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What is Comindware Tracker?

Non-coding workflow software for business process modelling and management, automation of business operations, and workflow productivity boost. Minimize dependency on IT guys.

Web-based workflow management software for business process automation and optimization. No IT resources required for workflow setup. Business users can modify workflows, forms, and data on-the-fly with drag-and-drop simplicity.

With Comindware workflow management tool you can:

  • Design, run and modify workflows
  • Create web forms and gather necessary information during workflow execution
  • Automate business operations and increase workflow speed and transparency
  • Get extended reports and notifications
  • Сollaborate on workflows and tasks with your team directly from your Outlook
  • Get rid of unstructured group e-mails/ chats and ensure full traceability of the business context

Comindware Tracker has been successfully used across all industries, departments, and workflow scenarios and brought transparency in businesses.

Comindware Tracker Awards

Comindware Tracker currently scores 90/100 in the Workflow Management category. This is based on user satisfaction (92/100), press buzz (46/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Comindware Tracker gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?

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  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Tracker
  • Comindware Tracker

Comindware Tracker Product Overview

  • Quick workflow setup without IT resources

  • Easy web forms design and configuration

  • On-the-fly workflow and form modification without coding

  • Easy admission thanks to the Outlook-style interface

  • Unified document and data management

  • Advanced analytics and reporting for effective workflow management

  • Cloud, on-premises and hybrid deployment

  • Availability via web-browser on iOS and Android-based devices, Mac and Windows computers

Languages Supported: English

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Comindware Tracker Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Email Integration
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Gantt Charts
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Travel Management
  • Resource Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Process Modeling
  • Form Builder
  • Process Reporting
  • Workflow Management
  • Access Management
  • Status Notifications
  • Reports
Comindware Tracker Pricing

Comindware Tracker Pricing Plans

Comindware Tracker trial

  • A full set of features available during 10 days

Credit card required: No

Comindware Tracker User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.61/5 based on 102 user ratings.
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The sentiment map shows a snapshot of how Crozdesk users have rated Comindware Tracker over time. It shows how existing users see Comindware Tracker with regards to its usefulness, ease of use, value for money and customer service.

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Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Comindware automates the processes and takes the company to another level"

What do you like about Comindware Tracker?

Your personalized updates is something that I personally love, I can be aware in real time of the execution of the processes and the novelties that are presented, besides creating workflows is very easy, all this has saved me a lot of time that I previously spent on displacements when solving reports to supervisors in charge of each área

What do you dislike about Comindware Tracker?

The learning curve is a bit slow, the program needs tactical knowledge, so we must train the staff for its correct use, which allows only a few people to have access to it

What have you been using it for and what problems did Comindware Tracker solve?

Comindware Tracker has been a great help in reality, acquiring this software has certainly been a great investment, not only because it is quite complete and has a modern graphic interface, but it has greatly facilitated the work, the processes have automated a little more what has led the company in general to evolve in this aspect, each department uses this tool to monitor and manage the processes which allows to be updated all the time and in a constant feedback

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Automated workflow management software"

What do you like about Comindware Tracker?

This software has made differentiation of my active and completed task easy, no mix up even when I get so busy and occupied all I need is to sectionalize and see which task am yet to complete. Am able to many so many peoples requests across board without stress and problem,secure my car and other gadget with ease

What do you dislike about Comindware Tracker?

for dark mode lovers which am part I will like this to be integrated into the background color,although the current color is great just that when dark mode is integrated it will make a lot of sense

What have you been using it for and what problems did Comindware Tracker solve?

With this am able to service a lot of workloads and secure my cars and other gadgets that are prone to theft without stress,over the past periods have really enjoyed using it thumbs up

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"Comindware improves the efficiency of the company"

What do you like about Comindware Tracker?

Perfect solution for companies, it is implemented in a very short time thanks to a perfectly organized and qualified work team.
Automate and accelerate the processes, as an example there is a decrease in the times in the previously set tasks.
Facilitates collaboration among team members by reducing the workload.

What do you dislike about Comindware Tracker?

It does not have an optimal password manager to use the application, it also does not have integration with the main operating systems in terms of antivirus.
It cannot be integrated with the Cloud tool that we have in the company.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Comindware Tracker solve?

I have used Comindtracker in my last company having to carry out the monitoring of the software implementation. I can only speak well since it has everything that API is asked for, it facilitates automatic data transmission to have detailed customer numbers , what benefit each one brings and what percentage leaves us in the company.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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