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What is Codacy?

Codacy automates code reviews. Check code style, security, duplication, complexity and coverage on every change while tracking code quality throughout your sprints.

Codacy is a developer tool that helps developer teams save hours of work weekly, improve code quality, security, maintainability, and ship code faster by automating code reviews for Java, Python, Ruby, Scala, PHP, JS and more. The tool is used by tens of thousands of users, startups and organisations such as Paypal, Adobe, Schneider Electric, etc.

Codacy Awards

Codacy currently scores 87/100 in the Development category. This is based on user satisfaction (89/100), press buzz (49/100), recent user trends (rising), and other relevant information on Codacy gathered from around the web.

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Codacy Review

Editors' Review by the Development Software Review Team

Codacy is a code analysis and monitoring tool that helps developers and software teams identify code issues such as security vulnerabilities, coding style errors, and code complexity. This makes it easier to detect bugs before they cause downtime or data breach problems. The software provides an overview of how the codebase changes over time and helps teams better understand the quality of their codebase from commit to commit. Codacy integrates directly with the source control system, such as Git or Bitbucket, automatically scanning new commits for any issues and generating reports so that users can quickly identify any problems in the latest code changes. If any significant issues are found in the scan results, Codacy will alert the user so that they can be fixed immediately.

Codacy can help teams improve their productivity when used effectively by ensuring that only high-quality code gets pushed into production. By identifying any potential bugs or security vulnerabilities early in the development process, teams can save themselves from dealing with potentially costly problems down the line. Since Codacy uses automated static analysis tools to scan a codebase for errors and potential risks, teams don’t have to waste valuable time manually checking for these issues, making it easy to get code up and running quickly with minimal effort required on their end.

Codacy Features

Codacy is a cloud-based platform that automates code reviews for various languages. The following are some of Codacy’s key features:

Code standardization

Codacy allows organizations to create custom quality standards. It allows developers to get instant feedback on violations against their pre-defined coding style guidelines. From the dashboard, users can quickly identify which files contain errors or warnings and take the necessary steps to fix the issues. In addition, Codacy continuously monitors changes within the existing code base to maintain adherence over time and avoid any possible discrepancies arising from future modifications. 

One-click commit suggestions

Codacy’s one-click commit suggestions feature is a powerful tool to help streamline code reviews for developers. It allows users to receive automated recommendations about improving the code without sacrificing quality. Using AI and other advanced algorithms, the feature automatically checks for any errors or inconsistencies and presents clear fixes in an actionable way. The suggestions are displayed directly in the IDE, eliminating the need to go through scanning logs and decipher cryptic messages. If desired, each change can be incorporated immediately with just one click. Moreover, as code commits are continually tracked, developers can quickly identify when mistakes become more frequent or repetitive so they can act proactively before problems escalate.

User management

Codacy’s user management feature provides an easy and efficient way to manage user access in a development environment. It allows platform admins and developers to add, edit, and delete users and assign roles based on their privileges. The feature also offers the capability of creating separate teams and communities to streamline collaboration between users while keeping each team separate and secure. Furthermore, this feature is completely customizable, allowing users to define their access policies and store them safely on the cloud-based platform.

Parallel execution

Codacy allows developers to execute their tests in parallel, significantly reducing testing time. This feature is accessible through their web interface and is powered by a distributed task execution model, which distributes the workload across multiple machines. It keeps track of the tests that have been executed as well as any changes that have been made to ensure that only parts of the codebase that need to be tested are tested. Codacy utilizes intelligent algorithms to send out notifications when certain performance thresholds are reached, and these notifications can be configured depending on individual project needs.

Configuration file support

Codacy allows users to define configurations to ensure their code and results adhere to their project’s guidelines. This includes coding rules, code quality metrics, and documentation standards. The saved configuration will be applied to all future project scans, reducing time spent manually configuring each scan. Stored configurations are shareable with other team members but also secured with encryption, allowing even large teams with various roles and permissions to get scanning with the same set of standards quickly. 

Static analysis

Codacy provides deep introspection into each file, leveraging specialized rulesets and programming-language-specific algorithms to detect potential errors. It identifies code patterns that may lead to security vulnerabilities and can suggest ways to provide better performance, readability, and maintainability. It also provides insight into technical debt and identifies areas where refactoring may be necessary. The result is higher-quality code that runs more efficiently in production. Codacy is constantly updated with new rules, metrics, and warning levels to ensure maximum accuracy and detect the latest security risks.

Workflow management

Codacy’s workflow management feature offers an intuitive and powerful platform to orchestrate a developer’s day-to-day activities. It allows users to create complete pipelines for testing, deploying, and monitoring code projects and easy-to-set-up rule configurations. Developers can use the feature to document their workflows and quickly access every planned, in-progress, and completed task. Additionally, it supports several automation options, such as continuous integration tools, which enable users to deploy changes faster and with fewer errors.

Technical debt insight

Codacy’s technical debt insight feature explores the strength of a codebase and provides comprehensive, actionable information about its underlying software structure. This feature can analyze source code patterns to identify vulnerable or inefficient areas and help prioritize them based on their impact. It also suggests ways to rework these sections while maintaining code readability, maintainability, and performance standards. 

Repository management

Codacy’s repository management feature offers various strategic tools that allow users to consolidate and manage permissions, track code changes over time, and monitors projects in real time. It simplifies overall access to all repositories across a team or organization, making it easier to manage code base configurations. Additionally, this feature helps encourage better code quality by continuously scanning each project’s repository for security issues and vulnerabilities. Simple yet powerful custom rules can be created manually to ensure compliance with particular policies or standards. 

Codacy features

Codacy Benefits

Codacy is a code-analysis platform that empowers software teams to write better code. It provides a comprehensive suite of static analysis tools, which enables organizations to detect bugs and vulnerabilities as soon as they are introduced into the codebase. Users can expect the following benefits from their Codacy subscription:

Improved efficiency

By automatically detecting errors in a user’s source code and reporting them immediately, Codacy saves time by removing the need for code to be reviewed manually. This means developers can focus less on debugging their code and more on creating new features or addressing other tasks in their project pipeline. Additionally, by providing real-time feedback on a user’s source code as they work on it, Codacy enables developers to make changes quickly if an issue arises instead of having to go back and fix it later down the line, resulting in fewer errors making it into production versions of applications or websites. 

Actionable insights for better coding practices 

Codacy provides actionable insights into coding practices so users can get better results with less effort. It tracks how much time each user spends on their code and provides detailed reports on coding performance to help them identify areas where they could make improvements or focus more attention in the future. It offers personalized recommendations based on user preferences, so developers can always refine their projects. 

Security testing and vulnerability scanning

Codacy offers advanced security scanning services that can detect potential application vulnerabilities. It scans a source code for common security flaws such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and memory leaks. This lets users quickly identify any potential threats before they become an issue. Moreover, Codacy helps with continuous integration and deployment processes by identifying problems in the build process early so developers can fix them before deploying the application. The platform integrates with popular build services like Jenkins so developers can use it easily with their existing setup, making it easier to maintain a high level of quality throughout all stages of development.

Codacy pricing

Codacy offers multiple subscription plans to help businesses of all sizes receive the best code coverage and analysis services. It offers a free version of its software for open-source teams. The Teams plan is ideal for businesses with 1-5 developers and comes with a 14-day free trial. It includes unlimited private repositories, cloud-based CI/CD integration, and user training for $18 per user per month. For larger and more complex teams, Codacy’s Enterprise plan offers a 30-day trial, advanced customization levels, and an SLA. Interested parties can contact Codacy’s sales team to get a custom quote.


Codacy is an innovative software tool that helps developers improve the quality of their code. It automates the code review process, allowing users to assess the quality of their code quickly. It runs static analysis tests on every commit made to a project, which helps identify potential bugs or issues in the code before they become major problems. This allows developers to ensure that their projects are always up-to-date with best practices, such as security protocols, coding conventions, and automated testing. Codacy offers several helpful tools, such as issue tracking, pull request automation, and integration with services like GitHub or Bitbucket. The platform provides detailed metrics about a project’s performance over time, which can help teams spot trends in their codebase and better understand how it’s developing over time. This feature can be particularly useful for larger teams working on complex projects that must simultaneously keep track of multiple branches. Codacy’s features make it a valuable addition to any organization looking to increase efficiency in its development process.

Codacy Pricing Plans

Other pricing information:

Free for public, open source repos.
Paid plan for unlimited private repos.

Plans starting from: $18.00/month Credit card required: Yes

Codacy FAQs

What platforms does Codacy support?

Scala, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Javascript, CSS, Swift, and more.

What is Codacy generally used for?

Code reviews, code quality, static analysis.

Does Codacy offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


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Codacy User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.45/5 based on 11 user ratings.
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"Codacy review on Crozdesk"

What do you like about Codacy?

Automation - Regularly check-up for your code commits. For example, you push code to Git, it will automatically update your code ratings, Code Support - They support all major languages, for example, Python, PHP, JAVA. Thus, it becomes fast and easy to get real-time quality for your code., Analytics - Intuitive UI and easy dashboard give a clear display of your codebase., Reach - Codacy is very popular and the only good source of code quality solution.

What do you dislike about Codacy?

There should be customization to get code quality for your own projects if standards are provided.
Offline or a standalone application is much needed from Codacy to get local support.
Spots a lot of errors and small ones that don't affect much about quality and are de-facto standards.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Codacy solve?

Whether you are an open source developer or a full-time coder, you must have a coding standard so as to reach your customers. Professionals having a coding standard have more chances of getting hired or paid well. Thus, Codacy comes into play. There are two types of coders: first one who reads the documentation and tries to code precisely with standards, and the second one who just wants the code to function properly. We use Codacy to rate our code and software product so that the end user is satisfied with our work.Codacy is most appropriate when you have an in-company code competition or when your client is more code-oriented with the proper functioning of the project. Codacy also integrates with all office tools like Slack and Jira. Codacy is less appropriate in a development team where their main work is to get code functioned and the indentation does not matter.

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