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Editors' Review by the VoIP Software Review Team

3CX is a business communication solution designed to effectively replace the traditional PBX systems, offering various solutions for calls, live chat, video conferencing, and messaging.

3CX is a feature-rich open standards communications system that caters to businesses of all sizes, across different industries. It is designed to be deployable in the cloud or on-premise, equipped with a fully integrated phone system that has video conferencing, built-in video calls, and call queue capabilities. The software provides users with the ability to manage voice calls, voicemails, web live chat, Facebook messaging, short message service (SMS), and video meetings, all under a single unified platform. The web live chat, Facebook messaging and SMS text messaging functions are available through integration. WhatsApp integration is also forecast to be included by the end of 2022.

3CX works as a modern alternative to the traditional private branch exchange or PBX system, which is ideal for businesses and organizations utilizing multiple communications channels, such as live chat, text, voice calls, video calls, and voicemail. The system is easily accessible through desktop computers, laptops, and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. 3CX is highly suited for companies that work with geographically dispersed teams and for employees working remotely.

The software allows users to easily manage both inbound and outbound communications using a Web Client or the 3CX mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The phone system also supports VoIP phones offered by service providers such as Grandstream and Yealink. 3CX is ideal for companies looking to reduce cost on a decent unified communications solution, SMBs and large enterprises with remote teams and employees, as well as organizations looking for a good PBX alternative that supports unlimited extensions at a reasonable price range.

3CX Features

3CX is a robust and feature-rich communications solution for businesses, teams, and solo entrepreneurs and professionals. It is a virtual phone system that is capable of supporting a wide variety of communications channels, including video conferencing, live chat, SMS messaging, and voice over internet protocol (VoIP) calls.

Video conferencing system

3CX offers a free video conferencing solution that can be accessed through a desktop/laptop computer or a smartphone. However, it also provides the option for unlimited enterprise-level video conferencing capable of supporting between 25 and 250 participants. This enterprise-grade video conferencing solution boasts robust security and increased usability, best suited for midmarket and large companies working with remote teams and employees.

The video conferencing functionality is fully integrated into the system’s dedicated mobile application and web client. The web client enables participants to easily join in on video calls by simply using their web browser, which means they don’t have to download or install anything. As an added function, users have the ability to schedule calls and meetings in advance by simply integrating them with their calendar apps, such as Google Calendar for instance.

3CX’s video conferencing solution also offers capabilities for effective collaboration, such as remote screen control and screen sharing, which is very useful for brainstorming sessions, demos, and presentations. The video conferencing tool supports high-definition (HD) video. The solution helps ensure that team members, employees, business partners, or any stakeholder can join the meeting regardless of their location or time zone.

Live chat functionality

3CX’s live chat feature is optimized to work effectively on any screen size, be it on a large computer display or a small smartphone screen. The function allows users, specifically marketing teams and agents, to offer real-time support and recommendations to visitors as they go through the different products and/or services on the business website. The live chat function also facilitates the lead generation and conversion process for sales and marketing teams, as the 3CX platform is designed to seamlessly integrate with some of the top CRM systems in the market, such as HubSpot and Salesforce.

3CX’s live chat tool is equipped with one-click voice or video calling, which gives agents the ability to quickly switch from simple chat-based conversations to real-time, face-to-face communication. This functionality helps customers save time and removes the need for users to navigate through a complicated and time-consuming interactive voice response (IVR) menu. Additionally, website visitors and potential customers are more likely to reach out to your agents to inquire about a particular product or service when the actual process of getting the information is quick and simple enough.

The 3CX live chat tool is compatible with websites that are designed and built using Joomla, Weebly, Drupal, Wix, and WordPress. Facebook messaging is available through integration, which is very useful if you’re looking to connect your Facebook followers through the 3CX platform.

Call management features

3CX is equipped with pretty useful call management features such as automatic callbacks, priority queuing, call blasting, estimated wait times, and hunt groups, just to name a few. This modern virtual phone system is also very flexible when it comes to call routing customizations. There are a lot of customizable call routing options to choose from, such as first-available routing, longest idle time routing, round robin routing, shortest talk time routing, and skill-based routing.

Having the ability to customize the call routing and being able to choose from a wide variety of call routing options make it easier to optimize and streamline the processes necessary to improve employee productivity without compromising the customer experience or increasing wait times, which can negatively affect customer satisfaction. The platform utilizes real-time push notifications to instantly notify agents, teams, and other users of new voicemails or messages. This should help prevent any missed follow-ups or opportunities to convert leads into paying customers.

There are plenty more features from the 3CX platform, such as call forwarding, business SMS, remote collaboration, third-party integrations, and deployment options (cloud hosted or on-premise).

3CX Review

3CX Benefits

3CX is a robust open standards communications system designed to serve any type of business in any industry, regardless of size and scale. The software provides a variety of features and tools that can easily support a fairly advanced contact center, all at a fraction of the cost. The 3CX platform has the capacity to elevate your business communications to a level that will help make you more competitive within the industry you’re operating in.

Robust and unified business communication

3CX allows you and your team to efficiently manage calls, video meetings, voicemails as well as website visitor messages, all within the platform itself. This virtual phone system offers both conventional and advanced features, from intercom, paging, and announcements functionality to call parking and pickup, busy lamp field (BLF), PBX capabilities, and VoIP calling. Website and Facebook messaging are also supported by 3CX through its integration capabilities.

The concept of having a single unified platform that can handle all business communications is very impressive and beneficial for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and large organizations, especially when the company employs or works with remote personnel and teams. A unified communications solution also significantly reduces the time spent retrieving multiple messages from various sources, such as internal instant messaging, email, website live chat, SMS, Facebook messenger, voicemail, etc.

Advanced yet easy-to-use call center tools

With the 3CX business communications platform, you can get access to a fairly sophisticated but user-friendly set of call center tools. These tools give your agents and staff members the ability to create their own workflows, so they are able to handle inbound and outbound calls for both local and global customers in a more efficient and convenient manner. When implemented correctly, 3CX can pretty much guarantee that you’ll never miss a call or a message ever again, mainly because of its call queues to the appropriate teams and agents.

As part of its call center tools, 3CX provides its users with advanced queuing methods, such as the round robin, the hunt by 3s, etc. Additionally, the virtual communications platform allows agents and other users to answer calls from virtually anywhere with a stable internet connection, using any computer or mobile device. 3CX also offers tools that are designed to help with training staff members and agents like barge in, whisper, and listen in functions as well as call recording. The system even enables real-time queue monitoring by way of wallboard or switchboard.

3CX Pricing

The 3CX platform is available in a variety of subscription plans. You have a few options for deployment: Hosted (cloud-based) and Self-Managed (on-premise) or in your private cloud.

In the hosted option plans there is StartUP Free which is free forever for up to 10 users. Startup Pro plan starts at $150/year for up to 20 users. The next tier up is the Dedicated Pro, which costs $245/year with up to 4 sim calls. The highest tier for the cloud-based option is the Dedicated Enterprise, which starts at $280/year.

For the Self-managed or on-premise deployment, Dedicated Standard (up to 4 simultaneous calls) is free forever, while Dedicated Pro and Dedicated Enterprise starts at $145/year and $180/year, respectively. Interested parties may visit the vendor’s website for more information.


The 3CX business communication solutions and software are worth checking out if you’re a type of business that’s looking for an affordable and user-friendly VoIP platform or virtual phone system to facilitate the communications needs of your team, regardless of size. 3CX is especially useful if you employ people who are working remotely, from different parts of the world. You can check out the free version of the software, either the cloud-based or the on-premise option, depending on which deployment method you prefer.

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