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What is Boombirds?

Boombirds is an easy-to-use workflow management solution for your office and field services.

As organisations grow, business owners struggle to deal with managing the chaos of their day to day operations. Since their processes are manual, they suffer productivity loss and struggle to scale.

Boombirds is designed for overwhelmed SME business owners with no idea which operational issue needs their attention first. Our aim is to ensure you get back to the priority of growing your business instead of dealing with the chaos of your day to day operations.

Boombirds is an easy-to-use, zero-code workflow automation solution for businesses looking to increase operational efficiency, improve top-level visibility, and foster business growth.

We make digital transformation (of service delivery processes) possible for any size company, without the hefty price tag or cumbersome implementation process. With Boombirds, you can:
• Define Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and ensure procedural compliance with unlimited process-based workflows
• Present a bird’s-eye view of operations and keep track of work orders with multidimensional Kanban-inspired smartboards
• Optimise field operations with real-time tracking of field teams, consignments, and orders
• Engage with customers during fulfilment making feedback central to the customer experience

Business Services

Boombirds for Business Services helps organisations automate business workflows, allows teams to be more self-organised, and enables seamless collaboration with internal teams as well as customers. It is an ideal solution for any business using logical process-based workflows such as financial planning and audit practices, insurance, consulting, customer on-boarding, etc.
Boombirds for Business Services helps you:
• Gain a bird’s eye view of operations and identify bottlenecks through Kanban-inspired smartboards and time-stamped activity logs
• Create an unlimited number of SOP-based workflows with intuitive steps and approvals. Capture data at multiple levels with comprehensive checklists and custom forms
• Enable teams to be self-organised by allowing them to claim work from the service queue. Route and delegate job orders intelligently based on predefined rules
• Simplify the creation of work orders by cloning services, bulk uploading them, or auto-creation through emails. Define recurrence policies to manage repeat contract services

• Provide a touchpoint for customers to raise their own requests, to be sent regular updates and to engage with them through multiple channels including emails, in-app notifications, and chat

Field Services

Boombirds for Field Services is a comprehensive solution for organisations looking to track, optimise, and manage on-field service delivery and operations. The intuitive platform helps field managers live-track their on-field resources while they fulfil residential or commercial office services such as landscaping, handyman, plumber, cleaners, and maintenance as well as in-house operations such as facility management.
Boombirds for Field Services helps you:
• Track teams as they fulfil services on the field. Reduce operational costs by planning routes and merging multiple service requests into a single trip
• Gain a holistic view of operations with Kanban-inspired smartboards. Keep track of every action with detailed activity logs and by generating service and trip reports
• Add and manage customer locations, creating beat plans, and allowing service requests to be raised ad-hoc on the field. Streamline the management of repeat contract services by configuring recurrence policies
• Align office and field teams by creating logical, SOP-based workflows. Enable the collection of data at every step through checklists and custom forms
• Create a multi-level customer engagement model by communicating with them through multiple channels including chat and emails. Obtain digitally signed acknowledgements for services rendered

Transporter Logistics

Boombirds for Transporter Logistics is a digitised solution for organisations looking to create efficient logistics operations by simplifying fleet operations, driving process compliance, and last-mile delivery tracking. Boombirds is an ideal platform for transporters, freight forwarders, hauliers, and delivery agents and other such companies looking to optimise their consignment delivery operations.
Boombirds for Transporter Logistics helps you:
• Create an unlimited number of workflows that strictly comply with operational guidelines. Enable the capture of crucial data at every step of the process through checklists and custom forms
• Optimise fleet management and resource utilisation by tracking vehicles and drivers in real-time. Account for fuelling stops, tyre changes, repair and maintenance as well as food and rest breaks
• Configure payouts for drivers/agents for each trip with surcharges as needed
• Streamline delivery operations by planning routes, creating batch trips, and merging multiple work orders into a single trip. Consignments can also be added to trips at any point of execution
• Enhance first and last-mile operations by tracking consignments from pick-up to delivery in a live map view. Make amendments and force stop trips based on changes in circumstance
• Engage with customers so they can directly initiate requests, receive ad-hoc or pre-determined updates throughout the delivery process with in-app notifications, and emails
• Monitor every action within each step of the delivery process with time-stamped activity logs as well as in-depth trip, consignment, pitstop, payout, and service-based reports

Retail Logistics

Boombirds for Retail Logistics helps organisations simplify distribution operations with comprehensive order to delivery tracking, beat management, and secondary distribution management. Boombirds is an ideal solution for manufacturers, distributors, and franchisors looking to streamline their business operations.
• Create logical, process-based workflows for order-to-delivery and secondary distribution operations
• Seamlessly manage product catalogues, specify maximum and minimum quantities of products for orders, and obtain vital information at every step through checklists and custom forms
• Track the movement of orders from the point of pick-up through to delivery through a live-map view and Kanban smartboards
• Make amendments and force stop trips based on ad-hoc requirements

• Build a beat plan of customer locations to be serviced. Obtain trip logs and proof of visit for every trip. Track unplanned field trips and activities for new work orders
• Plan routes, merge service requests, create batch trips, and assign resources for each trip. Enable fluid planning of operations by adding orders to trips at any point in the delivery execution process
• Empower customers by allowing them to create orders and track their movements. Communicate with customer on multiple fronts with in-app notifications, emails, and chat. Gain digitally signed acknowledgements that serve as proof of order delivery
• Obtain action logs for all actions performed at every step of the order-to-delivery process. Compile detailed reports on orders, pitstops, payouts, and service requests. Generate in-depth trip-based reports on delivery, field operations, and merchandising visits

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Boombirds Product Overview

Languages Supported: English

Boombirds Features

  • Analytics
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Customer Management
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • External Integrations
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Task Scheduling/Tracking
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Process Modeling
  • Form Builder
  • Process Reporting
  • Workflow Management
  • Access Management
  • Status Notifications
  • Reports

Boombirds FAQs

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What is Boombirds generally used for?

Managing Business Processes, Tracking Field Teams, Capturing Reporting Data, Planning Order and Consignment Deliveries, and Improving Productivity

Who are the main user groups of Boombirds?

Business Processes, Audit Firms, Field Services, Facility Management, Transporters, and Logistics Organizations, Retailers, and Merchandisers

What platforms does Boombirds support?


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