What is BLUE?

BLUE's label and artwork management applications enable marketing, retail, CPG and life sciences clients to satisfy the demands of creative, brand and regulatory compliance.

Label and Artwork Management doesn't have to be complicated.

BLUE Software simplifies the complexity of Label and Artwork development for both small and large companies worldwide. Our SaaS-based artwork collaboration and workflow tools create opportunities for cost savings within each stage of the label and artwork management process and improve efficiency KPIs including speed-to-market and sales lift.

BLUE Software offers four modules of Label and Artwork Management functionality, which can be mixed and matched to meet your needs: Workflow Management, Online Proofing, Digital Asset Manager, Business Intelligence.

With 20 years of experience and 5,000 clients worldwide, BLUE has deep domain industry expertise in the marketing, retail, consumer brand, and life sciences verticals. We are continually innovating our best-of-breed technology to keep pace with industry-specific trends and address your business needs.

BLUE Awards

BLUE currently scores 81/100 in the Library Systems category. This is based on user satisfaction (76/100), press buzz (39/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on BLUE gathered from around the web.

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BLUE Review

Editors' Review by the Library Systems Software Review Team

Blue is a label and artwork management platform with enhanced and unique sets of features that will reduce the time needed to market, the overall cost of marketing and the quality control for your products.

It’s designed to simplify the complexity and difficulties of label and artwork management solutions. It covers the essentials, such as consumer brand, life science companies, marketing and retail.

These four solutions have been the prime focus of BLUE for nearly 20 years now. Included in its systems are enterprise-grade technologies designed to efficiently address your business needs. More details are highlighted in the following industries:


When it comes to retail, BLUE is designed to assist businesses and organizations in connecting with powerful brands and working with multiple suppliers to outsource products of the highest quality.

Using this platform, you’ll receive measurable ROI benefits, which include improved efficiency, reduced number of proof cycles, increased speed-to-market time and transformed repackaging and recalls.

You also get to work with technical features such as a strong API, HTML5, high security and cloud-based technology. Retailers are able to receive well-informed and data-driven results to make the right decisions for their business.


For marketing purposes, BLUE becomes a trusted asset since it assists departments and teams in completing projects faster, providing quality content and ensuring brand integrity.

You get to work with features such as project management and workflow, which simplifies task delegation, project monitoring and performance measurement.

You can also collaborate with your team by commenting, annotating, approving and rejecting all digital assets that are found in the platform.

Consumer brand

Once you’ve subscribed to BLUE, your speed to market improves drastically. You’re now equipped with the knowledge of labeling professionals, executives, regulatory leaders, marketing innovators and IT experts.

These are all designed to ensure packaging is correct the first time around and you can eliminate recalls and audits.

Life science companies

One of the last industries that BLUE focuses primarily on are the life sciences companies.

Due to the challenges these organizations encounter, it is important to adhere to regulatory requirements, collaborate across different teams, achieve time and cost savings, manage volumes of information and create compelling, promotional materials.

Thanks to BLUE’s state-of-the-art artwork management software, life sciences companies can now create accurate and updated labeling.

BLUE Homepage

BLUE Features

Here are the top features that BLUE provides to users of the platform:

Workflow management

This feature has sub-features that allow users a wide range of functionalities and tools to ensure the productivity and effectiveness of their workflow.

Here, it becomes easier to oversee projects, analyze performance, modify timelines and identify bottlenecks clogging the system.

Additionally, you can also work with email notifications, approval coordination, task milestones and a full audit trail.

Online proofing

Online proofing refers to a process that can be difficult to understand, especially if you don’t have the right tools. It deals with multiple stakeholders, which makes it a crucial part of the label and artwork development.

Just as the name suggests, it assists several people in viewing and proofing high-resolution and bandwidth-intensive files. This feature comes with sub-features such as multi-lingual annotations, browser-based proofing and a “deep zoom” feature that reaches up to 6,400%.

You also have the ability to “text compare” files to reduce any errors and improve the quality of your work.

Digital asset manager

A digital asset manager refers to a feature in BLUE that simplifies the complex processes behind marketing and legal content.

Since you’re catering to different audiences in a large market, you’ll need an effective tool that helps you store, access, manage, organize and distribute large volumes of digital assets.

You also get to work with copy management, drag-and-drop edit, exports, flexible metadata tags and a powerful filtering and search engine.

Business intelligence

When it comes to business intelligence, BLUE offers a wide range of features that help you better understand the strongest and weakest points of your management process.

With this asset in your platform, you’re given access to several features such as a rich and interactive user interface, a secure environment to store your extensive data, drill-down capability and a rich library filled with interactive visualizations.

The last feature helps you identify recurrent patterns and anomalies. It also works with advanced tools such as geo-mapping, bubble charts and heat grids.

BLUE benefits

BLUE also provides users of the platform with many benefits that can help improve management and production processes, including:

Better production processes

The production process relies on several important aspects, such as a large storage space for your digital assets, feature-rich user interface and timely approval stamps from key people. Using BLUE, companies can see better production processes and workflows.

Simplified workflow

BLUE ensures everything is simplified and efficient, as users don’t have to go through different platforms just to stay on the same page with everybody else.

Being a comprehensive platform, users will find all the features and tools needed to effectively manage their workflow.

They also benefit from powerful features such as digital asset manager, business intelligence, online proofing and workflow management.

All of these help in shaping a purposeful and effective solution to your production and packaging needs.

BLUE Homepage

BLUE Pricing

Two simple packages are available in BLUE. Both of them provide sought-out features such as collaboration, project coordination, artwork management and transparency between all stakeholders involved.

However, BLUE doesn’t outline the exact prices of their packages. You can still contact them for a quotation or schedule a demo.

In line with this, here are the two packages:


The first plan is perfect for those individuals or small businesses in need of tools to facilitate real-time label and artwork collaboration across different platforms and divisions.

This package has standard proofing, file versioning, custom notifications, task assignment and unlimited external collaborators. You can also compare different cycles of your projects, review tasks and assignments and get approval stamps for each sector of your work.

Available add-ons can also be included in this plan. If you want, you can check out the digital asset manager or advanced proofing features if you feel like you need those two tools.

The first one helps in storing approved files somewhere you don’t have to worry about the wrong hands getting a hold of them. The second one, on the other hand, helps separate compare files and check the quality using color separations, QR testing, barcode and extended annotation types.


Enterprise has all the tools and functionalities in the previous plan. It provides a custom environment where you get to work with a configurable label and artwork management solution.

Everything from enhanced audition, proofing, advanced workflow scripting down to integration adapters, video proofing, BLUE connect API and a dedicated account manager are all available in this package.

Additionally, you’re given access to a customizable support site, custom services team and a single-sign-on tool.


BLUE is all about simplifying the processes behind label and artwork management software solutions.

This means you’re working with top-tier tools and features such as online proofing tools, automated workflow templates and extensive digital asset management.

You don’t have to worry about understanding the complexities and complications of working with large volumes of digital assets since BLUE helps untangle and clarify any problems you might be dealing with.

You can also expect to produce higher quality products, as BLUE features a single, centralized interface where people in the same team or even from different departments can come together and proofread their current projects.

At the end of the day, BLUE knows how challenging it can be to produce large volumes of products without the right tools so it offers these tools in the form of a cloud-based software solution that simplifies the packaging process. 

BLUE Product Overview

Languages Supported: English

BLUE Features

  • API
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Pixel Graphics
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Vector File Support
  • Video
  • Product Catalog
  • Shipping Management
  • Order management
  • SAP Integration
  • Status Notifications
  • Warehouse Management


Does BLUE offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

BLUE offers multi-user capabilities.

Who are the main user groups of BLUE?

Small, medium, and enterprise level marketing, retail, CPG and life sciences organizations.

Does BLUE offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

BLUE offers customers guides, tutorials, and customer support.

What are some applications BLUE is commonly used in tandem with?

You can seamlessly leverage BLUE’s advanced label and artwork management features and integrate with your existing MDM (Marketing Data Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), PLM (Product Lifecycle Management), and other mission-critical enterprise applications.

Does BLUE offer an API?

BLUE's fully-documented, REST-based web services enable you to easily create your own custom integrations with BLUE. Our API is built using the popular Swagger framework, making implementation easier and faster for your development team.

What is BLUE generally used for?

BLUE Software simplifies the complexity of label and artwork management.

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