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Product Data Workflow Automation. Customizable & scalable with high service levels. On-prem or in the cloud. Talk to an expert now.

Conquer Your Data Challenges with 4ALLPORTAL

Is managing and distributing data a constant struggle for your company? You're not alone. In today's digital world, businesses of all sizes, from retailers to manufacturers and service providers, grapple with complex data needs. 4ALLPORTAL can help.

Streamline Your Data Operations and Boost Efficiency

4ALLPORTAL is a powerful software solution designed to simplify data management and distribution. Its modular structure allows you to tailor the platform to your specific needs, whether you want to:

  • Centralize and manage product information: Ensure consistency and accuracy across all channels with our Product Information Management (PIM).
  • Organize and streamline digital assets: Simplify storage, retrieval, and sharing of marketing materials, product images, and other digital files with our Digital Asset Management (DAM).
  • Boost brand consistency and marketing agility: Create professional marketing materials in seconds with our user-friendly Brandshop.
  • Improve collaboration and communication: Break down departmental silos and foster seamless teamwork across your organization.

Here's what you can expect with 4ALLPORTAL:

  • Reduced errors and improved data quality: Eliminate inconsistencies and ensure everyone has access to the latest information.
  • Saved time and resources: Find information and assets faster, freeing up valuable time and resources for other tasks.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction: Deliver consistent and error-free product information, leading to happier customers.
  • Increased employee productivity: Automate repetitive tasks and streamline workflows, boosting employee morale and efficiency.
  • Data-driven decision making: Gain access to accurate and centralized data to make informed business decisions.

Built to Scale and Grow with Your Business

4ALLPORTAL is designed to scale alongside your business. Easily add new modules or customize existing ones to meet your evolving needs. Our team of experts is also here to provide ongoing support and guidance, ensuring you get the most out of the platform.

Ready to experience the 4ALLPORTAL difference?

  • Explore interactive product tours: Get a firsthand look at how 4ALLPORTAL can work for you.
  • Try it yourself with a free 30-day trial: Put 4ALLPORTAL to the test and see the benefits firsthand.
  • Get personalized support: Our dedicated team is always available to answer your questions and guide you through the process.

Don't let complex data management hold your business back. Take control with 4ALLPORTAL and unlock a new era of efficiency and growth.

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4ALLPORTAL currently scores 86/100 in the Product Information Management (PIM) category. This is based on user satisfaction (96/100), press buzz (26/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on 4ALLPORTAL gathered from around the web.

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Editors' Review by the Product Information Management (PIM) Software Review Team

4ALLPORTAL is a comprehensive platform that offers two main products, digital asset management (DAM) and product information management (PIM), tailored to the customer’s unique corporate requirements.

4ALLPORTAL offers both DAM and PIM solutions to help businesses and organizations gather, manage and share all their digital assets in a more efficient manner from virtually anywhere. Each 4ALLPORTAL is fully customized based on the client’s corporate needs and the challenges they are facing. The individualization aspect of 4ALLPORTAL is made possible by its global implementation partners as well as its internal development team, which is ensured by a dedicated contact person from within the manufacturer’s side and the diverse 4ALLPORTAL community.

4ALLPORTAL’s digital asset management and product information management solutions are well-suited for small and midsize companies and large enterprises in need of a fully customizable and scalable platform that is flexible enough to easily adapt to industry-specific digital assets, making any workflow that involves data and file management and distribution more efficient and secure. It is also ideal for businesses that manage a lot of digital assets and just want a robust solution that can help them manage and organize their data more conveniently.

This digital asset management solution is invaluable to most sales and marketing teams, as well as communications and product managers looking to simplify the way they manage and share their digital content.

With a customized 4ALLPORTAL, companies can use it as a hub for managing, querying and sharing digital files and other content. They can also leverage the solution to create more streamlined workflows and automate specific tasks that are repetitive and time-consuming, so teams can focus on improving creativity and productivity instead. 4ALLPORTAL is available as a cloud-hosted solution, using failsafe Kubernetes clusters, or as an on-premise platform hosted on the customer’s servers.


4ALLPORTAL is a robust data management solution that facilitates digital asset management and product information management for businesses of all sizes, across a wide variety of industries. It provides a whole host of features and tools to help customers in the effective and channel-neutral management process of all their digital assets.

The DAM software allows for the most effective and practical asset preparation process. It aids corporate teams and departments by serving as a comprehensive database for products, marketing and sales management. 4ALLPORTAL is equipped with modern file management tools that are capable of automating and streamlining several key tasks and processes.

The following are some of the key features and capabilities that one can expect from 4ALLPORTAL digital asset management:

Marketing resource management

4ALLPORTAL’s marketing resource management feature is all about helping companies optimize and improve their marketing workflows and make them more efficient, so they will have more time and energy to focus on strategic marketing and other important activities. This is especially significant to most marketing and product managers handling complex campaigns that require the creation and organization of high-quality content.

The platform’s marketing resource management module supports more than a hundred different file formats, meaning users should have no problem opening, organizing and sharing different file types to use for their sales and marketing campaigns. Typically, marketing managers will often keep multiple tools to view and edit different file types. With 4ALLPORTAL’s marketing resource management tool, they don’t need to keep as many tools. They just need the one from 4ALLPORTAL.

With the marketing resource management tool, users can generate nice previews with media reproduction, which is compatible with every file format used in digital media. They also have the ability to edit and add comments on documents, photos, videos or other image data, while using a single tool. Users may even extract archived data and convert different files into other file types or formats, quickly and easily.

File sharing module

Filesharing is a built-in feature of 4ALLPORTAL’s digital asset management solution. As the term suggests, it allows users to share files with colleagues, team members and partners by giving them access to the files they need within a secure database or dedicated folder. Filesharing allows for an uncomplicated collaborative process among internal employees as well as external contributors, such as project partners, suppliers and clients/customers.

4ALLPORTAL’s Filesharing module is a special file sharing service that offers a faster and more secure data exchange system. It replaces unsecure and outdated methods like emails and USB sticks as a primary solution for efficient digital exchange and collaboration. The Filesharing module is tailor-made for modern and digital collaboration. Conventional means of sharing files, documents and other digital assets such as email or some other outdated file sharing service is often impractical, unsecure and shamefully slow, especially when sharing large volumes of data.

To ensure security, speed and efficiency, a good digital archive as a basis or as a hub is very much needed. This is what 4ALLPORTAL’s Filesharing module aims to deliver, and it’s quite successful at it. In addition to having fully integrated file sharing functions within a DAM platform, offering secure and fast data exchange, the strategy also helps with the optimization of workflows. 4ALLPORTAL’s DAM system comes with optional OCR text recognition, which enables users to manage and share files directly from a central location.

Product management with PIM

4ALLPORTAL’s DAM system is also equipped with product management capabilities powered by its product information management (PIM) system, serving as the single point of truth for product managers and teams. As product planning cycles become shorter, the demand for controlled communication and more efficient product information management increases. Nowadays, product managers are under more pressure to deliver consistent and timely product information across multiple channels. They have to make sure that they are sharing accurate and up-to-date info with marketing and sales teams.

With 4ALLPORTAL’s PIM system, product managers have full data control. The product information management system works as a central source of all product data, so they’re easier to manage and maintain. Any single change to a product’s information will affect all listings on every channel and platform to ensure consistency. Consistent product information has immense potential to improve transparency and data quality.

The product management feature with PIM support can help ensure that product information in all channels is synced and up to date at all times. With this consistency comes plenty of time savings as well as effective and successful multichannel communication.



4ALLPORTAL is a comprehensive, organization-wide DAM and PIM platform that is more than capable of meeting the needs of SMBs and large enterprises. The following are some of its main benefits:

Intelligent and advanced data management

4ALLPORTAL leverages media management centralization to effectively create a single storage and platform for all its client’s digital assets. It prevents duplicating files and documents stored across different locations by making sure that all valuable digital assets such as videos, images and documents are stored neatly in one location.

The platform’s DAM and PIM systems work together to establish a single source of truth for all teams, departments and external systems to access and use as a resource for their product files and content requirements. Moreover, the software allows users to preview any available file format without having to depend on third-party editing tools.

Seamless third-party integrations

4ALLPORTAL is designed to support seamless integration with third-party solutions. This means the platform can be easily integrated into an existing system environment or technology stack. This allows businesses and managers to establish a synchronistic and highly collaborative digital workspace for various teams, departments and employees. The integration process can be easily accomplished through various approaches, which include fully bespoke integration methods, industry-standard interfaces and the RESTful API.

Additionally, 4ALLPORTAL allows smooth and seamless connection of both the transmitting and receiving systems through its built-in connectors and integration capabilities. This should ensure suitable and robust connectivity, allowing multiple parties to send and receive data quickly, efficiently and securely. This makes 4ALLPORTAL the ideal communication and collaboration platform, a secure hub where users can confidently manage all output channels.

Better internal and external collaboration

When it comes to digital asset management and product information management, a stronger and more effective collaboration process is necessary. This is what 4ALLPORTAL offers its customers. Whether it’s deployed on-premise or via the cloud, the platform can provide all concerned parties access to the files and product information they need, easily and securely.

Product managers and admins can use the platform to create distinct DAM roles for internal team members and external parties like suppliers, partners and customers. They can also provide a transient live view of images, videos and other content files, in addition to packaged downloads and the built-in file sharing system. The platform comes with task management tools that enable users to create tasks with deadlines and then allocate them to internal and external team members.


4ALLPORTAL presents a unified DAM solution in all three of its pricing plans - Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise, available both on cloud and on-premise. The Basic package, suitable for smaller teams and startups, provides access to the key functionalities of the DAM module. A distinctive feature of the Advanced plan, tailored for mid-market businesses, is the ability to access and utilize the API to connect channels. Moreover, the product information management (PIM) module, which allows for storing product information and synchronizing it across various channels via the API, is promoted solely within this tier. The Enterprise offering, while similar in functionality to the Advanced plan, adds a greater degree of customization. Aimed at larger corporations, it features highly individualized versions of standard modules, features, and integrations from the marketplace, tailored to align with specific customer workflows. This increased personalization comes with associated costs, making it a fitting choice for companies with intricate workflows. Prices for these plans are provided upon request; interested parties should contact the vendor directly.


4ALLPORTAL offers a robust and scalable platform equipped with a broad range of features. The DAM element, a standard module across all plans, is suitable for companies seeking a customizable system that can handle particular file sharing and data management workflows. The flexibility of these offerings allows them to serve businesses and teams of diverse sizes and needs. From the API access in the Advanced plan to the personalized solutions of the Enterprise tier, 4ALLPORTAL caters to varying degrees of complexity and customization and is a fit for almost every type of company.

Product Information Management (PIM) Market Radar

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4ALLPORTAL Product Overview

  • DAM, PIM and Brand Shop in one solution

  • Highly flexible and scalable Enterprise solution

  • Customizable according to corporate design and needs

  • Modular structure (manage any data of recipes, people, movies, products, etc. in individual modules)

  • Cloud and on-premise

  • internal development team and personal contact person

  • Global implementation partners

Languages Supported: German, English

The Ultimate DAM Checklist 2023 Whitepaper

In The Ultimate DAM Checklist 2023 Whitepaper from 4ALLPORTAL, we take a look into why your business needs a DAM system, who should be involved in deciding on a DAM solution, and the benefits of a DAM solution for your company. To help figure out the pro.... Published in March 2023.



  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Brand Management
  • Calendar Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • External Integrations
  • File Sharing
  • File Transfer
  • History/Version Control
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Product Catalog
  • SAP Integration
  • Materials Library
  • File Format Conversion
  • Automatic Transcription
  • Dashboards
  • Reports
  • Database Search
  • Downloading

4ALLPORTAL Pricing Plans


5 user(s) / month
  • For teams that want to efficiently manage their documents and media
  • Management of digital assets (documents, images, videos, etc.)
  • Streamline collaboration
  • Intelligent search
  • Share files via portals or e-tickets
  • User management
  • Ability to customize workflows (optional)
  • Modules and integrations that make workflows more efficient (optional)
  • Basic SLA
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager and Project Manager
  • Support via Ticket system (service desk) and 4ALLPORTAL Community
  • Online documentation and Live-Roadmap


1 user(s) / month
  • For Companies that want to centrally manage product information in addition to files and synchronize with other channels
  • ALL IN BASIC, plus:
  • Optional: PIM module for centralized storage and maintenance of product information (single point of truth)
  • Master data maintenance and exchange according to GS1/GDSN
  • Further modules and integrations for which the API is a requirement
  • Custom modules
  • Individual workflows


1 user(s) / month
  • For Organizations with multiple stakeholders, multiple channels, and complex workflows that need to be automated
  • Highly customized 4ALLPORTAL including modules, features and integrations
  • Enterprise or individual SLA

Credit card required: No


Does 4ALLPORTAL offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

With 4ALLPORTAL you get a network of worldwide implementation partners, a dedicated contact person from the vendor and a development team at your side. In addition, there is the 4ALLPORTAL Community, where vendors, partners and customers can exchange information and help each other. Even if you need help with your project, we offer certified OKR Coaches, SCRUM Masters and Product Owners within our company.

What is 4ALLPORTAL generally used for?

DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT - search, manage and organize digital assets such as images, documents or videos.

PRODUCT INFORMATION MANAGEMENT - manage, enrich, distribute data such as product information, events, movies, contacts or similar.

PRINT & PUBLISH - efficient scaling and automation of CI-compliant marketing materials and many more with 4ALLPORTAL and partners.

Does 4ALLPORTAL integrate with any other apps?

Many integrations, features and modules are available in our own marketplace.

Who are the main user groups of 4ALLPORTAL?

Thanks to its modular structure, 4ALLPORTAL adapts to all industries and data. With its highly customizable and scalable features, 4ALLPORTAL can be adapted to any type of data, not the other way around.

We have customers in all industries: E-commerce, Broadcaster, Education, Manufacturers, Retailers and many more.

What platforms does 4ALLPORTAL support?

There are currently numerous integrations, e.g. in tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office, Wordpress, Typo3 or various social media platforms.

With the open API, 4ALLPORTAL can be connected to any other tool. Just ask for your desired integration!

Does 4ALLPORTAL offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?

4ALLPORTAL offers user, role and rights management for efficient data administration. There are 4ALLPORTAL systems with several hundred users. No problem!

What are some applications 4ALLPORTAL is commonly used in tandem with?

SAP, Adobe Creative Cloud, Wordpress and many others. With the open API, 4ALLPORTAL can be integrated with numerous platforms.

Does 4ALLPORTAL offer an API?

4ALLPORTAL has an open API for easy connection to third-party systems.

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4ALLPORTAL User Reviews

Average User Rating:
4.78/5 based on 16 user ratings.
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"Efficient Workflow Made Easy"

What do you like about 4ALLPORTAL?

The best thing about 4ALLPORTAL is how it streamlines the workflow process. With its comprehensive set of features, it allows users to easily manage and organize digital assets, collaborate with team members, and automate tasks. This makes it a great solution for businesses of all sizes that need to manage large amounts of digital assets efficiently.

What do you dislike about 4ALLPORTAL?

One area that could be improved is the initial learning curve for new users. However, the app's comprehensive documentation and helpful customer support make it easy to get up to speed quickly.

What have you been using it for and what problems did 4ALLPORTAL solve?

I've been using 4ALLPORTAL for a while now, and it's really helped me streamline my workflow process. The app's comprehensive set of features makes it easy for me to manage and organize my digital assets efficiently, collaborate with team members, and automate tasks. This has saved me a lot of time and allowed me to focus on more critical tasks. Although there's a slight learning curve for new users, the app's helpful customer support and documentation make it easy to get up to speed quickly. Overall, I highly recommend 4ALLPORTAL to anyone looking for a comprehensive digital asset management solution.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
User profile picture

"DAM and PIM software that adapts to all requirements "

What do you like about 4ALLPORTAL?

We use 4ALLPORTAL to manage our files (DAM) and maintain our product information (PIM). The 4ALLPORTAL was customized and provided with our company logo and colors. Thus, the software was quickly accepted and used as "part of us". Files and information are now found quickly and independently. Many tasks are automated. We push information from 4ALLPORTAL directly into many other channels.

What do you dislike about 4ALLPORTAL?

The 4ALLPORTAL is the Ferrari among the DAM/PIM softwares. The possibility to have DAM and PIM in one software is unbeatable. For an efficient use from day 1, the familiarization with 4ALLPORTAL should happen with a consultant. This is where 4ALLPORTAL and their implementation partners can help!

What have you been using it for and what problems did 4ALLPORTAL solve?

After we decided to take a look at 4ALLPORTAL in a demo, the software was quickly shortlisted. The scalability and customizability is top! We were looking for a software that would not only meet our current needs, but could also be used in the future. With 4ALLPORTAL, we have these options. Also the support is fast and so far all employees have been super helpful.

Ease of use
Value for money
Customer service
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