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"Cloud project management software for freelancers, agencies and SMEs. Integrate existing web services and apps into parolu."

Work in your project team and assign tasks to your team, no matter whether they work directly for your organization or are an external service provider - invite everyone to your project. No annoying emails or complicated tools. Finally, one application for everyone involved. Cloud project management software for freelancers, agencies and SMEs. Integrate existing web services and apps into parolu: This turns parolu into a powerful centralized tool, enabling you to work on all of your projects seamlessly.

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parolu Review

Editors' Review by the Productivity Tools Software Review Team

Parolu is a cloud-based project management platform, a productivity tools software solution designed for individual freelance professionals and teams. The platform works well for small and medium-sized businesses, agencies, startups, and even larger enterprise companies that need a reliable and feature-rich all-in-one collaboration tool.

Parolu provides users with good productivity tools that allow them to manage projects centrally and effectively, with total control. When it comes to managing projects with other team members, you are able to assign tasks to individual members regardless of where they are. You may even geographically distribute assignments with remote partners and team members.

Normally, when working with other individuals on a particular project, especially with a fairly large team, and utilizing existing web applications and productivity tools, you’re bound to encounter a few issues and delays completing the project. Parolu is designed so that all the necessary tools you need to efficiently work with team members remotely are consolidated into a single, easy-to-use platform.

Parolu Benefits

When working on a project with a team, regardless of whether you’re all inside a room or spread throughout different locations across the country and overseas, you all need tools and solutions for communication, document/file sharing, workflow management, scheduling software, and so on. Using email for communication can be highly inefficient and switching back and forth between multiple applications is not only impractical, it’s also rather confusing.

However, what if you have a single platform that has all the tools and services you would normally need to efficiently manage and complete projects with a team, regardless of the size or where each individual team member is located? This is the purpose of Parolu project management software.

Parolu caters to individual users and teams by providing them with a centralized, cloud-based productivity tools platform to help them perform tasks and manage projects. The solution addresses many of the common issues people often face when working on projects using multiple applications—to communicate with team members, share files and documents, and to manage schedules and workflows.

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Parolu Features

The cloud project management solution comes with a wide range of features and capabilities. The following is a summary of some of the built-in Parolu features:

Team Collaboration Tools and Activity Feed

As a productivity tools software, Parolu has placed an emphasis on team collaboration with its tools and features. The cloud-based platform makes project management easier for individuals and teams, allowing them to invite people—whether co-located or geographically distributed—to work on the project, assign specific tasks, and monitor progress.

Parolu is specifically designed so that users are not limited to internal staff or team members. Project teams can be comprised of members working on the project remotely, from different locations. As such, freelance professionals and teams are able to invite and work with external partners like clients, service providers, and vendors. The platform allows users to stay on top of everything that’s happening related to the project they’re working on, through real-time activity feeds clearly displayed on the platform’s interface, as well as email and/or desktop notifications.

Document Management Features and Project Tracking

Parolu features a default dashboard view which provides users with instant easy-to-understand information regarding ongoing projects, to-do lists, tracked hours, and team management essentials. It boasts a well laid out interface that is comprehensible to any user, regardless of training or experience with such platforms.

Adding a new project using the software solution is simple. Labeling its current status and setting due dates is quick and straightforward. Adding to-do lists and task assignments to individual team members are quite easy as well, ensuring a simple and efficient process. Parolu allows teams to work as one cohesive unit through document sharing, cloud storage, and communication tools. Also, since documents are stored via the cloud, security and accessibility are not a concern.

Productivity Tools, Integrations, and More

Parolu is more than a project management platform. It has features that make it a versatile productivity tools software solution, addressing the needs of individual professionals, agencies, and small to medium-sized enterprises.

The cloud-hosted project management solution allows project leads, managers, and team members to effectively monitor and keep track of the progress and the time spent on each ongoing project through the time tracking feature. Moreover, Parolu also enables users to access other types of information and functions, including to-do lists, assigned projects, due dates, and project duration.

Tackling projects in collaboration with other individuals, other teams, vendors, and other service providers is also made easier with the collaboration tools, contact management, and other functions available with Parolu. This helps to centralize crucial information and workflow for stakeholders, decision makers, and participants.

Seamless integration with other third-party solutions is also possible with the cloud project management platform. It is designed to work with Slack along with other systems such as Zapier, Trello, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Mobile Access for On-The-Go Productivity

Parolu is available as a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. This means project managers, team leads, team members, and stakeholders are able to quickly access the platform and acquire crucial information about the project whether they’re at home, in transit, in a meeting, or at a conference somewhere.

Parolu homepage screenshot powerful simple time tracking contact management activities

Parolu Pricing

The Parolu project management software is available in three paid subscription plans, as well as a free plan for one user with limited features and functionalities. Interested parties may also opt to go for the free 30-day trial and invite colleagues and other individuals to their team to work on a project.

Once the free trial period is over, the registered account will be automatically sustained as a Free Plan. No credit card or any bank information is required to register for the 30-day free trial or the Free subscription. Below is a summary of the pricing details of Parolu project management software.

Parolu Lite: €9 per month

  • Up to two users (€9 per month fee per additional user)
  • Unlimited to-dos/projects/invoices/contacts
  • Up to 2 GB storage
  • Time tracking function
  • Documents
  • Calendar
  • Project teams
  • Roles and permissions
  • Integrations

Parolu Pro: €19 per month

  • Everything from Parolu Lite
  • Up to five users (€9 per month fee per additional user)
  • Up to 10 GB storage

Parolu Business: €75 per month

  • Everything from Parolu Pro
  • Up to 20 users (€9 per month fee per additional user)
  • Up to 250 GB storage


Parolu bridges project management and productivity tools to provide organizations and individual users a reliable and feature-rich platform for managing projects and collaborating with business partners, colleagues, investors, and clients.

The cloud-hosted platform serves as a centralized software solution with fully integrated tools and capabilities, from communication to file sharing tools. It’s a good project management software solution for organizations and freelance professionals who handle project-based services as their main source of revenue.

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parolu Features

  • API
  • Calendar Management
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Email Integration
  • External Integrations
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling

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