Cloudron Alternatives

Top 7 Cloudron Alternatives

The best alternative solutions to Cloudron are:

  • Thor AdminPrivilege
  • Deep Freeze Cloud
  • Deploy
  • Easy365Manager
  • ServerSuit
  • ELKman

The full list of System Administration Software Products can be found on the category page.

Software solutions in this space aim to maintain, configure and ensure smooth-running of computer systems in a multi-user environment. The software automates a number of system administration tasks, such as, monitoring system health periodically, allocating disk space, managing user accounts, performing security checks and backups, scanning servers and proactively resolving any issues that might hamper day-to-day operations. Key features include the ability to automate multi-server setups, the ability to manage servers from mobile devices, monitoring and resolving memory and network issues, as well as reporting any suspicious login activities. Most programs come with scripted instructions, while more advanced system administration software allows you to add custom scripts and store them in the system for future use.  Read the full software guide...

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