What is Fastly?

Fastly provides a CDN service for individual, enterprise, dynamic content publishers, e-commerce, mobile consumers, and API users.

Fastly is a content delivery network solution that also offers streaming media delivery to users that need a fast, secure, and scalable online experience. It is used by individuals, dynamic content publishers, e-commerce, and enterprises, including popular brands like Twitter, Vogue, Buzzfeed, Airbnb, The New York Times, Ticketmaster, and Kickstarter.

Fastly's main features include; content delivery and image optimization for dynamic assets, the cache unpredictably changing content, and images from the edge; video streaming across multiple devices and platforms; load balancing with application auto-scaling; and cloud security with instant traffic reports and attach mitigation.

The pricing scheme is straightforward and easy to understand, with the minimum payment of $50 per month, while the bandwidth is charged at variable rates, depending on the region. Users can check the pricing estimator to calculate their monthly cost. Fastly's servers offer 24TB of SSD storage, 768GB RAM, and 4 x 25 Gigabit Ethernet connections each.

Fastly Awards

Fastly currently scores 95/100 (No. 1 in Content Delivery Network (CDN)) in the Content Delivery Network (CDN) category. This is based on user satisfaction (95/100), press buzz (56/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Fastly gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?
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Fastly Product Overview

  • Instant

  • Agile

  • Programmable

  • Secure

  • Faster page loads

  • Caching and purging

  • Image optimization

  • Video on demand (VOD)

  • Live streaming

  • Media Shield

Languages Supported: English

Fastly Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Bulk Domain Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Firewall
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Database
  • Malware Protection
  • DDoS Protection
  • Media Streaming
  • Custom Domains
  • Geo-filtering
  • Real-time Alerts
Fastly Pricing

Fastly Pricing Plans

North America

First 10 TB
  • Next 10 TB $0.08
  • Requests (per 10,000 requests) $0.0075


First 10 TB
  • Next 10 TB $0.08
  • Requests (per 10,000 requests) $0.0075

Australia & New Zealand

First 10 TB

South America

First 10 TB


First 10 TB
  • Requests (per 10,000 requests) $0.0090
  • Next 10 TB $0.14

Plans starting from: $0.12/month Credit card required: No

Fastly FAQs

Does Fastly offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Support: Documentation, Community Support, Email Support, and Chat.

Does Fastly integrate with any other apps?

Integrations: Acquia Cloud, Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces, Google Cloud Storage, Google Compute Engine, PerimeterX Bot Defender, and Zencoder.

Does Fastly offer an API?

Yes, Fastly offers an API.

Does Fastly offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes, it offers multi-user capability.

What is Fastly generally used for?

This service is generally used as a content delivery network (CDN) software.

Who are the main user groups of Fastly?

Fastly provides a CDN service for individual, enterprise, dynamic content publishers, e-commerce, mobile consumers, and API users.

What platforms does Fastly support?

This is a web-based software.

Fastly Competitors Fastly Alternatives

Fastly Alternatives & Competitors

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Fastly User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.77/5 based on 66 user ratings.
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"He has been helping us to improve our recording and surveillance system"

What do you like about Fastly?

What I like the most about Fastly is the fact that I can configure everything in a fairly quick and immediate way, the fact that I can easily configure the entire recording environment to view all the information that the recording shows me through the same interface. pages turns out to be something of great help especially to improve the televigilance circuits of my company, the fact that its interface is very simple and intuitive at the time of use turns out to be an element that is also of great help to us by allowing us to make use of the system without any problem or future inconvenience, the quality and clarity with which the video shows is something really surprising, it really seems that everything is being recorded in ultra hd.
It has been helping us to improve our recording and tele surveillance system in a very fast, simple and practical way by allowing us to use its platform to manage and organize all our tasks and activities of tracking and monitoring the information in a fairly simple way , practical and easy.

What do you dislike about Fastly?

Their customer service is the worst, they answer everything reluctantly and take too long to respond, once I happened to have a problem that made it impossible to use the program and I contacted the support service and I had to wait 2 days for them to respond, which left us completely vulnerable for two days as the surveillance system was affected.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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