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What is Auto Shutdown Manager?

Enterprise class, centrally managed remote PC shutdown and global WOL solution. Comes with own WOL Proxies even for Raspberries and a SCCM bridge. Get a free 45 days trial!

Key features at a glance:

Reliable Wake Up: Wake on LAN and local Wake Timers

Machines can be awoken from sleep via a timer, or via Wake on LAN from a central server. Auto Shutdown Manager supports so-called local broadcasts and directed broadcasts, as well as WoL proxies, thus making Wake on LAN highly reliable across different networks, VLANs, and even the Internet.

WoL office PCs from remote sites

A free tool called Wake on WAN Client (WoW Client) allows remote workers to wake their office PCs from remote locations, such as the home office or when at a customer’s site.

Idle Shutdown Timer

The Idle Shutdown Timer can be made dependent on running applications or the utilization of background processes, as well as on almost any other system component such as network throughput, CPU, or HDD load, and even the sound level of the microphone if desired. This ensures maximum savings by avoiding unwanted shutdowns.

Scheduled and Remote Shutdown

A shutdown can be programmed for any time or at different times, such as shutting down daily at 11 pm or rebooting every Friday night at 2 am. A remote shutdown can be executed by the server or via an admin PC at any time.

Save Documents and Flexible Shutdowns

Not only can the shutdown mode be selected flexibly for different times– such as standby, hibernating, restarting or powering off depending on the day or time, it can also be set to save open documents automatically before the shutdown is executed.

Client Server Mode

Auto Shutdown Manager can operate as a standalone installation or in a client-server mode. An Auto Shutdown Manager Server can manage thousands of clients: It can manage their settings by groups, policies, WoL schedules, maintenance plans, statistics, and much more. This allows for the easy and reliable management of thousands of clients from a single central place.

Plugin for Microsoft SCCM

The Plugin supports all shutdown commands, as well as WoL for individual PCs, or for collections directly from the SCCM Console. You can find more details here.


Auto Shutdown Manager is being used by hundreds of thousands of power users, universities, schools and colleges, small, medium and large enterprises, some Fortune 500 companies, and government agencies all over the world. Have a quick look at our customer examples here.

Resulting Benefits:

  • Enables immediate energy savings.
  • Proven solution used by hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all over the world since 2007.
  • Comes as a complete solution with a Central Management Console

User-centric solution:

  • Saves open documents automatically before shutting down the PC
  • Prevents screensavers during presentations
  • No interruptions of productive users and systems
  • No negative impact on business
  • Delays idle shutdown as long as PCs are used or needed

Supports network-wide IT maintenance plans - starts selected PCs and keeps them running until finished.

  • Shutdown prevention within defined business hours.
  • Shutdown modes controllable by time patterns.
  • Wakes up (WoL) / shuts down local or remote PCs instantly on demand or on schedule.
  • Supports Active Directory Structures.
  • Supports scheduled and real-time actions such as the shutdown, restart, or wakeup of individual PCs or PC groups.
  • The “Global Managed / Local Executed” model supports connected and not always connected environments such as laptops, satellite or home offices, and staff on the road very well.
  • Idle Detection System - prevents unwanted shutdowns intelligently, even when not connected to the corporate network or outside of business hours.

Advanced Remote Wake up:

  • Wake on LAN / Wake on Internet supports WoL even over different IP Segments, VLANs, and the Internet. Uses own WoL Proxies (Windows and Java like Raspberry PI)
  • Extremely flexible and scalable – used in very large organizations and government agencies, as well as in SOHOs in mixed and heterogeneous environments.
  • Executed invisibly in the background, so users do not require user training.
  • Central savings, CO2, energy consumption, uptimes, and expense reports.
  • Easy - very low setup and operational costs – supports unattended mass deployment, provisioning, and central management
  • Supports Windows 10, 8.x, Windows 7, Vista, XP, WHS, Server 2016/CORE/2012R2/2008R2/2008/2003 in 32/64-Bit
  • And much more…

Auto Shutdown Manager currently scores 58/100 in the IT Service Management (ITSM) category. This is based on press buzz (31/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Auto Shutdown Manager gathered from around the web.

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  • Auto Shutdown Manager
  • Auto Shutdown Manager
  • Auto Shutdown Manager
  • Auto Shutdown Manager

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Auto Shutdown Manager Product Overview

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Auto Shutdown Manager FAQs

Does Auto Shutdown Manager integrate with any other apps?

Microsoft SCCM

Who are the main user groups of Auto Shutdown Manager?

  • CIO
  • IT Manager
  • IT Administrator

What platforms does Auto Shutdown Manager support?


What is Auto Shutdown Manager generally used for?

  • Wake On LAN
  • Saving Power
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