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Editors' Review by the Application Lifecycle Management Software Review Team

Codebeamer is a scalable and feature-rich application lifecycle management (ALM) platform tailored for advanced product and software development.

Codebeamer is an agile and open platform that extends the functionalities of its ALM solution with product line configuration capabilities while also providing unique configurability for more advanced and complex processes. It facilitates the need for teams to streamline their product innovation processes, improve product quality and minimize the cost of development, all while maintaining strict compliance with safety-critical standards and regulatory requirements. Codebeamer is a comprehensive lifecycle management solution that comes with all-in-one requirements, risk, and test management features and capabilities. It offers support for DevOps and product line engineering processes.

Codebeamer has a single repository architecture design and offers features that are intended to cover the entire product lifecycle. The platform aims to ensure process visibility, transparency, better collaboration, and end-to-end traceability across product innovation projects. Codebeamer also provides preconfigured templates, which come with built-in assets, processes, and regulatory compliance support for various industries such as medical device innovation, pharmaceutical systems validation, aviation systems development, and automotive product development, just to mention a few.

One of Codebeamer’s biggest selling points is the fact that the ALM platform enables users to connect all their development tools and other related technologies into a single system to create a more streamlined central development hub. The software can be adapted quite easily to support specific engineering needs, and it is capable of automating process control for all regulatory requirements. Global companies and product engineering teams rely on Codebeamer for its enterprise-level scalability, configurable workflows, high availability, and performance.

Codebeamer Features

The following are some of the core features of Codebeamer:

Software development tools

Codebeamer is equipped with advanced software development tools that allow teams to reduce the complexity of their software development projects and build quality into their end products. This particular feature is designed to ensure smooth collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders across software, hardware, and service innovation disciplines. Development teams can leverage mature processes, regardless of whether they’re working with different methods such as waterfall, agile (scaled), hybrid, or custom.

For software engineers, managers, and teams looking to incorporate quality into their technology products, Codebeamer holistically integrates development to effectively break down silos and ensure traceability from all key requirements through proper coding, testing, and release management. This feature is designed to provide dev teams with the appropriate ALM tooling to support their workflows without affecting or disrupting their existing practices.

It is this particular function that enables users to leverage Codebeamer with any methodology, whether they’re using waterfall, agile, scaled agile, hybrid, or custom methods. Codebeamer allows all stakeholders and team members to collaborate effectively on every aspect of product development, such as planning, QA testing, delivery, and release of high-quality software products.

QA and testing tools

Quality assurance and testing are crucial practices in software development, or any kind of product development, for that matter. With Codebeamer’s QA and testing solution, users are able to effectively integrate quality management into their existing development processes, which helps build confidence in their products. This feature allows dev teams, product managers, and QA personnel to easily trace and manage various QA activities along with the lifecycle management process, resulting in quicker and more efficient product verification.

The quality assurance and testing module is ideal for quality teams looking to build confidence in their software solutions through precise and efficient testing. It helps to reduce quality costs and ensures that their commitment to quality is evident in the final product. QA teams can expect thorough and cost-efficient quality assurance and testing with Codebeamer’s QA and testing tools. The feature allows them to maintain focus on the things that are important, such as the robustness, reliability, and safety aspects of their software products, ensuring lifecycle-wide adherence to the highest quality standards.

Codebeamer, through its QA and testing functionality, empowers teams to trace and manage all product quality assurance processes across the entire ALM process. It serves as the central platform shared by all stakeholders for managing and maintaining QA and testing, alongside development, risk assessment, and other operational requirements.

Analytics and reporting tools

Codebeamer’s analytics capability has the capacity to transform your lifecycle data into meaningful and actionable insights. It enables you to develop a shared data hub for all your stakeholders, including your DevOps and QA team, as well as other departments within your organization that have a stake in your software development project. This shared data hub will end up playing a significant role in achieving predictability in the product development process.

Codebeamer’s analytics function allows you to use custom reports and dashboards for consuming actionable insights and making data-driven decisions. The feature also allows you to organize your lifecycle data and filter your queries with just a few clicks. You can visualize the available data and insights for easy consumption. You can also send automated reports to your team members, clients, and stakeholders.

Codebeamer Benefits

The following are some of the key benefits of using Codebeamer for application lifecycle management, quality assurance, risk management, and requirements management:

You can expect higher standards in software delivery

Codebeamer’s software development module supports product verification and standards compliance in regulated product development processes. It enables you to easily manage code, baselines, and versioning in an open and transparent manner. The ALM platform is also designed to automatically record and document any changes made to the software product at every stage of the development process, ensuring a complete and accurate audit trail.

A continuous quality control process

Codebeamer ensures continuous quality control by automating testing excellence and providing users with total control over the implementation of their quality requirements and strategy. The entire process is made easier and more efficient by bringing together all development and quality assurance activities into a shared and centralized platform, which is what Codebeamer is. It is a central hub for all development and QA processes, a robust and feature-rich application lifecycle management (ALM) solution.

Get easy access to your lifecycle data and product insights

Codebeamer gives you the ability to access, filter, and analyze your ALM data stored in the platform’s central repository, regardless of its volume or complexity. You can then easily connect different types of data sets from your development, requirements, DevOps, and testing activities to identify meaningful lifecycle insights and create visual reports, which can then be shared with stakeholders.

In addition, you also have the ability to create custom dashboards to fully visualize and interpret app development data, unlock key performance indicators, and ensure a shared understanding of quality and performance by creating a centrally shared information hub for all stakeholders and parties involved in the software development process.

Achieve true maturity in your DevOps processes

Codebeamer is equipped with the right tools and functionalities to encourage DevOps maturity. For instance, you have the ability to tie in identifying bugs and other potential issues, as well as user feedback, with key tasks and requirements. This approach empowers your DevOps team to effortlessly identify incoming issues at the source code level while using a single robust system. The platform also enables automated testing and the delivery of high-quality code in a fast and efficient manner.

Make better and more informed decisions

The ability to make data-driven decisions is a huge advantage to any decision-maker, from product and quality assurance managers to software engineers and DevOps team leaders. Codebeamer provides all stakeholders with secure yet easy access to up-to-date data and key development insights. Managers and team leaders with access to this information can easily generate and share or export the data and insights in the form of detailed reports. They also have the option to automate the delivery or the sharing of these insights directly in the inboxes of stakeholders and decision-makers.

Codebeamer Pricing

Codebeamer pricing is not readily available on their website, so prospective users will have to inquire about custom pricing. A 30-day free online trial is available for Codebeamer’s SaaS version or you can download and install the platform on Windows, Linux, or via Docker image.


Codebeamer is a robust application lifecycle management (ALM) platform that can be deployed as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) or downloaded and installed on-premise. It is designed for advanced product and software development processes. The open platform is fully integrated with a holistic approach and is equipped with all the features and tools that are necessary for developing better, higher-quality products in a faster and more efficient way.

With Codebeamer, software engineers and product managers can easily scale, monitor, control, and report on their entire software development lifecycle, all of which can be done in a more convenient and practical manner. The QA and testing and risk management solutions also allow them to comply with various safety-critical regulations while optimizing development time and cost.

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