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BuzzSumo Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Social Media Software Review Team

BuzzSumo is a robust platform for social media analytics and curation. It serves the needs of content marketers by searching the web for relevant content based on queries, likes and social shares.

Content marketing professionals typically use BuzzSumo to facilitate popular content analysis in a specific niche, usually theirs or the organization they work for. The platform’s advanced social search engine is capable of finding posts and content for a domain, topic or author that garner the most shares, likes and engagement from followers. This enables content marketers to gain valuable insights into the type of content or topics that will resonate with their target audience.

The data that content marketers obtain from the analysis tool can then be leveraged to create better and more engaging content or topics that are more relevant and effective in capturing new followers. It also lets them evaluate their content’s performance and overall success on various social networks. In addition, the software is equipped with the tools that allow users to monitor and keep track of their competitors’ content marketing performance and identify the key influencers in their field. They can then use BuzzSumo to follow, analyze and connect with these influencers to grow their audience.

So how does BuzzSumo work? Depending on the users’ search queries and reports, this cloud-based solution scours the target web content and then delivers an analysis report on its success rate by simply calculating the amount of likes and shares. It calculates and analyzes the top performing content from social media platforms in every market category.

The social search engine’s role is to identify different content that covers a specific domain, a topic or niche, which has been shared many times. This is done so the system can better understand the reaction of the target audience when presented with different content types. BuzzSumo delivers a cohesive and well-organized platform to help guide content marketers through the specific flow of the content piece. Its main goal is to provide marketing teams with meaningful insights into the level of success and performance of the content across all social media networks.

BuzzSumo Features

BuzzSumo is equipped with four key elements that are tailored to help you and your team better understand the current trend in content across all social media platforms and search engine results. These key elements are discovery, research, influencers and monitoring. The following are some of the core features that work together to strengthen the efficiency of those four main elements:

Brand monitoring

BuzzSumo’s brand monitoring feature is all about giving you and your marketing team the power to monitor your brand reputation across the internet, including its mentions on various social media platforms. This particular feature is quite easy to access and use. All you have to do is to enter a few simple details on the provided field. These details are the name of the company, website and role. Once it’s done, all you need to do is to wait for the alerts to arrive every time your brand gets an @mention.

When your brand gets mentioned, whether positively or negatively; the system will immediately send a notification. This can be very useful in managing and dealing with all kinds of publicity.

Trending now

This BuzzSumo feature is quite useful for news/media organizations or any company that lives off of delivering content about the current affairs. Providing content about trending topics can help brands get the visibility they need across the vastness of the internet, especially when it comes to gaining more followers and expanding their audience on social media platforms.

Depending on the company’s requirements, users may choose to filter out the news using the software’s time and language filters. They can organize or sort out the content according to what they need, i.e. it can be sorted into “most engagement” or “trending now.” News/content trends can also be categorized into countries, business, sports, everything and so on. You simply choose the category that’s related to your niche and jump right into the trending topics for that category.

Research content

Creating and publishing evergreen content, a type of content that most people enjoy reading and sharing and reading again, is not as easy as one might think. You have to have the knowledge of the topics that are currently trending and people find engaging. To achieve this, you need to do some research and dive deeper into relevant topics to find that precious nectar that will appeal to your target audience.

BuzzSumo’s research content feature lets you create the kind of content that is not only relevant to your followers but they will enjoy consuming as well. It will help you produce content that is enjoyed by your readers as well as other content marketing professionals. The content research feature can be easily divided into various functions, with every function equally useful and can help your team come up with workable and sustainable ideas.

Content analysis

BuzzSumo’s content analysis feature is a crucial tool if you’re a content creator or a content marketing professional. This aims to help you determine and evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of the money and the effort that is spent on content creation, publication and marketing. This feature is very efficient and quite easy to use, even for novice or intermediate users.

All you need to do is enter your website or brand name and the system will provide you with all the content you previously published, the level of engagement each article generated, the engagement average by network, the content type and a few other important details. Through content analysis, you will be able to better understand your readers, i.e. your target audience. You can evaluate your content performance by simply accessing data on total engagements by published date, the average engagement by content length, as well as the highest performing pieces of content.

BuzzSumo Dashboard

BuzzSumo Benefits

BuzzSumo’s social media curation and analytics platform offers three main benefits for brands, content creators and content marketing professionals: access to its advanced social search engine, the ability to create relevant and engaging content and the option to receive alerts on competitors and gain knowledge on the strategies they’re using to achieve success.

Get access to a sophisticated social search engine

BuzzSumo is equipped with a powerful and advanced social search engine, which you can seamlessly integrate into your social marketing strategy to gather meaningful and actionable insights into all tending content and posts on social media platforms. Through its social search engine, BuzzSumo can provide you and your team easy access to all the popular content that is trending among your followers and your target audience in general.

You may also use the results to produce attention-grabbing content that can help grow your followers and snag a few new ones along the process.

Create more relevant and engaging content

One of this software’s main purposes is to help you and your content marketing team produce relevant and engaging content that appeals to your target audience. You see, a significant amount of content that is produced for a marketing campaign is often left unused by the marketing team, due to the fact that they’re not relevant or engaging enough to meet their marketing requirements. Or it could also be that the content is simply not worth sharing with their audience.

BuzzSumo aims to help content creators and curators to develop content that is consistently relevant to the needs of the marketing team. This should help save your company a lot of time and resources as it can pretty much guarantee the usefulness and relevance of every content piece that is being produced for various marketing campaigns.

Gain useful information on the competition

BuzzSumo will send you alerts on various activities your competitors are engaging in, such as what channels and sources they’re using to feed their marketing campaigns and engage their audience. This should give you the knowledge you need to take a more proactive action and gain the advantage from the competition. With the actionable insights that you’re getting from the alerts and notifications, you may even play a role as an important influencer in your niche market.

Moreover, you also have customization options available to help configure the system so you receive alerts every time a selected keyword or set of keywords reach a predetermined threshold. This can greatly simplify your social marketing analysis.

BuzzSumo Pricing

BuzzSumo’s pricing options consist of one free plan and three paid packages. There are two billing options, monthly and yearly. The prices shown below reflect the yearly billing option. A 30-day free trial is available for all three premium pricing plans.

The first of the premium plans is the Pro package, which is priced at $79/month, billed as $948 per year. Next up is Plus, which has a starting price of $139/month, billed as $1,668 per year. Finally, there’s the Large plan at $239/month, billed at $2,868 per year.


BuzzSumo’s social media curation and analytics platform is designed to make it easier for brands and content marketers to fight through the online noise and grab the attention of their target audience. As the digital landscape continues to get overwhelmed with all kinds of content, the platform’s approach to helping marketing teams and professionals better understand their audience play a significant role in the creation of truly relevant and engaging content that can reach wider audiences.

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