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100Hires Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Applicant Tracking (ATS) Software Review Team

100Hires is a feature-rich, easy to use applicant tracking system (ATS). It is designed to facilitate job posting, résumé screening, applicant tracking and interview scheduling, onboarding and other relevant activities associated with the process of finding the right personnel for various job positions within an organization. The software gives the human resources (HR) department the ability to collect and store candidates’ applications and résumés in a secure and integrated database. It also allows HR professionals to draft nice and clean-looking emails by using the available custom templates as well as schedule applicant interviews in real-time.

As an applicant tracking and recruitment solution, 100Hires allows users to remain on top of their recruitment responsibilities and pipeline. The ATS platform is fully equipped with a variety of features and tools that make life easier and more convenient for HR professionals and applicants. These features include email templates, evaluation forms and interview schedulers; all of which are meant to make the communication process between HR and the candidates more efficient.

With 100Hires, headhunters, HR teams and recruitment managers can easily gather and import contact information of various candidates from multiple sources and social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, Meetup, AngelList, Upwork, Github, Xing, Dribble, Indeed and Medium. As you can see, there are a lot of resources that HR departments can tap into to find information about potential candidates.

100Hires also offers a fully customizable recruitment pipeline that companies can easily modify to fit their requirements based on the stages of their current recruitment process. The platform features a number of résumé screening tools that enable recruitment managers to effectively determine the most suitable applicants or candidates for the job opening. Through 100Hires’ Chrome extension feature, HR professionals can efficiently source all their prospective applicants directly on the web browser.

Once the prospects or candidates have been clearly identified, all HR has to do is send bulk emails to those individuals, informing them of their interview schedules, evaluation and so on. This should help save time and effort for everyone involved, including the applicants. Apart from informing candidates of a possible hire, the software solution also allows HR teams to send out custom disqualification notices to applicants who may not have the right qualifications for the available position, based on their résumé, their last interview and their evaluation.

Finally, 100Hires supports seamless integration with Google Suite through its application programming interfaces (APIs), the widely used productivity and collaboration platform. The platform is best suited for small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), startups and large enterprises looking to streamline and optimize their application tracking and employee recruitment processes.

100Hires Features

There are many features and tools that are available with 100Hires. These features are designed to help make things easier and more efficient for HR managers and the applicants themselves. The following are some of the more notable features you might want to look at if you’re in the market for a good applicant tracking system to implement in your current recruitment process.

Recruitment management

This feature is tailored to help streamline your recruitment process, your workflows and your collaboration efforts. 100Hires’ recruitment management solution allows you to fully customize your recruiting workflows to help improve the efficiency and quality of your HR department’s recruitment procedures. The platform comes with a number of collaboration tools to optimize the collaborative hiring process. This is meant to give recruiters and HR professionals the ability to set up the right workflow for each job and to have a clear and more comprehensive view of all the available jobs and their current status.

Employee/candidate database

The ability to search for potential job candidates in a centralized and easy-to-use database is a feature that is inherent in all top-tier applicant tracking systems; 100Hires is no different. The cloud-based platform offers a robust employee and candidate database that enables HR teams to run quick searches and filtering of job applicants. It provides powerful searching and filtering capabilities that enable recruiters to easily perform candidate searches based on standard fields, custom tags and keywords that are previously added to the applicants’ profiles. This feature helps the human resources department save time on locating individual applicant records and increases their efficiency.

New hire onboarding tools

The employee recruitment process doesn’t just end once your HR team finds the right candidate for the open position. The new hires still have to go through the onboarding process and this is the feature that helps them do just that. 100Hires’ onboarding solution can help expedite the process, effectively reducing the time it takes for HR to hire the right person for the job and to officially fill up the available position or positions. Onboarding is integral to the recruitment process and 100Hires provides the right tools and applications to accommodate that process.

Candidate and résumé screening

Screening candidates and résumés are a significant part of any recruitment process. It is perhaps one of the first steps any recruiter or HR professional has to take when trying to fill up an open position in their organization. This feature allows users to easily and effectively screen all incoming applications by evaluating key qualifications and minimum job requirements. This should help recruiters save valuable time going through all the candidates’ résumés and creating a shortlist of prospects with the right qualifications.

Job posting and job board integrations

Say you have a job position available and you want to send out the information to as many prospects as possible, your best approach is to post the job opening on multiple job boards. That is what this particular 100Hires feature is all about. The ATS solution provides job board integrations, giving you and your HR department the ability to post job openings and other relevant information on different job boards all over the web. This should allow you to maximize your search and screening process, thereby boosting your chances of finding the right person for the job position.

100hires review

100Hires Benefits

The ability to customize the recruitment pipeline

100Hires provides businesses and HR teams with a customizable recruitment pipeline where all the information they need can be viewed at a glance, including the prospects (people who applied), those that have already been interviewed, the qualified and the disqualified applicants. Users will be able to customize the pipeline based on their recruitment preferences and processes in an effort to maximize efficiency and productivity.

Source and screen applicants more effectively

100Hires comes with robust sourcing and screening solutions that allow you to identify and locate prospects that might be qualified for the job opening based on your organization’s requirements. The Chrome extension, for instance, is one of those solutions. It gives you the ability to source applicants directly from the different job boards supported by 100Hires. The platform also allows you to send out application forms to potential applicants. You can use these forms for evaluation purposes and for future reference.

Create professional-looking emails with pre-made templates

100Hires offers an impressive collection of email templates that you can use to create beautiful and professional-looking emails. Your HR team can send out emails at any stage of the recruitment process. An option to send emails in bulk is also available, ensuring all qualified candidates on the shortlist are notified and accounted for. Moreover, 100Hires also provides custom disqualification reasons to help candidates better understand why they might not be the right hire for certain job positions. These custom disqualification reasons can help establish a good reputation for your brand as an employer, resulting in more candidates sending in their applications and résumés on your next job posting.

Allows seamless integration with multiple job boards

100Hires offers seamless integration with some of the most popular and more established job boards on the web, including LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter and Indeed. This means you can directly and automatically post job listings on any or all of these sites, saving your HR department a lot of time and effort. Higher visibility is the main benefit of posting on these job boards and why having the ability to easily integrate with these sites will greatly benefit your team and your recruitment process in the long run.

100hires Pricing

100Hires follows a subscription-based pricing model, offering four different plans to choose from: Free, Start, Pro and Enterprise. The 100Hires free plan is exactly what it sounds like—it’s completely free to use with unlimited job listings and users. It can support up to 100 new candidates per month and up to five sent emails per day (up to 50 per month) with a maximum of 10 email templates. The free package also allows up to three scheduled interviews per day and up to 30 per month.

The Start package begins at $179 per month or $129 per month when billed annually. It can support up to 600 new candidates per month and up to 50 sent emails per day (or 1500 per month) with up to 20 email templates available. The Start plan has a maximum of 10 scheduled interviews per day and up to 100 per month. 100Hires Pro starts at $359 per month or $289 per month for the annual billing.

For information about the Enterprise package, you have to contact the vendor directly to get your quote. You may visit the 100Hires official website for more information on their pricing and the available packages.


100Hires is a user-friendly and feature-rich applicant tracking system. It offers a free plan with decent features and capabilities, including integration support for Gmail, Calendar and multiple job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed. The platform allows you to schedule interviews, screen applications and collaborate with your HR department to ensure an efficient and successful recruitment process. You should at least check out the 100Hires free plan to properly evaluate the software.

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