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Cropsify Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Cannabis Software Review Team

Cropsify is an ERP software and a comprehensive business platform made specifically for simplifying and automating cannabis business needs, including production, distribution, and regulatory compliance.

Cropsify was created in 2008 to cater to businesses looking for software that they could use for compliant record-keeping. It has become an all-in-one tool for cannabis businesses and has everything that a platform can offer to every cannabis license holder. Aside from compliance with regulations, Cropsify is also an online venue for cultivation/production, packaging, extraction, inventory management, and medical sales. It is one of the pioneers in offering tax stamp tracking, cannabis tax calculation, and automated CTLS (Cannabis Tracking and Licensing System) monthly reports.

The software is a comprehensive platform, so users no longer have to purchase or subscribe to different platforms to ensure that their product is efficiently produced and distributed to various markets. Cropsify’s creators developed the platform with cannabis business owners in mind, by providing a seamless tool for processing regulatory requirements. Cropsify also incorporates features that help ensure cannabis license holders’ business requirements are automated as well.

Cropsify was built to mimic businesses’ workflows so that the processes are customized accordingly. Users do not have to worry about doing any paperwork, and all they need to do is enter times, dates, and all other vital data for their report. Since everything is automated, it’s easier to finish the reports on time. Auditing also becomes more convenient because all that’s necessary for a smooth process and a complete report is in one place.

Cropsify has as many features as anyone could hope for. It has one-click capabilities that are useful for reports (i.e., B300 CRA, or Cannabis Regulatory Agency, and CTS or Cannabis Tracking System) and even for recalls. The software also allows users to benefit from its excise stamp tracking feature, which is essential for proper tracking, labeling, and documentation of cannabis products.

Users will find it convenient to monitor expenses and profit through the system’s financial reporting functionality.

Cropsify has tools as well that ensure efficient delivery of various tasks, including audit support and audit assistance, generating purchase orders and invoices, barcodes and labels, production planning, and batch production records.

The Cropsify team provides live training support and has a support ticket feature that’s available for users that may need assistance. The SaaS tool also supports Chromebook, Android, iPad, and iPhone platforms.

The software is useful to small businesses, midsize businesses, freelancers, governments, nonprofits and enterprises. It is intended for licensed cannabis business owners in Canada. Aside from English, Cropsify also supports the Spanish, Korean, and French languages.

Cropsify Features

Cropsify has a comprehensive list of features, but these are the essential ones:

CTS one-click plus audit reports

One of the most important factors in ensuring compliance with regulations is the CTS report. To help make the process convenient for users (i.e., no tiring paperwork), CTS audit reports are automated by Cropsify. Users can take full advantage of electronic records and reports to ensure that everything is done efficiently and in the fastest time possible.

Cropsify allows its users to experience a simplified audit process through its live auditor assistance feature. Its one-click functionality means anyone can use the tool, even those with a basic tech background or skills.


Complying with cannabis business license requirements or regulations involves tedious paperwork. It takes up a large chunk of business owners’ time and resources. To make things easier and more efficient, Cropsify has digitized methods, records, and all processes. This helps users maximize their time and increase productivity without wasting resources.

B300 audit reports

Another important aspect of regulatory compliance is the filing of the monthly B300 report, or Cannabis Duty and Information Return. This makes licensed businesses compliant with the 2001 Excise Act. For some users, especially first-timers, dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency can be confusing. Cropsify makes the process easier through its audit assistance.

Users will also be taught how to file monthly reports correctly and efficiently.

Cropsify’s one-click feature works for all audit reports.

Medical B2C

Cropsify provides its users with a platform for medical cannabis that allows them to manage reporting, sales, and medical patients. It functions like a call center and eCommerce website that helps with anything related to complying with regulatory requirements for medical cannabis businesses.

Wholesale B2C

This is similar to the Medical B2C feature but focuses on package inventory or bulk sales monitoring and reporting.

Recreational B2C

Cropsify helps cannabis businesses simplify their provincial business partnerships by handing out information about local taxes, stamps, and duties. This allows users to administer sales conveniently and correctly with their partners without worrying about human error. Orders are automatically invoiced and stamped according to the requirements of the province.

Financial reporting

Cropsify has a financial reporting feature that gives users the freedom to monitor their expenses and profit without having to go through long processes (i.e., spreadsheets and similar paperwork). This allows licensed cannabis businesses to stay on track and remain profitable. Access to data is fast, and all data is organized. Tracking is easy, even when the demands are high.

CAPA processing

CAPA (corrective and preventive actions) processing for cannabis businesses is an assurance that problems and what caused them do not recur at any time. Cropsify offers CAPA Processing equipment logs for its users, along with environment logs, SOP version logs, and SOP training logs, for reliable quality assurance (QA) management.

Cropsify app

Cropsify’s mobile app is called Connect, and although it was initially launched as a separate app from the Cropsify ERP, its features and functionalities are intended for integration—either with Cropsify or any other seed-to-sale or ERP.

The app was created for cross platform compatibility purposes. It’s also a sales channel with dual purposes and allows retailers and producers to seamlessly collaborate.

It uses social media to collect feedback and consumer data vital for producing a better product.


This is Cropsify’s social marketplace, and it specifically caters to an unrestrained cannabis community. It is where partner licensed processors, consumers, and retailers gather to stream production lot stories and facilitate pre-orders.

Other features

There are other Cropsify features that are vital to helping cannabis businesses streamline their processes, from cultivation to extraction, regulatory reporting, packaging, and medical sales. This includes order fulfillment management, client retention reports, data visualization, and seed tracking. Cropsify also has API web services and integrates Purolator Courier, Canada Post, Moneris Payments, and Merrco Payments.

Cropsify Benefits

As a comprehensive system for cannabis businesses, Cropsify has a long list of benefits. These are just some of them:

Easy to use

Although users with no technical background will find its functionality a little complicated, Cropsify is easy to use. Its one-click feature makes most processes more convenient.


Cropsify centralizes all elements necessary for fast-tracking and efficiently completing licensed cannabis business processes, most notably regulatory compliance and audit reporting. Users do not have to switch from one platform to another just to ensure that their business is on the right track.

Eliminates human errors

Since Cropsify automates the entire cannabis business management process, no tedious, old-fashioned paperwork is necessary. Spreadsheets are replaced by digitized files, which eliminates human errors. Processes are not only completed quickly but correctly as well.


This all-in-one cannabis business management solution is customizable and designed to satisfy the user’s needs and preferences.

Live training and reliable support

Aside from providing users with user manual documentation, Cropsify also offers live online training support. Those who prefer to learn through videos can also do so, as the platform also offers such an option.

Users can use the support ticket system whenever they need help with anything. Cropsify’s representatives are available 24/7, so they can be reached at any time of the day or week.

Cropsify Pricing

Cropsify customizes its prices according to the needs of its clients. There are three categories to choose from, and for each, you will have to book a demo before you can get the package price.

The Cultivator package is for micro or standard licensed cannabis businesses.

The Processor package allows users to choose from two modules: the Processing 2.0 module and the Package & Label module.

The Merchant package is for e-commerce purposes and has two modules as well: the B2B for wholesale business portal module and the Medical, which is a medical client portal.

If you are interested in any of the three options, you should call or request a meeting to determine if your requirements are met. You can have your package customized according to your company’s needs.


Cropsify is a comprehensive and advanced automated cannabis business management system for regulatory compliance, sales, and reporting. However, it is not confined to these three functions, as it features all the tasks necessary for a licensed cannabis business to operate smoothly, efficiently, productively, and successfully.

It’s flexible and eliminates the time and resource-consuming traditional paperwork process. It’s an all-in-one organization tool for cannabis business owners. If your company is big on compliance and streamlined processes, Cropsify just might work well for you.

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