organize and share industry insights that are relevant to you, your team and your business as a way to expedite research, enhance marketing strategies and even increase sales.

With the Feedly and RSS combo, you can centrally organize trade publications, industry articles, news sources, YouTube channels, expert blog sites and Twitter feeds.

You will also have the ability to access and curate your favorite podcasts and Google News.

Feedly Benefits

There are many benefits to utilizing content aggregation software services like Feedly, which include:

Sharing tools

As a smart reader application, Feedly is very capable in serving different types of users—from casual followers of popular culture topics to industry professionals and business folks who like to stay on top of their field by consuming niche or industry-specific content.

The app offers sharing tools and options based on RSS technology.

Custom content feeds

The Feedly smart reader gives users the ability to consume optimized and consistent digital content, i.e. online magazines, industry journals and trade publications, along with blog posts and news articles from trusted news sites and content creators followed by the user. 

The app integrates with Google Alerts to notify users on a keyword or key phrase mentions throughout the web for monitoring reasons.

Aggregated feed

The diverse sources and the support for various media types, while maintaining a well-organized and consistent feed for users, is definitely a significant advantage regardless of which type of user you are—whether you’re the curious type reader or the professional type.

The app can facilitate the organization of diverse content to make it more palatable to the consumer.

It also makes sharing among friends, teammates and colleagues easier and more coordinated, while the shared boards allow for a more collaborative article curation.

Mobile accessibility

Feedly’s availability in both Android and iOS devices makes it very accessible to a wider audience as well, as it’s not only confined to desktop or laptop computers through the web browser app. This means you will get access to your favorite feed on the go.

Feedly Homepage

Feedly Pricing

Feedly is available to everyone for free. You can also download the Feedly app from the App Store or the Google Play store for free. There is, however, an option to upgrade the app for a fixed monthly fee, which is billed annually. 

Feedly has a total of three paid premium plans available; Feedly Pro, Pro+ and Business.

Feedly Pro costs $6 per month and it supports up to a thousand content sources. Some of its many features include notes and highlights functionality, no sponsored ads, premium fonts and the new Power Search tool.

The package also supports a number of integrations, including OneNote, Pocket, Evernote, LinkedIn, Zapier, Buffer, Hootsuite and IFTTT.

Feedly Pro+ comes with everything from Feedly Pro and it will cost you $8.25 per month. 

The package supports up to 2500 content sources, including Google News and Twitter feeds. The Pro+ package also introduces Leo the AI research assistant.

Feedly Business is the ultimate plan for content research and sharing of key industry trends. Priced at $18 per month, the package has everything from Pro+ and additional features to further assist.

 It supports up to 5000 sources, team feeds and boards, team newsletters, as well as Slack and Microsoft Teams integration. API access, SSO/SAML and cybersecurity for Leo are also available as add-ons.

A free trial for this package is available.


Regardless of the type of content you’re most interested in, whether you’re a professional or merely a curious reader, Feedly provides the ideal platform to curate and aggregate content.

Leo, the AI assistant, is good at curating relevant content and offers good recommendations. The app offers different layouts as well as gesture-based shortcuts for ease-of-use, making it a well-designed software ideal for most types of users.

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Feedly User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.42/5 based on 80 user ratings.
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"All my news and interesting blogs in one place"

// Project Manager at vrTech Trade

What do you like about Feedly?

With this program, you can easily organize your workspace and also create several lists to add articles to them and return to reading them later. I really like the easy way to share articles about social networks, email and more.

What do you dislike about Feedly?

I wanted the program to include social audition, and that the keywords were available for search on social networking platforms. I would like the program to have higher access to more complex tasks for organizations and publications.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Feedly solve?

The program is excellent for social networks and convergence of content. It also helps me stay up to date with the current news in this industry. I can read channels from different sites to keep up with specific marketing and design trends.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Really good feed website"

// Event Manager at Extra Vital Science

What do you like about Feedly?

Feedly is a great source for crunching the news feeds into one area and it allows you to keep track of reading and unread articles from my news feed. You can save the article for later reading, annotate it and share it with friends. I like the minimal UI of the main page, you can concentrate on content and images of the following sites. Also, I can organize my feeds into different categories and (seemingly) add an unlimited amount. Feedly synchronizes the news feed on your mobile with a great iOS app and is possible automate the content integrating the news feed with Slack, Google Docs and Trello.

What do you dislike about Feedly?

I really like the desktop experience, I have not enjoyed the mobile app for Feedly, but it is not bad on the big screen like iPad has. I don't like the page animation on the iOS app, I'll prefer a "normal" scroll. Sometimes feeds will suddenly stop refreshing and presenting new content, but this happens rarely.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Feedly solve?

It is the perfect way to stay updated about my business stuff and what is happening around the world.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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