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Aconex Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Construction Software Review Team

Aconex is a cloud-based operation management solution designed to help manage project-related information as well as processes among companies on complicated construction and engineering projects.

The Aconex operation/construction management software is a crucial element of Oracle’s construction and engineering cloud platform. It effectively connects various teams on the world’s biggest engineering and construction projects. The application is tailored to facilitate the management of project or construction-related processes and their corresponding data. It features a variety of tools that support construction company owners, project management consultants, engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) firms as well as private contractors.

Aconex’s different features and capabilities allow users to collaborate more effectively on various projects and manage their operational data, documents and even costs with total visibility at every stage of the project lifecycle. Oracle’s Aconex construction management platform is equipped several functionalities that include workflow automation, document management, handover management, project correspondence control, issue management and bid management.

The cloud-based platform also comes with building information modeling (BIM) file management and process control, field inspections, as well as the ability to create and manage digital operations and maintenance manuals. Since Aconex is cloud-hosted, it empowers project teams around the world, including their individual members, to produce as well as review project-related documents and files and other relevant information from virtually any location or time zone. These might include drawings, 3D models, RFIs (request for information), contracts, reports, etc.

Aconex provides a real-time dashboard that enables users to effectively set their key performance indicators (KPIs) and keep track of all essential tasks and activities from a single unified screen. The operation management solution is also capable of supporting third-party integrations, resulting in users having the ability to easily sync pertinent data in multiple applications at the same time.

Aconex is designed to support engineering and construction projects across a wide variety of industry segments. However, this all-in-one operation management platform is mainly geared towards general and government contractors, oil and gas companies, power and utility, mining, heavy construction businesses, highway and infrastructure construction firms, engineers, architects, developers and asset owners.

Aconex features

Construction firms, contractors and other businesses that deal with architectural and engineering projects on a regular basis can turn to Oracle’s Aconex if they’re looking to improve their operational efficiency and productivity. The following are some of the core features that users can rely on when implementing this cloud-hosted, all-in-one operation/construction management platform:

Document management

One of Aconex’s main features is the document management software. This feature is specifically tailored for the construction and engineering sectors. The software offers organizations and all partners convenient access to all existing as well as current documentations related to their past and ongoing projects, such as contracts, BIM models, drawings and so on. The platform’s document management solution is equipped with tools for drawing management, transmittals and document distribution.

Aconex’s document management software enables you and your team to efficiently manage all project documentations regardless of size or file type. The tool also allows custom permissions, which can be set on a per-document basis. This adds security and accountability to the document management process since only those with the appropriate reason to edit or modify the document can actually gain access to it. The version control function ensures everyone involved in the project are always up-to-date as far as project documentation is concerned.

Workflow management and project controls

The workflow management feature is designed to help users with reducing the complexity of their workflows, improving the collecting or capturing process of pertinent data and solidifying control via process automation. The software also allows for customizable workflows, which gives users the ability to import successful custom workflows directly into the Aconex dashboard.

The project control function empowers users in obtaining detailed and accurate views when it comes to the performance of their ongoing projects, specifically performance related to design, schedule, cost, as well as the potential effects of the possible changes or modifications conducted to any of the aforementioned project areas.

BIM and model management solutions

Building information modeling (BIM) and general model management solutions are offered by Oracle’s Aconex construction management platform, providing a truly universal data environment to help simplify key construction and project management processes. The software allows for cross-discipline collaboration, with interoperability with other third-party solutions. The collaborative features and tools enable individual team members to access and view project models, modify as well as annotate them.

The cloud-hosted platform also allows for better coordination among different teams and their individual members. This in turn ensures better and more reliable feedback when it comes to key model changes, as well as a quicker turnaround on modifications, resulting in a much more efficient project development and management process.

Tools for quality and safety processes

For quality and safety processes, Aconex gives users the ability to create their own custom health and safety checklists, punch lists, etc. This is to make sure project/construction sites remain in compliance with all industry regulations and health and safety standards. With Aconex’s quality and safety tools, construction firms, engineering teams, contractors and other users can easily capture problem data as they arise. They have the power to customize the issue tracking process in order to focus on key aspects that require more improvement.

The quality and safety feature is also designed to help standardize and automate all field-based tasks and processes. Through such functions and capabilities, field teams can expedite inspection times, ensure accountability and reduce the occurrence of delays due to different factors.

Budget automation and cost management

Aconex gives you the ability to leverage both cost performance index (CPI) and schedule performance index (SPI) for a more accurate and reliable cost forecasting. The cloud-hosted platform also automates the billing process in order to save time for your team and mitigate potential human errors. With variance analysis, you and your stakeholders can acquire great visibility into the performance of your ongoing projects.

The cost management solution allows you to efficiently monitor your project and portfolio performance, again through variance analysis. Real-time cost tracking is also available through this feature. Ultimately, Aconex’s cost management solution gives you great visibility into your project outcomes, budgets and forecasts, which allows you and your team to take proactive and corrective actions to ensure the desired outcomes of projects.

Oracle Aconex Dashboard

Aconex Benefits

The key benefits of Oracle’s Aconex construction management platform are its robust but easy to use core project management tools and applications, as well as its well-optimized mobile support that helps ensure flexibility and productivity. However, there are other benefits you can expect from this all-in-one, cloud-based operation management solution.

Versatile and well suited for multiple industries

Aconex is a powerful construction management solution that offers enough versatility to support construction and engineering projects, regardless of size or industry. In fact, this cloud-hosted platform is implemented by a multitude of construction firms and contractors in the field of mining, power and utilities, oil and gas, heavy construction companies, highway and infrastructure and many more. Every single one of its users relies on Aconex to deliver a more efficient and sustainable management process for ensuring desirable construction and engineering project outcomes.

Provide greater visibility for your clients

The Oracle Aconex operation management solution greatly benefits users in the sense that it can deliver much quicker turnaround times as well as reduce the risk of disputes, while at the same time enhancing different crucial areas of ongoing projects. In addition, the platform has the ability to give users complete visibility that they can then share with their clients, which should provide the assistance necessary to control risks as well as identify potential problems within the project that may result in delays and added expenses.

Ensures transparency

Aconex is also equipped with the right tools and functionalities to help you make crucial business decisions. With detailed progress reports, you can make data driven decisions across tough and complicated projects that involve multiple independent parties and stakeholders. The software also helps you and your team successfully complete projects on time and on budget, since it allows for full transparency by removing, or at least minimizing the occurrence of errors and inconsistencies right from the beginning of the project development process.

Greater accessibility

Oracle Aconex is available through mobile and software-as-a-service (SaaS). With this combination, construction firms and contractors will have the ability to manage key processes and related data more efficiently and accurately on construction and engineering projects. Team members can easily access the platform from any location at any time, using their laptop, smartphone or tablet. The all-in-one solution can also be implemented as a project-wide suite that offers tools and functionalities that help ensure actionable insights and allows full control over complex projects with multiple stakeholders.

Aconex Pricing

Oracle has not publicly provided any pricing information for the Aconex project delivery and construction management platform. Interested parties will need to contact the vendor’s sales team to ask for a quote and to inquire about the pricing options.


Oracle Aconex is considered by many industry experts as one of the most robust and complete platforms designed for construction and engineering projects. It is an all-in-one, cloud-hosted solution that allows general contractors to effortlessly access the project information they need when trying to coordinate core processes and tasks across consultants, project leaders/managers, subcontractors as well as their clients. The software is designed to facilitate workflows and ensure efficiency and productivity across all projects.

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