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CAFLOU Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Business Management Software Review Team

CAFLOU is a 100% digital company and team performance and economy management software solution. It is a web-based business management system with advanced features and capabilities, yet it remains relatively user-friendly. The software gives you total control over your business and team performance, as well as economy from a single platform.

CAFLOU lets companies manage their own cash flow and other business-related activities. It gives users the ability to determine which aspects of their operational costs can be modified or changed in order to save money. The cloud-based software also allows them to keep track of and organize their team, as well as manage projects more efficiently. All these functions can be done from a single platform, whether in the office or from a remote location.

CAFLOU is a business management system specifically designed for small businesses, startups and freelance professionals and service providers. As previously stated, it brings together all necessary functions, crucial processes and relevant data in one easily accessible location, thus helping you manage your team and your projects more effectively.

In addition to cash flow management, business and team performance management, CAFLOU also facilitates resource management and sales tracking. It allows organizations to be more efficient in their day-to-day operations by offering automation functionalities. With it, users can automate most administrative and repetitive tasks like invoicing, task allocation, setting up notifications and alerts and even creating their own automation tools.

CAFLOU is also a software solution that supports teleworking, i.e. it allows employees to work remotely, which is conducive to organizations that employ remote workers and teams. It is ideal for companies, in this time we’re in, which are shifting to a work-from-home setup. Authorized personnel from an organization can conveniently and easily access the service and all of its features and capabilities from any smart/mobile device, anywhere at any time. Teams with members working from different locations can easily collaborate and communicate through comments, mentions, tasks, smart notifications and via video conferencing.

CAFLOU Features

CAFLOU has the ability to logically link all your customers, tasks, cash flow, projects, timesheets, invoices, orders and/or offers online. The software maintains a well-optimized and streamlined operation for businesses through the features and capabilities it offers, which are quite a few.

Cash flow management

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. This feature lets you track and manage your cash flow. You have the tools at your disposal to effectively plan, evaluate and track the flow of funds within your organization. You can properly assess which projects, clients and activities are bringing revenue to your business and where the money goes from there.

Team performance management

This feature allows you to track and manage employee and team performance. It provides you with the tools you need to effectively keep track of which individual team member and/or teams are performing well and generating the most revenue for the organization. This information can be accessed through the team’s economic report. You may also track how much work each individual team member is doing through the workload reports.

Task management and collaboration

This feature in CAFLOU helps you manage your teams with smart responsibilities. You can assign tasks to each individual team member and make sure everyone knows their assignments, when their deadlines are and everyone is on the same page throughout the project development process. Team members and collaborators can communicate in various ways, including smart notifications and alerts, mentions, tasks, comments, integrated live chat and video conferencing.

Project and order management

CAFLOU lets you manage your orders and projects in a more convenient and efficient way, through its fully integrated project and order management tools. With this feature, you will be able to clearly define the scope of the project, assign responsibilities to each individual team members and keep track of your deadlines. The software also allows you to properly manage your budget for each project, keep track of your earnings and your cash flow. Finally, it lets you plan and control the workload you assign to each team member involved in specific projects.

Process and activity automation

Automation is a crucial component in any software solution, especially when it comes to business and process management. Automation allows you to save precious time on repetitive administrative tasks and eliminate or at least minimize manmade errors from manual processes. CAFLOU lets you capitalize on automation technology to automate tasks like invoicing, sending out alerts and notifications, generating reports and more. It also lets you create your own rules for automation, as well as integrate the software to other systems through application programming interface (API) or Integromat.

Sales lifecycle management

This CAFLOU feature lets you take full control over your sales activities, from customer overview and invoicing to managing offers and order fulfillment. Everything is logically linked together, including projects, timesheets and the cash flow of the entire organization. This feature will give you a complete overview of your sales cycle.

Remote company and team management

CAFLOU is the ideal web-based software solution for managing a business and teams from a remote location. The platform is designed to support teleworking, which means it’s the perfect system for organizations that manage employees and teams that work remotely. It also allows business owners to manage their company from virtually anywhere at any time. As long as there is sufficient internet connectivity, managers, administrators and remote team members can effectively perform their tasks using their mobile devices.

CAFLOU Benefits

Businesses and organizations can expect a number of benefits from choosing CAFLOU as their main business management software solution. However, small businesses, startups and freelancers are the ones that will truly appreciate these benefits.

A centralized location for all data and activities

CAFLOU is equipped with all the features and capabilities required to effectively manage an organization as a whole, including teams and remote employees. It serves as a centralized platform for all relevant data and business processes by providing robust tools and applications for managing suppliers, clients, cash flow, tasks and projects, timesheets, and vital company documents.

With all this, there really isn’t any need for a typical user to switch between different systems/platforms just to do their job. This is why CAFLOU is the ideal web-based solution for small businesses that want to organize their processes and be more productive.

Manage company cash flow online

Cash flow management is a crucial process when it comes to running a company. It is the lifeblood of any business. An organization with a healthy and consistent cash flow is primed for growth, development and potential expansion. They can make sure all their employees and suppliers are paid on time and investors, well-compensated. Cash flow management is indeed very important and CAFLOU facilitates this process by providing the right tools and applications to the users.

Since the software solution is web-based, companies can easily plan, manage and track their cash flow from any location at any time, using any internet-enabled mobile device.

Leverage automation for time-consuming processes

CAFLOU provides automation capabilities to help save time and minimize errors. Businesses can leverage the system to automate basic and monotonous processes that are otherwise time-consuming and prone to human errors. These processes include invoicing, creating reports and managing smart alerts and notifications.

The web-based platform also lets users define the rules for automation, giving the solution the ability to perform other automated tasks. Integration with third-party systems is also provided through API and Integromat.

Supports teleworking and remote employee/team management

The recent global circumstance has forced companies and organizations to adopt a work-from-home policy for the majority of their employees. While there are business process solutions that enable employees to work remotely, CAFLOU is tailored for teleworking and remote management. Companies can effectively and conveniently manage employees working remotely. The managers, administrators and supervisors themselves can perform many of their tasks remotely through the platform.

The fact that CAFLOU is a web-based platform and it comes with mobile support and features like live chat integration and video conferencing makes it very useful for employees and teams working from home or any other location.

CAFLOU Pricing

CAFLOU is a cloud-based platform that follows a subscription-based pricing model. There are two main subscription plans with the pricing firmly based on the number of users. The vendor has tailored its pricing to accommodate the pay-as-you-go principle. The two pricing plans are Carp and Dolphin, both billed on a monthly basis per individual user and they come with unlimited objects limit and all the CAFLOU modules.

Carp starts at $11 per month per user. (This rate, however, goes down as more users are added.) The plan provides up to 5 templates per month, three automation processes, up to 10 objects for stock/price list, 25 gigabytes worth of files and up to 100 requests per month for API.

The Dolphin plan starts at $16 per month per user. (As with the Carp pricing plan, this rate goes down as more users are added.) You will get unlimited templates, unlimited automation processes and unlimited objects for stock/price list. Your allocated file storage is doubled, from 25GB to 50GB. Your API requests per month are also increased from 100 to 1000. Both subscriptions come with up to 30 minutes of free consultation.

You may visit the vendor’s official website for more information on their pricing and the features available for your chosen plan.


CAFLOU is a web-based business management system that allows you to get an overview of all your projects, tasks, timesheets, cash flow and other operational data. It is equipped with useful features and capabilities that impact the way you manage your team, your projects and your business economy in a positive way. It is the ideal platform for small businesses, startups and freelancers that work remotely or manages a teleworking team of employees.

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