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What is Cien?

Cien is a mobile app that uses machine learning to predict and prescribe what to do next in the sales process, making it easier to close a sale.

Cien helps SaaS leaders from around the world get their sales teams to 100% quota attainment. Using 100+ AI models, Cien tracks key selling attributes such as closing ability, product knowledge, engagement ability and more.

Cien Awards

Cien currently scores 77/100 in the Sales Management category. This is based on user satisfaction (89/100), press buzz (38/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Cien gathered from around the web.

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Cien Review

Editors' Review by the Sales Management Software Review Team

Cien is a sales productivity software solution developed as a comprehensive mobile app with built-in AI capabilities. The mobile software solution is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to effectively measure, analyze, and predict sales performance, customer behavior, and marketing trends.

Cien is a sales software platform powered by an AI engine. It is built and designed to help businesses identify specific areas where their sales team can excel and assess sales performance. The sales software essentially helps improve the sales productivity by providing users with up-to-date data and comprehensive insights that allow them to make the right decisions.

Designed mainly for subscription-based service providers or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Cien makes sales and marketing processes easier for users, allowing them to achieve a substantial return on investment (ROI). The platform calculates ROI through direct integration right into the application. The calculations are based on the gross margins of your products and the product measures indicators that actually matter. The solution also keeps track of ROI milestones to make sure your sales team is always on the right track.

Cien Features

Cien utilizes machine learning and organic language processing methods to properly assess your existing Salesforce CRM data. With the solution’s AI-powered technology, users have the help they need to properly execute their data-related projects and seamlessly standardize and improve their data for a nominal cost, compared to established consulting firms.

Cien features a user-friendly interface with displays specifically tailored for sales representatives, executives, and managers. Cien’s AI engine efficiently takes CRM data to provide comprehensive assessments and forecasts pertaining to sales and marketing trends.

The sales productivity solution evaluates your sales team’s individual attributes, which include their product knowledge, closing skills, and efficiency, as well as their work ethic. The AI engine then tracks the organization’s macro environment (including the competition), seasonality, and the team’s overall team morale. Cien also provides real-time information about the quality and potential of leads in your pipeline.

Cien comes with a wide range of key features, including sales analytics, automatic forecasting, sales performance review functionality, sales AI, team sentiment analysis, data encryption, real-time data, pattern recognition capabilities, SSL security, pipeline management, resource allocation, ROI tracking, productivity metrics, sales automation and attribution, daily pulse, individual feedback, full customization, and more.

Cien chart sales team success daily pulse data mentor

Cien Benefits

Cien offers sales professionals, agencies, and organizations with a new way to effectively measure and unlock sales productivity. With a smart, self-learning AI, the sales productivity software solution efficiently connects all the crucial elements in your sales data in order to predict potential outcomes, determine specific areas that need improvement, and recommend real leads with the best potential for conversion.

One of the most noteworthy benefits the Cien sales productivity software brings to the table is flexibility and mobility, as it is a mobile-based application. The software solution does not require users to go through rigorous training to get familiarized with the platform, which essentially speaks to the product’s user-friendly design.

Cien is an intuitive sales productivity solution, with a team of experts ready and able to provide users with the assistance and guidance they need to get started.

Powered by a robust self-learning AI engine, Cien is capable of more than data analysis. The mobile-based application is capable of dissecting large amounts of data. It can also identify critical patterns that allow the system to quickly develop forecasts and predictions with reasonable precision. Cien provides the right tools and services to give your sales team all the information they need to improve their sales performance and find success.

Cien also allows your sales team to identify the core quality of your leads and opportunities. Sales professionals and teams will be able to conduct proper marketing processes and business development that actually adds value to the revenue generation process. The platform helps to ensure sales teams get the most out of their pipeline by assigning the most qualified individuals to the right accounts and deals.

The mobile-based software provides users with insights into the human elements that impact sales productivity which includes work ethic, product knowledge, and their ability to close deals. By having an application like Cien, which provides you with all the data you need to not only improve your sales and revenue but allows you to see the performance of your sales team as well, you can make the right moves and decisions to increase the effectiveness of your team with role-based recommendations.

The self-learning AI engine helps the application take away the guesswork when it comes to gathering and analyzing crucial data. This factors into the planning and forecasting process by predicting leads, opportunities, and deals won during any time period. The platform accounts for macro and external elements like the seasonality of buying cycles or changes and variations in your industry’s competitive environment.

Cien avert bottlenecks feed team performance

Cien Pricing

Cien sales productivity software is available with a single enterprise pricing plan for all customers. The mobile-based application is billed either monthly or annually, and customers may choose which billing option they prefer.

The monthly plan is priced at $59 per user per month, while the annual plan costs $49 per user per month. Both monthly and annual plans come with a full license for all authorized users to access the Cien app. The package comes with customer success process, which includes meetings and training materials, as well as free email and phone customer support during business hours.

You may visit the Cien official website for more information about the product, check out its features and capabilities, and request a free demo. Interested parties who want to request a free demo simply have to enter their full name, their company’s name, and their work email address and submit the form.


Cien is a fully featured, mobile-based sales productivity software solution powered by a smart AI engine tailored to facilitate Salesforce management. The platform offers an intelligent solution for small and medium-sized businesses to properly evaluate and measure their sales activities and efforts so they can make the necessary improvements in areas where their team is lacking, as well as put an emphasis in the areas where they are strong.

Sales Management Market Radar

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Cien Product Overview

Languages Supported: English

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Cien Features

  • A/B Testing
  • Analytics
  • API
  • Audience Targeting
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • CRM Integration
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Email Integration
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Google Apps Integration
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Link Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-Site
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Referral Tracking
  • Scheduling
  • SEO
  • Supplier Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Travel Management
  • Call Tracking
  • Call Disposition
  • Softphone
  • Sales Motivator
Cien Pricing

Cien Pricing Plans


1 user(s) / month
  • Access to the Cien App


1 user(s) / month
  • Access to the Cien App

Plans starting from: $49.00/month Credit card required: No

Cien FAQs

Does Cien offer an API?


Does Cien offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Cien offers quick-start guides, in-depth tutorials, and has a customer support team ready to answer any questions.

Does Cien offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


What are some applications Cien is commonly used in tandem with?


Does Cien integrate with any other apps?


What is Cien generally used for?

Cien is primarily used for B2B SaaS sales teams who wish to increase their sales productivity

What platforms does Cien support?

Web apps and native mobile apps

Who are the main user groups of Cien?

Sales teams, managers, and leaders

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