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Editors' Review by the Appointment Systems Software Review Team

Bookafy is an appointment system software solution designed to automate the scheduling process for phone calls, meetings, text reminders, confirmations, calendars and service appointments.
This cloud-hosted software is a real timesaver. It provides online scheduling services for the business and online appointment booking for clients. Bookafy has a customer-facing design with an intuitive user interface that is customized to suit the needs of the business.

This software benefits solo entrepreneurs, agencies, freelance startups, sales professionals and growing service-based enterprises. Its stand-out features and quality integrations with big players are useful tools that can be tapped for successful business ventures.

How Bookafy works

Setting up and keeping track of appointments eat up a lot of time and effort. Using Bookafy makes it possible for businesses to do this with real ease. The system simplifies the process in such a way that users are able to book, cancel, re-schedule and remember meetings and appointments without hassle or stress. This easy-to-use software manages and schedules phone calls, appointments and meetings. It also allows customers to book appointments anytime with just the tip of their fingers.

This software provides users with:

A free website

Bookafy provides a free, custom-made website for its users, making it easy for clients to access the business and schedule an appointment.

Online scheduling

The software makes it effortless to schedule an appointment anytime and anywhere. Customers are given access to online scheduling 24/7. This saves time as there is no more need for numerous phone calls and emails just to find the right schedule for the meeting. Bookafy’s mobile scheduling feature allows both staff and customers to also make use of mobile phones, laptop or tablets in setting up the appointment. The software’s customized service start times gives users the option to choose the preferred time for meetings.

SMS text reminders

Automated confirmation messages are sent and saved in the customer’s personal calendar. Bookafy sends both the customer and the staff an automated text reminder before the appointment. Customers and staff are automatically reminded of the appointment schedule according to the need. It also provides custom messages and reminders with each appointment confirmation.

Recurring appointments

You can create customized appointments for your customers, which could be twice a week or every other week at your choice. The software allows you to customize the fields you want when customers book an appointment.


With this service, you can add a link from your site to your private domain.

Google & Outlook calendar two-way sync

It syncs all appointments from Google Calendar for Bookafy and from Bookafy sync to Google. It helps you avoid double booking. With the two-way sync turned on, you can better manage your appointments. The software also provides synchronization between Outlook and Google. This bidirectional sync makes it easy to check and act on reminder events with full description, location and other attributes.

Customer marketing messages

Through Bookafy, users are able to create custom marketing messages on the details and date of the appointment and send these messages via its integration with SmartList.

Receives customers full profile

The system allows you to import all the contact information of current customers and can access them easily. Being able to easily access the contact information, social profiles and other vital information of their customers will give you a better insight and help you maximize the opportunity.

bookafy review

Other features

  • Bookafy’s appointment scheduling features include group scheduling, meeting room booking and payment processing.
  • It also boasts of other services like Feedback Management, Project Management, Email Integration, Data Export, External Integrations and Data Import.
  • Users get notifications and enjoy added services like Time Management, Calendar Management, Chat, Payment Processor Scheduling, Data Import, Application Programming Interface (API) and Customer Management.
  • To get consumer feedback, the system sends out automated review requests after each appointment.
  • Bookafy also provides Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons and Google Apps Integration.
  • With the system, you can request for an appointment or for a “Book Now” button to your Facebook Page.
  • The system also comes with a 24/7 customer service that is fast and reliable.


Users do not have to worry about privacy issues. Bookafy has a strict private policy. Safeguards are installed to ensure data security. The system offers Secure Sockets Layer or SSL on the customer and site administration side of the system wherein data is encrypted when it passes to and from the server. Bookafy runs on secure servers using Amazon Web Services.

Integration and languages supported

Bookafy integrates with Iframe, WordPress, Facebook, Google Calendar, Outlook Wix, SquareSpace, GoTo Meeting, WebEx, Smart List, Full Contact, Strikingly, Mail Chimp, Zapier, Duda, Authorize.Net, Stripe and Weebly.

It also integrates with email applications that recognize Integrated Computer Solution (ICS) files such as Outlook, Office 365, Google and Ical. The software supports 35 languages including Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Persian, Hungarian, Bengali, Turkish, Urdu and Hindi, among others.


Bookafy is easily deployed on different web browsers, operating systems and mobile platforms. It is compatible with Windows, Macintosh and web Applications. Its mobile platforms support IOS, Android, Winphone and Blackberry.

Bookafy Pricing Plans

Bookafy gives users two options. They can either go for the Basic Bookafy or subscribe to the Pro Bookafy.

The Basic Version is totally free. It includes a free website with booking page but it can be upgraded or downgraded. The free plan comes with full functionality with limited number of appointments. This free version comes with:

  • Outlook and Google Calendar Sync
  • Android, Windows and Apple Applications
  • Unlimited Appointment Types
  • Unlimited Appointments
  • Free Company Booking Page
  • Free User/Staff Booking Page
  • Skill Based Appt routing
  • Mobile Booking
  • Phone and Email Support
  • Iframe Integration
  • Custom Button For Your Site
  • Button Pop Up Integration
  • Custom App Start Times

For Bookafy Pro, the pricing plan starts from $7.00 per month.
Aside having all the features of the free version, Bookafy Pro users enjoy:

  • Multiple Users/Staff
  • Group Events
  • Text Message Reminders
  • GoTo Meeting Integration
  • Display Customer Social Links
  • Mail Chimp Sync Integration
  • Custom API Development
  • Professional Services
  • Onsite Training Available
  • And Dedicated Support Rep

Bookafy offers three paid plans:
The price for Solo Entrepreneur for individuals is $10 per month, which includes one solo calendar and all functionalities.

For a growing business having two to ten staff, the price is $40 per month

For 11 to 39 staff, it is P$60 per month

For 40 and above staff, the price of Bookafy subscription starts at $100 per month

Bookafy Pro comes with a 30-day trial period. During the period you can enjoy full access to the entire appointment scheduling system. You can also have as many staff members and services you want for free.


Scheduling appointments, having no-show clients and making numerous calls and reminders can be frustrating, time-consuming and wearisome. These tasks give extra stress to businesses.
With its robust platform, Bookafy provides quality, easy-to-navigate scheduling services. Its powerful features allow you to maximize your human resources, streamline and make your business grow. This intelligent, cost-effective software is definitely worth trying.

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