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Castit Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Development Software Review Team

Castit is a user-friendly digital signage software that works to transform any screen into a fully customized professional digital signage that delivers fast and interactive broadcasting content.

The software allows businesses to effectively turn any screen into their own, professional-looking digital signage. Castit is one of the most user-friendly and interactive solutions for broadcasting different types of engaging content on any screen. Its best feature is arguably the fact that it is completely free. Users can choose from a wide variety of digital signage apps that are also free to use. These include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, just to name a few.

Castit digital signage software works seamlessly with a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, Android, Linux, Philips Android, as well as Android-powered Samsung and LG TVs. Some of Castit’s well-known users include Ikea, Citydotz, Maptomize, Cuts & Colours, Opticien SAAS and World Trade Center Rotterdam.

Castit’s free online digital signage software comes with a robust toolkit that includes a variety of useful features. It enables users to effortlessly populate their digital signage screen with engaging professional content, effectively engaging as well as informing their target audience in an optimal manner. By utilizing the available free apps, text animations, slides and videos, brands can make sure that their digital signage screen is not only informative but always up-to-date as well.

Castit Features

Castit offers a wide variety of features through its robust and user-friendly toolkit. The best part about this is that the toolkit is available even in the free version of the software. The following are just some of the main features that this digital signage software has in store for businesses and brands across different industries:

The Slidecreator tool

Castit’s Slidecreator is featured in the free version of the digital signage software, along with its premium plans. It enables users to efficiently design and create a custom presentation for their information screen. With this tool, users have the option to save the template they just created and use it in future presentations. All they have to do is make quick adjustments and a few modifications to match their requirements and they have a professional digital presentation ready to upload to any screen at any time.

The Slidecreator is an extensive toolkit designed for small and midsize businesses, as well as enterprise-scale marketing teams. The tool allows them to make price and/or program changes with just a few clicks. Digital forms, text, images and positions are all included in this toolkit as well. With a little creativity and design sense, any user can take full advantage of Castit’s Slidecreator and make the most of its capabilities.

Second screen capability

Castit is powered by the FFWD tech group, boasting years of experience in the development of touchscreen applications. Consider digital floor maps, digital receptions, self-service kiosks, digital wayfinding, as well as register and order systems—all these use cases can benefit from a well-built digital signage software with second screen capability, like Castit.

The software’s touchscreen applications can run as a second screen and are very capable of supporting seamless integration. This is because when the screen is idle or remains untouched, it is capable of running a broadcast, similar to how screensavers would work on your smart device, except in this scenario it provides visitors and viewers with engaging content that is relevant to your brand or the service you’re offering.

Once the screen is again touched by a customer or visitor, the previously configured application is immediately activated, making Castit’s digital signage software a truly interactive solution with a high attention value for the brand/business.

Cloud-hosted library

Castit’s library enables users to save every conceivable item, marketing materials and relevant content in the cloud. This provides them with the ability to easily add any item or content material from any random computer to an active information screen or timeline for later use. For better organization and easy navigation, users also have the option to organize their files in different folders.

Multiple playlists function

Castit allows users to create multiple broadcast playlists, as many as they need. This feature is included in the free version of the digital signage software. The types of playlists that users are able to create with the tool can be of different designs and themes to suit their requirements. Think of different playlists that are tailored for specific times of the day or targeted groups of visitors and customers. This function is especially useful for kiosks in malls, dining and recreational centers.

Users can populate their playlists with media items from the cloud-hosted library and set the time per item, just like how they would create a slideshow presentation. By utilizing the built-in timer, they can automatically switch the playlist screen as well. As long as the timer is set properly, the presentation will not require any human intervention, at least until it’s time to change or update the content that’s being displayed or presented.

Screen preview function

The screen preview feature is an integral part of any digital signage software, as this is the final step in the creation of displays before they go live on multiple public screens. This is doubly important for those who manage multiple screens at different locations. It’s also very useful for users who want to show the presentation or information screen to their colleagues or have their supervisors sign off on the display before it gets published.

The free version of Castit’s digital signage software has the screen preview feature built in. This means users can preview their created broadcast before publishing. They can also access and view the active broadcasts that are currently being played on specific screens.

Screen-to-mobile functionality

Castit digital signage software provides users with the option to offer more relevant information and content to the public via its screen-to-mobile functionality. This is done by simply adding a number or a QR code to any random slide in the broadcast. For instance, when a customer or visitor enters the number or scans the QR code using their smartphone, they will be automatically directed to the appropriate landing page.

The type of content and information that can be added to this landing page includes surveys, videos, PDF files, web pages or any other content that offers relevant information to the customer. Castit’s screen-to-mobile functionality is quite useful for brands and companies that want to share a considerable volume of information with their customers without cluttering their screens. They can just display the bullet points on their live screens and then provide visitors with the option to get more information by simply scanning a QR code or entering a specific number with their mobile device.

Castit Signage Dashboard

Castit Benefits

Castit’s free digital signage software offers a lot of benefits to different types of users, whether they’re a small brands or a large enterprises. It includes apps that enable them to link existing content or information from the web directly to their active screens and broadcasts. For example, they can integrate real-time feeds from the news, flight or subway schedules or even Facebook and other social media platforms.

In addition, Castit is also capable of developing apps that can easily and seamlessly integrate with software solutions that are already in your stack. This way, you can just incorporate the digital signage software into existing solutions that you are already using. A custom digital signage app can also be developed to match your branding and the type of message you want to present to your target audience.

Castit enables users to effortlessly manage large networks of presentations and information screens and populate them with relevant content. The digital signage software provides a clear overview of all active screens in different locations within a large network. This ensures a more efficient screen management process and it allows users to easily send the appropriate content to the right individual or group of information screens.

Moreover, Castit digital signage software also gives users the option to add a ticker tape; i.e., a running information bar, to any or all active screens as well as the ability to adjust the volume of individual screens within the network.

Castit can run on a wide variety of platforms, including Windows, Linux and Android, as well as other smart TVs from Samsung and LG. The biggest advantage that this capability can provide users is that they will often no longer need to use an external media player to install and use Castit on smart televisions and tablets. Castit also supports high-resolution images and video content and it can run offline, which is useful in locations where there is no stable internet connection.

Castit Pricing

Castit digital signage software is completely free with the Basic plan, allowing users to take advantage of the entire system and broadcast content on the same screen. The free version comes with an unlimited number of channels, more than 30 apps and fair use of storage. However, it is limited to one user only.

For a more comprehensive option, the Professional plan is available for €19 per screen/month, while the Enterprise option has quote-based pricing.


Castit is a robust and user-friendly digital signage software tailored for businesses of all sizes in different industries. It is more than capable of turning any screen into professional digital signage displays complete with relevant information and other content. The free version is already equipped with most of the features and tools the software has to offer, so there’s no reason not to try it.

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