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Eventbrite Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Event Management Software Review Team

Eventbrite is an online event management software that provides a comprehensive platform for creating, organizing and promoting different types of events. It enables users to successfully manage events from the beginning including registration, ticketing, payments and after-event surveys and polls.

The software solution was launched in 2006 in San Francisco, California and became the first major player in the United States for web-based event management systems. Eventbrite is able to integrate with other marketing platforms such as MailChimp, Dropbox, Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce and Zoho. Event creators, whether small- or big-scale, can benefit from the Eventbrite’s features by easing the event organization process as well as by driving ticket sales.

The landing page takes you through a menu of upcoming events that you can browse through, follow and share with your friends on social media. You can create an event by clicking the tab on the same page after signing up for an account. Eventbrite will walk you through the process by first taking basic information regarding the event. After registering your event and filling all the required fields, you can opt to customize your event page and tickets with an image and a short write-up. You can track your ticket sales using any device through the software’s analytics module which includes real-time sales reporting.

Eventbrite is a helpful aid for the users to easily create events, sell tickets and book for events online. The platform is easy to set up and allows an event to be promoted on social media as well as other websites, while event registration can be accessed from existing partner applications. It only takes some percentage from ticket sales, but the software is free to use.

Eventbrite Features

Eventbrite has a wide range of features intended to equip users with a complete set of tools necessary for successful event planning and management.

Event management and planning

This feature provides you with instructions on how to set up your event beginning with your basic information and event details. Your event page can then be shared on Facebook, and can also be sent to the emailing list you included in the form.

Provisions for learning resources on effective management and promotion of events and other relevant news can be accessed by clicking the free resources box at the bottom of the page.

Mobile applications

There are two different Eventbrite mobile applications that cater to both the event organizer and the guest.

Mobile ticket application

Event guests can download the Eventbrite mobile ticket application and use the barcode generated from the application to gain access to all events managed through the Eventbrite software system. Your guests will get up-to-date information on events that interest them, which they can share with friends through their Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Event check-in application

This application allows the user to control the event using a mobile phone. You can edit the event details, as well as check on your ticket sales in real time. Portable devices such as a scanner or card reader can be attached to the mobile device for ticket scanning and guest check-in at the event entrance. Actual tickets can also be printed using the Eventbrite printer that you can attach to your mobile phone.


Eventbrite partnered with Fundly in order to aid users in organizing and collecting donations for fundraising events. The Fundly app can be downloaded from your Manage page so you can create your fundraising page. In addition, when registering your free event, there is a ticket option to ask for donations.


Eventbrite is integrated with applications in several categories such as HubSpot under Customer Relationship Management or CRM, MailChimp for Email, SurveyMonkey for Productivity, Facebook for Marketing and Promotion, Google Analytics for Reporting, The Events Calendar for Website, and Ticketprinting.com for Tickets and Onsite.

Event listing guide

This feature will support your event by helping you make it searchable on the web. There are several parameters to consider for a topic or website to make it to the top of Google’s search list. There is a limit to the number of characters that you can include in your event title. Also, good visuals, complete details and visibility to the public are crucial for your event to be noticed instantly.

Provide a teaser or a description of your event, as well as frequently asked questions to put your attendees at ease when going through the payment process. In addition to that, provide clear instructions for the refund policy. Create a sense of urgency among the public regarding ticket sales yet create a smooth payment process. Keep the process short.

Eventbrite review

Eventbrite Benefits

Here are the major benefits of using Eventbrite:

Free and user-friendly

The software is user-friendly and is free of charge for all free events. Eventbrite takes a minimal fee from the ticket sales of paid events. It provides you with a comprehensive set of services and features that aid in the seamless creation and management of events.

Registration, ticket purchase and sales tracking can all be done through the two mobile applications: the organizer and the guest or attendee applications.

Partner applications and integrations

Eventbrite uses an open API that allows for pulling of the event attendance and other data for integration with the partner applications, as well as a partnership with Google Events so that your event is searchable on the internet. The event can easily be located using Google maps and is integrated with popular social accounts so it can be shared for promotions purposes.

Payment options

Sales numbers are easy to track as you can receive both online and offline payments. Apple and Android Pay are options for some events.

Easy to access events list

For the benefit of event attendees, there is a list of events per category that can be found at the bottom of most pages. The list includes virtual runs, webinars, Yoga and Zumba classes, Virtual wine tasting and even online speed dating. Customer support is available for addressing queries or for requesting for a scheduled personalized demo, especially for bigger, more complicated events.

Eventbrite Pricing

Eventbrite does not charge any ticket fee for free events. Ticket fees are charged for paid events but only a percentage of the fees are collected by Eventbrite. The fees are categorized into three packages: Essentials, Professional and Premium.

The pricing feature presents a calculator for your potential earnings automatically based on the Professional package and the Everbrite Payment Processing. It multiplies your ticket price with your potential number of attendees. A minimal amount is added on top of the ticket price in case you intend to charge the attendee for the fee that Eventbrite will be collecting.

The Essentials package costs $0.79 (plus service and processing fees) per ticket, which covers one ticket type, ticketing and registration essentials and your event will be listed on Eventbrite and partner sites.

The Professionals package costs $1.59 (plus fees) covering ticketing and registration essentials, listing on Everbrite and partner sites, ticket sales on your own site, customizable checkout forms and an unlimited choice of ticket types.

The cost for the Premium package can be customized depending on the size of your event. In addition to the same coverage as Essentials and Professionals, this package also covers appearance in Brand community pages and some product training from Eventbrite.

Money can be deposited directly to your bank with easy refund and chargeback options in place.


Eventbrite is a cloud-based event management solution that enables users to access their event management requirements with ease. It is effective for creating, planning and promoting different events of different sizes, from basic ticket sales to full event management and promotions. Individuals and event organizers will benefit mainly from this software as it also provides real-time ticket sales reports and analytics that can measure the financial success of a particular event.

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