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What is Itemz App?

"Itemz App is a task management tool that will keep you motivated with trophies to do your daily work more efficiently. Turn your work into a game, but don't tell your boss..."

Itemz finally closes the gap between being productive and having fun at work (or more specifically – between getting the job done and binging on funny cat videos).

It makes the routine of getting through the daily “to do’s” bearable, because work starts to seem like a necessity, not only pay to the bills, but also because of the desire to compete.

In Itemz, the awards and trophies go first and foremost to those who really work the hardest.

But we should warn you – using this app makes you want to do more and more tasks every day just to find out what trophy is next...

  • Itemz App
  • Itemz App
  • Itemz App

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Itemz App Product Overview

  • Task managemet tools - creating and managing tasks and projects

  • Gamification mechanics - the trophies are waiting for you, just start working

Languages: English

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Product recommendations, vendor rankings, market overview and tips on how to select Business Management software for business. Published in October 2020.

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