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800.com Reviewed

Editors' Review by the VoIP Software Review Team

800.com is a telephony, call tracking, and phone number service provider that enables businesses to find and activate toll-free and vanity numbers that comply with FCC regulations.

800.com is a feature-rich business phone number service with lots of features and capabilities that go beyond providing various toll-free or vanity phone numbers for companies and enterprises. It gives users within an organization the ability to view the name and phone number of callers as well as identify forwarded calls through an integrated caller identification system. The service offers a wide variety of features, including voicemail transcriptions, data archiving, call screening, automated alerts, simultaneous or sequential call forwarding, and analytics.

With this service provider, businesses of all sizes can leverage their capabilities to manage and optimize their customer interactions using call routing, text messaging, and professional greetings on a robust and fully integrated platform. Like any standard phone service, this solution also allows users to forward inbound calls to designated numbers as well as block specific numbers and spam calls, improving the overall productivity of individual staff members and teams.

800.com enables businesses to receive alerts and notifications for voice messages through their registered email or SMS number. The solution can also be configured to deliver voice messages as an email attachment. The 800.com platform comes with a call forwarding feature that allows users to redirect inbound calls automatically to a designated phone number within the organization. Executives and admins can then use the app to either reject or block inbound calls, organize voicemails, and generate detailed reports.

Finally, 800.com’s robust system allows businesses to record calls for data retrieval and training purposes. The system will automatically store the call records in a central repository. 800.com is ideal for small businesses and startups in any industry that want to manage multiple toll-free lines within a secure, unified platform. The service is also suitable for entrepreneurs looking to manage and optimize their SMS marketing campaigns using mass/bulk texting, message automation, and other useful tools.

800.com Features

First off, 800.com follows the rules and regulations put forth by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) when it comes to securing and utilizing toll-free or vanity numbers for business purposes, thus allowing number porting. The service provider offers quite a few features and capabilities in its platform, designed to help you handle inbound and outbound calls as well as manage your SMS marketing campaigns.

The solution allows you to receive calls directly from the company landline via call forwarding, or you can simply use your web browser or the mobile app to receive and manage calls. 800.com offers access to a variety of solutions for call forwarding, ensuring the security and efficiency of receiving all incoming business calls. For instance, the standard call forwarding function will automatically direct inbound calls to a single phone line or through the mobile numbers of designated users. The simultaneous call forwarding function, on the other hand, will notify multiple phone numbers all at once.

In addition to standard and simultaneous call forwarding, the 800.com platform also comes with a sequential call forwarding feature. Upon receiving an inbound call, the system will notify individual phone lines and mobile numbers according to a predetermined order that is based on priority or availability. The service also has a voicemail feature that is offered on all subscription plans. It allows you to configure the voicemail settings in accordance with your operating hours. You can even set up and upload custom greetings for callers.

The following are some of the more niche features offered by 800.com:

Keyword spotting and call transcription capabilities

800.com’s keyword spotting feature is designed to identify predefined words and phrases within call transcripts. This will enable you and your team to take the appropriate course of action. Call transcripts are generated automatically by the system to provide actionable insights into the performance of your staff members and the quality of service that your customer support agents are providing. The data that you can gather from call transcripts can be used to optimize your training initiatives.

Voicemail transcription tools

800.com’s voicemail transcription feature allows you to capture the more important details from voicemails left by your customers, so you can make the right decisions and take action. Having access to voicemail transcripts also allows you to share important messages with colleagues, customer service teams, and other stakeholders. You can share voicemail transcripts via email or SMS messaging, which is more efficient and less time-consuming compared to listening to audio files and having to jot down notes.

Conversion tracking capabilities

800.com allows you to generate unique toll-free phone numbers that support multiple marketing channels. Referred to as dynamic number insertion, this feature facilitates the monitoring process associated with measuring the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, allowing you to develop more efficient marketing strategies. The platform also gives you the ability to label individual calls as a successful conversion, an existing customer or lead, or a missed call. This allows you to more accurately measure or calculate the returns on your marketing initiatives.

SMS API and other extensibility tools

800.com offers an API that gives businesses the option to integrate SMS messaging into existing company phone numbers, regardless of whether the number is local, toll-free or VoIP based. The platform also comes with other extensibility tools such as picture messaging, delivery receipts, character set support, long-form text, and two-way texting. The system is also equipped with anti-spam safeguards to ensure the integrity and security of text messages.

800.com Benefits

800.com is a cloud-based call tracking and telephony platform that specializes in providing toll-free and vanity phone numbers for individuals and businesses, allowing them to improve and optimize their customer interactions. The provider offers a host of services that are related to toll-free numbers, such as custom vanity numbers, call forwarding and tracking, personalized greetings, text messaging, and advanced call routing functions.

The following are some of the main benefits of 800.com:

User-friendly interface

The 800.com premium platform has a simple but intuitive user interface that is designed to simplify processes, particularly the management of large inventories of business phone numbers. This makes the service very useful and cost-effective for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs. The user interface is also easy to navigate, with several options in the menu bar that are easy to understand. It has a detailed layout but is not overwhelming.

Easy setup process

With 800.com, the setup process is quick and easy, with convenient number selection. The service is set up so that businesses and individual users can effortlessly find the numbers that are best suited to their specific requirements. The service allows them to establish their telecommunications systems with as few issues as possible.

Integrated text messaging

800.com provides businesses with an all-in-one solution, allowing them to take full advantage of the benefits that only a complete telecommunications platform can deliver, including an integrated SMS messaging system. With seamless SMS messaging integration, organizations can greatly improve their communication capabilities, streamline their operations, boost their marketing campaigns, and optimize their brand’s interactions with customers.

Advanced contact marketing capabilities

800.com is a telephony, call tracking, and phone number service provider that offers a broad range of advanced features and capabilities. Some of these features include sentiment analysis, keyword spotting, and number reporting. The platform’s advanced call marketing solutions give businesses the ability to further refine their operations, SMS campaigns, and marketing strategies. They also enable users to capture meaningful insights from multiple customer interactions.

Excellent customer service

800.com offers a variety of channels for customer service, ensuring that businesses and individuals will easily find the assistance or answers they need regarding the service. For instance, the provider has a help desk portal within its website that contains how-to guides for utilizing the service and maximizing its functionalities. This self-service portal encompasses a broad range of topics, including how to get started with the platform, how to set up an account, managing and organizing call routing rules, managing inboxes, and sending SMS messages in bulk.

The 800.com website also has a request submission service where you are given the opportunity to describe the specific details of your request as well as upload all related files.

800.com Pricing

800.com has flexible and affordable pricing with no setup fees. You have a choice of three subscription plans: Personal Monthly, Unlimited, and Pro Monthly. The Personal Monthly plan has a starting price of $23/month for up to 1,000 call minutes per month and one toll-free number. The Unlimited Monthly plan starts at $59/month. It has unlimited call minutes and comes with one toll-free number.

The Pro Monthly option, on the other hand, starts at $149/month for up to 5,000 call minutes per month, unlimited seats, and up to five toll-free numbers. All subscription plans include most of the core features, such as call recording, voicemail transcription, texting, call screening, analytics, API and webhook access, voicemail boxes, standard call forwarding, as well as sequential and simultaneous call forwarding.


800.com is a simple but comprehensive business phone solution tailored for small businesses, startups, and solo entrepreneurs. It offers a wide variety of toll-free and vanity numbers on top of a host of features and capabilities. The platform will greatly benefit any small business looking to optimize its telecommunications system and marketing efforts. The service can help improve customer interaction with robust call forwarding, tracking, and analytics features.

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