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Eggup Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Human Resources (HR) Software Review Team

Eggup is a digital assessment service that works to help businesses and organizations to analyze and enhance their people’s soft skills using continuous learning and personalized questionnaires.

Eggup offers a wide variety of digital assessment solutions designed to help businesses analyze and get a better understanding of their people’s soft skills as well as improve them by utilizing continuous learning suggestions and customized personality tests. The cloud-based service specializes in core human resources (HR) processes, including both people development and talent recruitment. It uses HR analytics in order to support such functionalities.

All of Eggup’s offered solutions are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and are designed to easily integrate with other systems through its native API. The service also gives users the power to create personalized assessments that would fit their specific requirements perfectly. It has the ability to deliver questionnaires and other forms of tests that are highly customizable with just a few simple clicks.

The best part of such highly customizable tests is that they can be utilized in a number of different scenarios, from soft skills mapping of personnel to the implementation of pre-screening tests for candidates in the talent recruiting stage. Eggup makes personalized soft skills assessments with a scientific foundation, making this cloud-based service the ideal solution for HR software suppliers, recruitment firms as well as businesses and organizations that are looking to work on tailor-made people development initiatives.

Eggup is mainly focused on analyzing and mapping skills to help businesses and organizations with the creation of customized online assessment tests and other people evaluation tools. The service also offers support in analyzing the test/assessment results, allowing the creation of a more structured assessment and development strategy for companies and clients. Eggup’s team works with some of the most established and highly experienced companies in the search and selection of candidates, as well as in direct contact with the HR teams and departments of various medium-sized and large businesses.

Eggup also supports personnel search and selection companies, as well as employment firms when it comes to finding the best and most suitable talents by leveraging its soft skills assessment solutions. The service plays a significant role in reducing the time-to-fill for various companies. Eggup empowers companies to use the analysis of individual and team soft skills in the reorganization, selection and training stages to minimize costs and enhance productivity by utilizing personalized assessments.

Eggup Features

Eggup offers two main solutions: assessment and people development. Each solution has a different focus and purpose that can be useful to a lot of clients, including companies of different sizes, HR software vendors, recruitment agencies, the training and education sector, as well as individuals. The cloud-based service also offers other very useful solutions such as Smart Coach and the Eggup Partnership Program.

Area Assessment Solutions

Eggup’s Assessment Solutions are focused on the creation and delivery of online assessments, for both individual personnel and teams. It boasts a comprehensive list of 288 Soft Skills, which allows the service to create and supply clients with unlimited combinations of highly customized questionnaires and other assessment tests.

The assessment division of Eggup works on the construction process and delivery of personalized tests on soft skills in order to acquire individual and team data and detailed reports. The key assessment solutions they offer are Soft Skills Standard Individual Assessments, Team Assessments and Customized Assessments.

Soft Skills Standard Individual Assessments

This particular assessment solution provides scores and detailed reports. It is very useful for clients who want to conduct people profiling. It includes raw scores for every personality trait that is analyzed and comes with detailed graphs with short and concise descriptions of the characteristics. The full reporting function comes with the identification of two strengths and a couple of potential team roles. It also provides scoring for each of the five possible characteristics analyzed as well as full descriptions of every personality trait.

The Eggup individual assessments are useful for companies and recruitment agencies, as well as with system integrators, job boards and applicant tracking systems (ATS).

Team Assessment

Eggup’s Team Assessment solutions allow the construction of tests that are inspired by some of the most well-established theories that are associated with the effectiveness of team roles. The service provider’s comprehensive analysis is based on 13 key parameters: the team potential, team commitment, team effectiveness, three crucial team functions, five suggested teamwork aptitudes, a suggested team coordinator and the identification of one of the two determined styles, i.e. Sensitive or Competitive.

Eggup’s Assessment division is able to create full team reports with detailed analysis of various personality traits of each individual team member. It also contains the assigned individual scores, which provide more effective indicators of the team roles that are better suited for a specific personality type. It is this approach that makes it possible for businesses to develop new team combinations or to re-organize existing teams to make them more effective and successful in reaching their full potential.

Customized Assessments

Eggup’s Customized Assessments solution begins with a comprehensive list of up to 230 characteristics that corresponds to more than 3600 items in order to develop highly customized test solutions that are well-suited for the varying requirements of different customers and business types. The service’s core processes are founded on the simplicity, operability and intelligibility of its data.

Eggup’s tests and assessments are highly customizable with just a few simple clicks and they are easily utilized in a wide variety of scenarios, including soft skills mapping and the implementation of applicant pre-screening tests during the recruitment phase. The reporting is also customizable, ensuring that it perfectly addresses the needs of every client.

Area People Development

Eggup’s People Development solutions are mainly focused on Soft Skills’ comprehensive analysis and mapping to ensure the cloud-based service is able to create and deliver more personalized online assessments and other effective solutions for businesses and organizations of any size or industry. The solution also provides a consultative approach when it comes to the interpretation of the test/assessment results, the development of structured assessments and customized development processes.

Eggup’s People Development division aims to support businesses and individual clients in identifying the most suitable direction for their development requirements. The digital assessment service’s main objective, through its People Development solutions, is to assist clients with selecting the right tools by supporting them in the definition and implementation of the appropriate people development approaches. The People Development solution is categorized into two key aspects: Fast Assessment and Structured Assessment.

Fast Assessment is a simple yet targeted assessment solution with a defined cost that effectively represents the starting point of a deeper and more articulated evaluation process. Eggup’s Fast Assessment tool is effective and highly convenient, giving users the ability to assess and compare skills, competencies, motivations and attitudes of the people within the organization by simply picking the right test.

The Structured Assessment solution, on the other hand, is a people evaluation methodology that is based on objective feedback, observation and analysis of people’s behavior in group discussions, decision-making and elaboration when faced with specific tasks. This process is comprised of a series of tests, which are appropriately selected and categorized based on the role and the related organizational behaviors that are associated with it, that put into the forefront the specific knowledge and skill set of the individual or team.

EggUp Review

Eggup Benefits

One of the biggest advantages of using Eggup is that the cloud-based service gives businesses and organizations the ability to create assessments that would meet their specific requirements, regardless of their size or industry. The questionnaires and tests that are created with Eggup are highly customizable with a few simple clicks, ensuring ease of use. They can also be used in various scenarios, from basic soft skills mapping to the proper implementation of candidate/applicant pre-screening questions during the hiring process.

Eggup’s digital assessment solutions are useful and very effective for people profiling. It comes provides raw scores for each personality trait, properly analyzed with detailed graphs and short meaningful descriptions of each characteristic. In addition to being highly customizable, Eggup’s assessments are very effective and enable users to properly evaluate and compare key motivations, attitudes, competencies and the skills sets of every person within the organization by simply finding and picking the right set of character traits.

With its Smart Coach solution, Eggup has the capacity and the power to support people’s self-development processes. Smart Coach is an innovative approach to providing meaningful advice to people via the proper presentation of emotional suggestions, as well as recommending certain books to read, podcasts to listen to, movies to watch, biographies, songs and online courses. Eggup’s personalized suggestions are based on the analyzed results of the soft skills assessments.

Eggup Pricing

Eggup has a quote-based pricing model, which means there is no detailed pricing information available to the public. Interested parties must contact the service provider directly to ask for a quote or to get a free trial. A digital form is available on their official website.


Eggup is an online service provider that offers highly customizable and personalized digital assessment solutions. They help provide comprehensive analysis as well as improve people’s soft skills through custom personality tests and continuous learning suggestions. The digital assessment service specializes in people development and recruitment processes. It is an online digital assessment service that is suitable for medium-sized and large businesses, recruitment agencies, HR software vendors, the training and education sector, as well as individuals.

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