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What is DHTMLX?

DHTMLX is a JavaScript UI library with 25+ widgets for speeding up web app development. Among DHTMLX JS widgets there is a Gantt chart, Scheduler, Diagrams, Spreadsheet, etc.

DHTMLX provides JavaScript components with rich API and Material-based design for creating modern web apps from scratch at a fast speed.

DHTMLX widgets enable developers to build data-heavy apps such as ERP or CRM systems, project management apps with Gantt charts and event calendars, and data visualization tools. DHTMLX is implemented in projects by large enterprises, medium- and small-sized companies as well as startups and freelancers. Solutions based on DHTMLX cover various fields from IT, manufacturing, and finance to healthcare, education, tourism, and entertainment.

DHTMLX library is compatible with Angular, React, and Vue.js. There are integration examples and tutorials. Developers can also use DHTMLX alongside any server-side technologies.

DHTMLX components are cross-browser, support TypeScript, localization, and accessibility standards.


DHTMLX currently scores 92/100 in the Development category. This is based on user satisfaction (96/100), press buzz (54/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on DHTMLX gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has declined over the past month. What is this?

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Editors' Review by the Development Software Review Team

DHTMLX is an HTML5 JavaScript GUI framework that delivers multifunctional JavaScript libraries and user interface (UI) widgets designed for modern B2B and enterprise-scale web application development.

DHTMLX is a JavaScript UI library that houses more than 25 widgets tailored for expediting and ensuring an efficient web application development process. The software allows project managers, team leaders and developers to successfully design and create a wide range of cost-efficient business applications equipped with multiple functionalities, feature-rich user interfaces and optimal speed.

A full-featured app development framework, DHTMLX has a comprehensive library of different UI components that users can easily apply and personalize to fit their requirements when developing the key features they require for their desired mobile and web applications.

By utilizing the different out-of-the-box components offered by the software, developers and project leaders can effectively improve their coding productivity. They can also boost team efficiency and performance by implementing more advanced functionalities with little time and effort.

DHTMLX’s current selection of products includes a wide variety of web-based tools and applications that are specifically tailored to address most of the business requirements of any modern company or enterprise. The DHTMLX Gantt and Scheduler solutions, for example, are great options for users looking to develop robust project management applications in the most practical and cost-efficient way possible.

The platform allows users to effortlessly install Gantt charts, diagrams, Kanban boards and features for scheduling events into their business applications. This gives project managers and teams the ability to produce feature-rich and fully functional solutions that allow their end-users to more effectively handle tasks, projects and resources.

Some DHTMLX components help users schedule appointments more easily and visualize processes, data and infrastructures in a speedy and efficient manner.

Additionally, DHTMLX provides users with the capacity to manage loads of data with increased efficiency, flexibility and speed. The software also allows project managers to render and load multiple project assignments simultaneously into their Gantt charts to work with large sets of data in a variety of ways, including table, tree and grid views.

DHTMLX likewise allows for the seamless integration of various user interface components and other front-end development frameworks, which include React, Angular, and Vue.js. The provider of the DHTMLX platform offers great technical support for their clients, useful sample codes and online resources that help developers and project managers effectively utilize the components for the apps they are currently creating through those third-party frameworks.

DHTMLX Features

DHTMLX comes with a user-friendly application programming interface (API), which gives you and your team the ability to seamlessly integrate the UI components with a wide range of back-end solutions and tools. Using CSS templates and API configurations, DHTMLX even lets you customize the design as well as some of the behavioral elements of the UI components according to your project and/or application requirements.

This robust JavaScript GUI framework is packed with different features and capabilities. Some of the more notable ones are as follows:

Gantt chart

The Gantt chart feature allows for easy customization, giving users the ability to configure and adjust the look and feel of their charts based on current/existing requirements. It has a simple API that allows for a relatively short learning curve and rich resource management modules, such as histograms, resource calendar, multiple view options of resources, etc. DHTMLX’s Gantt chart tool also enables users to export full-sized Gantt charts in various file formats, including PNG, Excel, PDF, Primavera P6, iCal and Microsoft Project.

Event calendar and scheduler

The DHTMLX event calendar and scheduler offers a wide range of robust features that are crucial to users that rely heavily on event calendars for their scheduling requirements. This particular scheduler is equipped with an extensive JavaScript API designed to provide users with total control over the calendar app’s overall look and feel. DHTMLX scheduler comes with an online export service that gives users the ability to either print their calendar or export it to PNG or PDF file formats.

Pivot tables

DHTMLX Pivot ensures high performance and efficiency even when you and your team are working with large amounts of data. It has sorting and filtering functions to help with data management and allow for instant display of the required information. The pivot table offers fully configurable elements to let you adjust the look and feel of the tool according to your needs.


In addition to Gantt charts, DHTMLX lets you create and produce different types of diagrams, such as flowcharts, organizational charts, block diagrams, decision trees and more, allowing for better visualization of relevant data in a hierarchical structure. The platform also lets you arrange and organize chaotically positioned shapes into tidier diagrams by simply leveraging DHTMLX’s automatic layout algorithm with just a click of a button. Finally, on-the-go diagram customization is also available via the diagram editor.

DHTMLX suite

There are more than 20 professionally designed HTML5 UI controls available to users through the DHTMLX suite. These are customizable and cover a wide range of web and mobile application requirements. All products included in the suite are pure JavaScript components without any dependencies on external UI frameworks and libraries. The Suite also offers a fully client-side library that can easily be integrated with any server-side technologies.

DHTMLX Dashboard

DHTMLX Benefits

There are many benefits that DHTMLX can provide its users. The following are just some of the key advantages that a lot of users might find more applicable to their specific use cases:

The software provides optimal performance

The UI tools and widgets provided by DHTMLX’s HTML5 JavaScript GUI framework are fully capable of performing at a high level for various business applications, regardless of the browser and/or platform type and the amount of data being processed. They are well-optimized for processing significant amounts of data from different sources, including dashboard solutions, reporting tools and CRM systems. Having the ability to easily embed UI components that give web and mobile apps the ability to display relevant data in different visualizations is one of DHTMLX’s biggest benefits, especially when it comes to ensuring optimal performance.

With DHTMLX, users will be able to load big datasets into pivot tables, grids, or tree grid tables rather easily and with flexible and fast rendering. Moreover, the platform also offers features that allow users to conveniently control data, tables and grids. They will be able to re-arrange the data, sort, filter and edit them without the need to switch between different displays/views, span columns and rows, or even resize data tables.

It allows for quicker development time

DHTMLX allows developers and project managers to create advanced and high-performance business applications at a much quicker speed. This is regardless of whether they are running a SaaS business operation, developing and managing an in-house system or managing and maintaining specific teams or departments.

DHTMLX offers an extensive library of JavaScript user interface components with a development framework that enables users to quickly and easily build different business solutions and applications and then incorporate all the crucial features and functionalities they require. The platform effectively eliminates the need for different third-party solutions to help with creating application features and functionalities from the ground up.

Provides users with comprehensive knowledge and support

DHTMLX aims to help users acquire the support and knowledge they require in order to capitalize on the framework’s capabilities and features and UI components, ensuring the completion and success of their development initiatives. Would-be customers and existing users will have access to comprehensive guides, samples and demos that aim to help them understand how different JavaScript UI widgets and tools function and how they connect to each other.

DHTMLX employs a dedicated team of professional developers and support staff who are more than capable of providing all the essential information about the platform’s JavaScript UI framework, comprehensive suite of widgets and user interface components along with its integration capabilities with current server-side and/or client-side development frameworks. There is also a live community forum where all DHTMLX users can share information and assist each other with the possible issues they might have regarding the platform.

DHTMLX Pricing

The DHTMLX suite is available on a perpetual license with three pricing plans to choose from. There is the Commercial license starting at $799, the Enterprise license at $1699 and the Ultimate license at $3499. There are also bundle offers available, starting at $2229 for the complete Commercial bundle, $4159 for the complete Enterprise bundle and $7609 for the complete Ultimate bundle.

Customer businesses may also opt to purchase additional products, individually, to go with their specific license. For example, the Scheduler app costs $599 for the Commercial license and it comes with standard support, $1299 for the Enterprise license with premium support and $2899 for the Ultimate license with ultimate support. There are other DHTMLX products that are purchasable, including Gantt, Scheduler.Net, Diagram, Pivot, Spreadsheet, Vault and Rich Text Editor.

Refer to the pricing page of the vendor’s official website for more detailed pricing on their bundle offerings and other individual products.


DHTMLX is a lightweight yet powerful and robust JavaScript UI framework designed specifically for web and mobile app development. It provides JavaScript UI components with rich API and exceptional design tailored for creating and developing modern web applications from the ground up at fast speeds. The pricing can be a bit off-putting, perhaps, but this kind of purchase is an essential investment for a lot of businesses and organizations that handle large volumes of data on a regular basis.

DHTMLX Product Overview

  • Rich JavaScript API

  • Comprehensive documentation with code snippets

  • Online technical support

  • 30-day free trial

  • Integration with Angular, React, and Vue.js

  • 25+ JavaScript widgets

  • Modern Material style

  • Flexible and transparent licensing plans

  • Export to PDF/PNG, Excel, MS Project, Primavera P6, iCal

Languages Supported: English

DHTMLX Features

  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Bug Tracking
  • Landing Pages
DHTMLX Pricing

DHTMLX Pricing Plans

GNU GPL v2 License

  • Standard Edition
  • Forum Support Only

Commercial License

perpetual license
  • Professional Edition
  • Standard Support Plan
  • Major and minor updates and bug fixes
  • Usage in 1 project by up to 5 developers

Enterprise License

perpetual license
  • Professional Edition
  • Premium Support Plan
  • Major and minor updates and bug fixes
  • Usage in up to 5 projects by up to 20 developers

Ultimate License

perpetual license
  • Professional Edition
  • Ultimate Support Plan
  • Major and minor updates and priority for bug fixes
  • Usage in an unlimited number of projects by unlimited number of developers

Plans starting from: $79.00/month Credit card required: No


Does DHTMLX offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

Yes, DHTMLX allows multiple developers to work together and use the library simultaneously.

Does DHTMLX integrate with any other apps?

DHTMLX components can be integrated with other applications via REST API or by means of other modern technologies.

What are some applications DHTMLX is commonly used in tandem with?

DHTMLX can be used with any server-side and client-side technologies. Speaking about particular industries, DHTMLX is often used in project management applications, booking systems, CRM and ERP systems.

What platforms does DHTMLX support?

DHTMLX is a cross-platform JavaScript library.

What is DHTMLX generally used for?

For creating modern data-intensive web applications for project management and ERP as well as numerous other fields like healthcare, education, and entertainment.

Does DHTMLX offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

DHTMLX provides official technical support online as well as online documentation, tutorials, demos, and integration guides and videos.

Does DHTMLX offer an API?

DHTMLX has its own rich API with a wide range of methods, properties, and events.

Who are the main user groups of DHTMLX?

Developers from large corporations, mid-sized and small companies, startups, and freelancers.

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DHTMLX User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.78/5 based on 36 user ratings.
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"DHTMLX Scheduler"

What do you like about DHTMLX?

Its quite a useful tool and helps one to quickly integrate and schedule the calendar events

What do you dislike about DHTMLX?

There are opportunities to enhance viewing of some of the calendar slots across multiple days

What have you been using it for and what problems did DHTMLX solve?

Its a great tool to be used for Calendar Integration

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
Jan 12, 2021

Reply from Kotryna at DHTMLX:

Thank you! We appreciate your feedback!

User profile picture

"great collection"

What do you like about DHTMLX?

lots and lots of included features
price is reasonable
support is really helpful
we did a lot of research finding the most feature rich easily adaptable solution for our needs and that is how we found DHTMLX
can only recommend it

What do you dislike about DHTMLX?

nothing -
so far we could solve all our requirements quite fast
with either a little coding or with the help of support

What have you been using it for and what problems did DHTMLX solve?

we needed a workload visualizer with some custom features to be added

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
Dec 30, 2020

Reply from Kotryna at DHTMLX:

Thank you for your feedback! Our support team is always eager to help :)

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