What is Codecademy?

Codecademy is an interactive online learning platform for seven different programming languages including Python, Ruby, PHP etc., as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.

Learn how to build amazing things online by programming with Codecademy - all for free. Our app gets you started by introducing you to the basic concepts behind the apps on your phone and the websites you visit. You’ll learn to understand the basic structure of code when you see it.

CodeCademy is the perfect way to get started programming and a great reference on the go to refresh your mind of the concepts you need to know every day.

Codecademy Awards

Codecademy currently scores 90/100 (Top 3 in Learn to Code) in the Learn to Code category. This is based on user satisfaction (88/100), press buzz (67/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Codecademy gathered from around the web.

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Codecademy Review

Editors' Review by the Learn to Code Software Review Team

Codecademy is one of the most popular cloud-based online learning platforms for people who want to code. It was developed by people who wanted to optimize the way people learn in today’s day and age. This is done by building the best learning experience for teams to learn, teach and create lessons.

Coding is difficult to pick up, requiring large amounts of time to get through. Most people nowadays learn how to code since it’s what this technology-advanced era is pointing towards. Companies and businesses are looking for web developers to hire in their teams. Learning how to code isn’t just reserved for computer majors because it’s become a vital part of today’s society. Coding gives you an advantage in the corporate world.

With the help of Codecademy, Learning how to code has been simplified. It offers a step-by-step process that assists users in understanding the basics before moving onto bigger projects. You can practice without worry since the platform saves your progress as you work.

Codecademy offers courses on the following computer languages:

  • HTML & CSS
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • SQL
  • Bash/Shell
  • Ruby
  • C++
  • R
  • C#
  • PHP
  • Go

Codecademy Features

Codecademy’s features are catered to your coding needs. This means you’re given lessons in different coding languages. There’s a difference between what you get to access, depending on which pricing package you’re subscribed to. For example, with Basic, you will receive only rudimentary courses. Any bigger projects such as web scraping or hardware programming can be found in the Pro plan.

Codecademy offers extensive tutorials and lessons on the following:

Coding foundation

This feature means you’ll get to start from the very bottom and work your way up to the top when it comes to coding. For the Pro plan, users can learn through a variety of courses such as code foundations, computer science, data science and everything in between.

On the other hand, for Pro users, you can also make use of skill paths, which provide you with a roadmap to ensure you’ll be ready for new opportunities. You’re given an array of packages from which to choose, including lessons on how to analyze data with Python, creating back-end applications with JavaScript and getting started with Machine Learning.

Web development

Courses related to web development are made available for users of Codecademy. With this, you learn how to develop your own website and expand your career choices. The lessons found in this feature range from JavaScript and React to Node.js and D3. These options are the languages most often used in web development.


Learn how to program with Codecademy’s extensive library on the most common programming languages. This includes Python, Data Structures, Command Line and Git.

Data science

Other than Learning how to code, you can also use Codecademy to gather insights from large unstructured sets of data. This fully prepares you to make data-driven decisions in daily situations.


Codecademy is partnered with several technologies. This improves your skills in the industry, allowing you to work better with integrations such as Alexa, Go and Watson API.


Part of coding means bringing your product design to life. You can learn the best techniques and methods to create the best user experience.

Game development

If you want to develop games, Codecademy also provides you with the necessary content to start learning.

Codecademy course catalog

Codecademy Benefits

Here are the top four benefits for Codecademy:

Informative courses

All the courses offered in this cloud-based solution are catered to make coding easier. It provides you with lessons in the top 12 computer languages primarily used by computer majors nowadays. The depth of these lessons is up to the users, which makes learning both challenging and fun.

Stress-free setup and installation

Other online learning platforms require you to download several applications. However, with Codecademy, everything can be found in its system.

Interactive learning experience

As mentioned before, Codecademy saves your progress and rewards you for your achievements. This allows you to stop whenever you have periodic breaks and return to your lessons later. With a mix of fun lessons, awards and excises, you don’t have to worry about losing interest in coding.

Customer support

If there are any problems and issues you’ve encountered along the way, Codecademy has a dedicated Q&A form for every lesson. General questions are answered in this section because you can find a page of resources with the necessary forum rules, help center access and language glossaries.

Codecademy skill paths

Codecademy Pricing

Codecademy has three pricing packages for users to choose from—Basic, Pro and Teams. These plans are catered to different audiences who require varying levels of features and functionalities. For example, the first plan is designed for students who need to master coding while the second one is for people who need real-world projects to apply their skills.


This plan is essentially free with interactive lessons and daily practices. It offers basic courses, which include catalogs about how to code, an introduction to HTML, how to use Python 2, etc. However, it doesn’t offer much outside of that since mobile practice is also unlimited. Nonetheless, it’s a perfect solution for students who want to master coding in their free time.


Pro offers more functionality and scalability in terms of practice and application. The main difference between Basic and Pro is the number of available tools and content you are given access to. Users are given additional exercises, practice packs and quizzes to help them master their skill set.

Other than that, you can also have unlimited mobile practice, a step-by-step guide and peer support. You can receive all these benefits for only $15.99 a month. Once you’ve gotten a feel of the Basic plan and want to improve the skills you’ve learned in this bracket, you can upgrade to Codecademy Pro.


The last pricing plan does not have a fixed price. Instead, you must contact Codecademy for a quotation. It has everything that Basic and Pro offer but with more advanced features and tools. This usually comes in the form of team support where users can benefit from team performance reports, unlimited license switching, dedicated team advisor and flexible start dates.


Learning how to code can be difficult if you’re not given the right material and platform to practice and master your skills. This is what Codecademy seeks to simplify for students and professionals alike. By providing users with the necessary tools and courses, this solution can help them steadily learn how to code. The best part about this is that these lessons can be conducted in the privacy of their own home. They get to control what to learn, when to learn and how to learn.

Codecademy is catered primarily to beginners. If you don’t have any background on coding, then this platform is the one for you. However, users should take note that Codecademy is primarily text-based. It can be difficult for some people to get immersed in the tutorials and courses. However, once you’ve completed the lessons, you are awarded with badges for your achievements. This helps keep you motivated and stay on the right track.

Coding is a tedious process for users who are just getting into it. To learn faster, you need to make learning fun and interactive. Codecademy gives you fun lessons, practical exercises and awards for your progress. Overall, it’s offers one of the best platforms for free online coding classes.

Codecademy User Reviews

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4.4/5 based on 151 user ratings.
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"Great Platform to learn how to code"

// Process Data Engineer(Subsurface and Wells) at Shell

What do you like about Codecademy?

Very interactive platform to learn code in a number of programming languages. I personally recommend it for python. Knowledge loaded videos help you to gain theoretical knowledge and practical problems help you to gain practical use of the language. It helps to build the foundation of a particular language.

What do you dislike about Codecademy?

Needs to constantly improve and offer best services as there is a lot of competition from other such platforms. Not much advertised as other platforms.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Codecademy solve?

I was eager to learn python for upskilling myself. It helped me a lot while the learning phase and now I am pretty comfortable while using python to automate my routine activities. Also, I have started working on machine learning using python for data classification which helps to increse efficience and save time.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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This is great if you're looking to get your toes wet. I used it before making the decision to go to a Ruby on Rails bootcamp.
- It's a great introduction tool to HTML and CSS.
- Baby step approach -- Great for beginners.
- You can see your code results in a live preview.
- Lots of languages to available to learn.

- The Ruby and JavaScript courses were not as comprehensive as I'd hoped. (I believe they updated the JS course though, so take that with a grain of salt)
- There is no room for exploration. You MUST complete the exercise exactly how they programmed it.

As I said this is great for the beginner, once you feel comfortable move on to other sites like Code School or Treehouse (though they require a monthly membership fee)

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