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What is DesignCrowd?

Crowdsource all your graphic design needs to 400,000+ designers around the world through the DesignCrowd marketplace.

DesignCrowd is a graphic design crowdsourcing platform giving you access to 400,000+ designers from around the world. Crowdsource and outsource all of your design needs; whether they're logo design, website banners, infographics, t-shirt designs, brochures etc., DesignCrowd offers a fast, cheap, and risk-free marketplace platform to get you the designs you’ll love.

The DesignCrowd marketplace allows you to post a 'design brief’, disclose your budget, and typically receive 100s of designs from around the world within a couple of days. If you don’t get the design you want, DesignCrowd provides a 100% money back guarantee.

DesignCrowd scored 79/100 in the Graphic Design category. This is based on user satisfaction (65/100), press buzz (37/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on DesignCrowd gathered from around the web.

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DesignCrowd Product Overview

  • Fast turnaround: Post your ‘design brief’ and get dozens of responses within hours.

  • Low cost: Decide on the budget that suits you. N.B. A minimum prize amount exists.

  • Great choice: Design contests are guaranteed to get 25 responses but typically get 100+ designs from across the globe. Designers aren’t able to see each other’s work to prevent cases of group think and plagiarism.

  • Risk Free: If you don’t get the design your looking for, DesignCrowd will refund your money.

Languages Supported: English
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DesignCrowd User Reviews

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3.25/5 based on 20 user ratings.
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"designcrowd - modern criminal slavery & illegal pocket money poker with half layman kindergarten india about trash designs... "

What do you like about DesignCrowd?

nothing to like at all over all about

designcrowd - modern criminal slavery & illegal pocket money poker with half layman kindergarten india about trash designs...

What do you dislike about DesignCrowd?

extremely dubious and wicked company - just their own "logo" is not more as a bad joke and hurts in the eyes like dirt...

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The set up process is confusing and unclear. I started a non-guaranteed contest to try out the service for designing a website banner/header. The results were completely terrible and the number of results didn't even come close to what the website said I would get. I extended the contest and changed it to guaranteed (for payment to a designer) as it seemed to be the only way to get decent results. The website states that DesignCrowd will work with you if you still don't get results you want. The results were still really lacking - very few designers participated and the quality was bad. Customer service extended the contest again (3 weeks now) and reached out to designers. After another week, only a couple more designers submitted designs (better quality), but still not at all what I felt was promised by the site and the quality was still not what we were looking for. At this point, I asked for a refund. In the end, DesignCrowd only refunded me 60% of what I paid and I got 0 results. I agreed so I could move on and stop wasting my time with a low quality service that clearly doesn't respect their customers. Great waste of $85 and 3+ weeks. Time to hire a professional designer and move on.

If you use this service, be prepared to receive terrible results, pay for results you aren't satisfied with, or waste weeks and weeks trying to get what the service promises up front.

Really disappointed both in the service itself, but especially the terrible customer service. I WILL NEVER RECOMMEND THIS SERVICE TO ANYONE.

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