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BigMailer, a powerful and affordable email marketing platform integrated with Amazon SES, enables users to easily run different types of campaigns using bulk, drip or transactional emails.

Amazon SES is considered as one of the cheapest email services offered in the current market, a key reason that Bigmailer is able to provide simple, low pricing for the system. It helps people in tracking bounced emails, sending emails through API or SMTP servers and storing files with S3 (an object storage service platform). BigMailer’s integration with these email services also gives it an advantage over other traditional email service providers since it doesn’t have to manage a large network of IP addresses and servers.

BigMailer’s core functionalities include a drag-and-drop email builder, built-in brand and account management as well as the ability to create unlimited contact lists. With its user-friendly interface, it becomes easier to view the number of contacts within campaigns and detailed metrics on recipient engagement such as opens and clicks. This makes it easy to know how certain brands and campaigns are performing at a glance. Review

BigMailer Features

Unlimited brands and users

This feature is one of the most-sought out tools you’ll find in BigMailer since you’ll be able to add unlimited brands from your dashboard. In this solution, brands refer to websites, products and clients. You can categorize them accordingly, making these categories easier to manage. It also lets you invite and manage users to view these brands. They are given their own roles that have varying levels of control over these brands. Examples of these roles are brand or campaign managers and administrators.

Unlimited lists

Lists are different from brands since you can define them based on their collection source. What this means is you’ll be able to create unlimited lists according to signup forms, subscriber roles or even manual exports. Your lists can be exported with engagement data, allowing you to see details regarding opens, clicks, complaints, bounces and unsubscribes.

Custom templates and a drag-and-drop builder

Another feature you get to enjoy from BigMailer is its two template editors—a classic HTML editor and a drag-and-drop builder. The first option lets you load and edit existing branded templates. This can be done through a simple editor or some changes made in the HTML code. The second option lets you build mobile-optimized templates without requiring any technical or graphic design background.

BigMailer email marketing

BigMailer Benefits

Administrating message types

With BigMailer, you can define message types into different categories such as newsletters, special offers and product updates. Having message types lets your audience decide the kind of emails they want to receive from you. If they’re not interested in product updates but want to check out special offers, they can choose to opt-out of updates but remain subscribed to the offers.

Strategic categorization

BigMailer lets you segment and categorize your lists and campaigns based on your own custom-defined columns. You can create them according to how well an email’s been engaged (whether it’s been clicked on and opened), where most of your audience live and the last time people have logged in. Through proper segmentation and categorization, you can focus your campaigns on specific areas or demographics.

Geo-location functionalities

This solution lets you target your marketing campaigns at specific locations. A feature implemented in BigMailer allows businesses to import IP addresses every time a customer uses the sign-up forms. These addresses are then converted into the top five locations where you should focus your campaigns on, as this is where the majority of your audience resides. drag and drop templates

BigMailer Pricing

BigMailer offers three pricing packages, all with varying levels of functionalities. It presents low prices and powerful tools in its arsenal. All plans have similar tools and features. Once subscribed, you’ll get to enjoy the following benefits: unlimited brands, lists, image hosting, templates, web forms, custom send addresses and users. Additional benefits include custom domains, access to campaign types and customization in the unsubscribe page.


In Startup, you’ll find BigMailer’s basic features. You can send up to 10,000 emails per month and access 1 SES account. Also, you won’t be able to remove the BigMailer branding on the unsubscribe page and email footers.


When you subscribe to the Business plan, the pricing is simple—for every 1,000 contacts you store, you’ll pay $1 per month. Compared to the first plan, you can access 10 SES accounts and have the BigMailer branding removed from your pages. This gives your site a more personalized look and feel. Additionally, you’ll get to benefit from priority support, free setup assistance and an annual pre-pay discount.


In the Agency plan, the price is customized to what your business requires. Without a fixed price, users must contact the sales team for a quotation. Its most notable features include unlimited emails and unlimited SES accounts. This allows businesses and organizations to enhance their email services since you are no longer limited by the solution itself. Additional features include volume discounts, advanced reporting and a White Label option, which gives to the freedom to customize logos and URLs to suit your brand.

Once you select your plan, you’ll be immediately charged. If you miscalculate the number of contacts you need and go over the contacts limit, you won’t be able to send campaigns for a temporary period. A contact refers to a unique email address to be stored in the platform. In line with this, it’s best to know the accurate number of customers you’ll allow for sign-ups.

For agencies or for any person managing a multitude of products and brands, you can subscribe to BigMailer’s low pricing plan. This means you can have your first 5,000 contacts for free and then have every 1,000 contacts per month priced at $1. You’ll get to experience features such as account management, unlimited lists, drag-and-drop builder and white label email marketing.

For non-profit organizations, BigMailer offers unlimited lists without extra costs and custom templates. You’ll benefit a 20% discount and have your first 5,000 contacts for free. Then, afterward, you’ll be priced $1 per 1,000 contacts monthly. Additional advantages include a smart opt-out page and weekly check-ins with an account manager.


Instead of manually sending out redundant emails to the same group of people at different periods, users can rely on BigMailer to make email marketing easier. Its powerful features, automated processes and limitless features allow businesses to effectively handle campaigns. It also helps them to keep track and stay updated with engagement metrics behind each email sent.

With BigMailer, you can navigate and experiment through different email campaigns—automation, bulk, drop, transactional and auto-responders. You don’t want to send emails that seem like spam for your customers so it’s crucial to adjust your marketing campaigns accordingly. You can send out emails based on different demographics such as location, age and the type of actions your customers did with the emails. With this solution, you can provide dynamic and unique messages to your audience, which helps to drive engagement and minimize unsubscribes.

Overall, BigMailer is an affordable and cost-effective email marketing platform. Each email template can be customized and multiple brands and client accounts are made easier with this solution. Moreover, you’re given an array of unlimited tools that can enhance management related to users, brands, emails and more. At the end of the day, email marketing becomes optimized and boosted, positively affecting your overall ROI.

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