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Acuity Scheduling Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Appointment Systems Software Review Team

An in-depth look at Acuity scheduling appointment systems software solution

Acuity Scheduling is a web-based appointment systems software solution that enables users, specifically entrepreneurs and small business owners, to effectively manage their schedules and appointments online. This particular software system is tailored to meet the needs of small- to medium-sized enterprises and solo entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers.

The scheduling platform boasts user-friendly scheduling and notification tools that ensure a quick and easy process, whether you’re setting or updating schedules or trying to make sure you don’t miss an appointment with a client.

What the software does and how it works

Acuity Scheduling allows users to automate the process of booking appointments through solutions that facilitate time management. Managing schedules, keeping up with appointments, figuring out your availability—it’s all about managing your time effectively. The software solution makes this possible by providing a real-time view of the user’s available time.

The platform is capable of syncing calendars according to time zones to avoid scheduling conflicts and to make sure you don’t miss a conference call with clients overseas. The scheduling software also sends regular alerts to remind users of an upcoming appointment.

Acuity Scheduling is a scheduling solution packed with a set of features that elevate its utility from a mere scheduling service to so much more. Some of its highly functional features include:

  • 24/7 Online Appointment Scheduling – Your clients can book appointments any time they want on any device. They can schedule an appointment either on your professional website or an Acuity Scheduling page.
  • Online Payments Integration – With this software solution, you have the ability to accept payments for appointments through safe and secure means.
  • App Integration – Acuity Scheduling is designed to integrate well with other applications like WordPress, MailChimp, Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Joomla, QuickBooks, Zapier, Google Analytics, PayPal and many more.

These are just a few of the many features that come with Acuity Scheduling, making it way more than just your typical scheduling software solution.

Acuity Scheduling Review

Acuity Scheduling Appointment Systems Software – The Benefits

Acuity Scheduling effectively eliminates, or at least reduces, scheduling conflicts and mix-ups by implementing a robust cloud-based platform that has the ability to adjust or adapt automatically according to specific circumstances like time zones and the user’s available free time.

With this software solution, users can easily set up or adjust appointments more effectively. Their clients will find it easier to cancel or reschedule appointments as per their convenience. Acuity Scheduling is essentially a planner that can do a lot more—way more.

It has a simplistic yet robust software design.

Acuity Scheduling has a simple design but is packed with powerful features and tools that allow users to manage their appointments and schedules more effectively. The best thing about this software solution is the intuitive design. Your clients can access a real-time view of your calendar, choose a vacant slot that works for them and set up an appointment.

There is also a payment option should clients choose to pay for the service in advance, saving you a ton of time and effort doing administrative and point-of-sale tasks while juggling a very busy schedule. With this software, you can focus more on actually honoring your appointments and making money, instead of cracking the puzzle of how to can fit each and every client into your calendar.

You are in control of your entire calendar.

The software lets you manage multiple locations and/or employees with minimal effort. Take full control of your availability by controlling which calendar your clients can access. So you want to leave your Friday afternoons open? No problem, just block it out so no one will be able to book appointments during that time.

This scheduling solution is not just for scheduling. The software also allows you to collect all the information you need about the client once they book an appointment online. You can create customizable intake forms for your clients to fill up when they book an appointment. These forms can be designed easily, according to the services you are offering.

It’s a great scheduling solution for businesses of all sizes.

Acuity Scheduling is designed for SMEs, solo entrepreneurs, freelance service providers and large-scale enterprises who need a proper and robust scheduling solution.

Regardless of the size of your company, the number of appointments you receive each week or the amount of business you are getting, this software solution has the tools and features that can facilitate your scheduling needs in a practical and effective way.

Price rates for Acuity Scheduling subscription

Acuity Scheduling offers four subscription choices for interested parties. They also offer a 14-day free trial so you can get a better grasp of how the service works and how its features and tools fit into your business processes. Here are the details on their subscription plans:

Freebie – It’s completely free

  • Solo user
  • Free sign up

Emerging Entrepreneur – $10 per month

  • 1 calendar for one person at one location
  • Advanced features

Growing Business – $19 per month

  • Up to 6 calendars included (staff/locations)
  • Advanced features
  • Text messaging

Powerhouse Player – $34 per month

  • Up to 36 calendars included (staff/locations)
  • Advanced features
  • Text messaging

You may visit the vendor’s official website for a complete breakdown of the features and services that come with each paid subscription plan.

The Bottom Line

Acuity Scheduling is a feature-rich cloud-based scheduling solution designed to help you manage your calendar, your clients and booking schedules more effectively. It is a robust system with great utility and user-friendly features. You should try the free plan to find out more about the software.

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