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Aritic PinPoint Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Marketing Automation Software Review Team

Aritic pinpoint is a primary component of the Aritic Automation Suite, which comes with Aritic Sales CRM, Aritic Mail and Aritic Desk. It’s a marketing automation solution designed to assist in acquiring potential leads and converting them into brand advocates.

The Aritic pinpoint software solution is based on four clear steps: attract, convert, close and delight. It focuses on helping to maximize your audience and optimize opportunities to improve your overall business performance. This solution is suitable for businesses such as start-ups, small to mid-sized companies and enterprises.

Its four-step process works like this:

  • Attract – the system makes use of content assets, social ads and search engine optimization to attract potential leads and prospective visitors.
  • Convert – this step basically tracks and monitors the activities of visitors to show relevant ads, search results and forms.
  • Close – this step lets you nurture leads using hyper-targeted automation campaigns in order to trigger the conversion process.
  • Delight – in order to convert the customers, this step focuses on tracking, monitoring and delighting customers with exclusive retention campaigns.

Aritic PinPoint Features

Aritic pinpoint comes with powerful features designed to improve your ability to convert leads, conduct marketing campaigns and integrate with other powerful applications. Its most notable features are as follows:

File manager

Having a web-based application lets you upload important data and information online. This means you’ll be able to properly manage and share images, assets and other files with other team members. It can also reduce the risk of users losing their files.


Since this system allows for integration, you can connect other applications to the system. As such, you can better conduct email marketing campaigns using your Gmail or integrate with Salesforce CRM to keep marketing and sales activities in sync.

Anonymous nurturing

This feature lets you track browser data and nurture anonymous visitors. This helps you capture their attention by showing them retargeted ads based on their initial interest.

Mobile automation

Mobile automation is critical in conducting SMS and push campaigns for mobile users. This is quite helpful in improving your relationship with your current customer base. Any news regarding discounts or special offers can be sent through this method. It also helps in delighting your customers with specific retention campaigns.

Social monitoring

Social monitoring is another core feature that allows you to track and monitor the performance of your social campaigns and advertisements. What this does is it helps in changing your strategies to better suit what your customers are more interested in. This can be integrated with Twitter and Facebook campaigns.


Customers lose interest fast. If you don’t immediately tend to their queries and questions, you can easily lose them as an interested brand advocate. To avoid this from happening, businesses make use of chatbots. They’re created to help nurture and retain visitors by answering their questions and capturing their details.

AriticPinPoint landing pages forms

Aritic PinPoint Benefits

With various marketing automation tools, users can reap several benefits from the Aritic pinpoint system. You can benefit from, streamlined processes and increased sales revenue, as well as a 24/7 customer support team. Furthermore, here are three key benefits users can receive from using Aritic pinpoint:

Enhanced lead capture

One of the main goals sales teams focus on is lead generation. They are tasked with capturing the attention of interested customers and potential clients and later converting them into brand advocates.

With Aritic pinpoint, you can easily create custom responsive embedded forms and landing pages. The solution is designed with a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you access to reliable lead capture tools and customization options for brand identity.

Additionally, if you don’t have the time to create landing pages or embedded forms from scratch, you can always make use of its available pre-made templates.

Multi-channel marketing campaigns

Having strong social media connections is critical in improving the way your business works. If you want to reach a wider audience and generate more leads, then you should make use of several online platforms to do so. Aritic pinpoint allows users to make use of email, social media channels and even SMS to reach customers better. The best part about this is that all channels can be monitored through a unified interface.

Robust leading scoring tools

Robust leading scoring tools refer to the ability to identify leads that are most likely to convert. This can greatly benefit you as more time can be spent tracking and monitoring the more important leads. It identifies these leads through several indicators such as their responses, interactions and engagements.

Aritic PinPoint lead scoring

Aritic PinPoint Pricing

Aritic pinpoint’s pricing plans differ according to the number of contacts and the specific payment plan you subscribe to. Payment plans can range from by month, by 12 months or by 24 months. Currently, it offers four pricing plans. They are as follows: Lite, Starter, Professional and Enterprise. The features and functionalities offered vary accordingly. However, if you’re not sure which pricing plan to get, you can always try its free trial version. Free trials are available for the first three plans with less than 500 contacts.

The Lite pricing plan can be priced monthly for $19 to $189 dollars. Its most notable features include marketing automation, deal CRM, sales pipeline, push notification campaigns, lead scoring, website tracking and more. However, it can only be available for one user. It’s best suited for marketing automation beginners.

The next pricing plan is Starter, whose price ranges from $79 to $399. It has all the features offered by the Lite but with additional tools. These tools include multi-channel drips, SMS campaigns (powered by Twilio), engagement scoring, lead source analytics, advanced email analytics, etc. Compared to Lite, two users can make use of this system. It’s perfect for growth-focused businesses.

The Professional pricing plan is the most popular one, widely used by several businesses and small companies. Its monthly price can range from $99 to $449. It has all the features and tools mentioned in Starter. However, more advanced functionalities such as marketing messages, dynamic content and Lead Ads integration for both Twitter and Facebook are made available as well. For advanced marketing professionals, this pricing plan is made just for you.

Lastly Aritic pinpoint offers the Enterprise pricing plan for businesses with high-performance requirements. It has everything from the Professional plan with powerful features such as ad analytics, enterprise single sign-on, lead enrichment, audit logs and mobile application publishing. Some add-ons are also made available. They include partner inbound success training, designated campaign support, priority access, developer support and uptime SLA.


If you’re looking for a software solution designed to automate your business funnel and streamline daily operations, then you should consider Aritic pinpoint. It’s a web-based software solution with prominent features and integration capabilities with popular applications like Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Gmail and more. It helps users in simplifying the marketing process and increasing sales revenue.

All digital marketing needs and requirements can be addressed in a single platform, including segmentation filters, analytics and lead scoring to name a few. With this solution, you can effectively nurture leads, convert them into brand advocates, conduct drip campaigns and analyze your performance afterward.

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