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What is Improvely?

"Improvely is a conversion tracking and click fraud monitering app that works with AdWords, Bing Ads, Twitter Ads and Facebook Ads."

Improvely combines click and conversion tracking, click fraud detection, landing page split testing, and affiliate marketing tools into one easy-to-use platform.
Learn where every new customer came from — what site, web search or ad click first brought them to your shop.

Keep track of the cost, revenue and profit of your Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Facebook and other advertising — all in one report.

Get notified instantly of PPC click fraud — stop paying for fake clicks!

Improvely scored 75/100 in the Advertising & Affiliate category. This is based on user satisfaction (0/100), press buzz (37/100), recent user trends (rising) and other relevant information on Improvely gathered from around the web.

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Improvely Product Overview

  • Track your ads: Improvely allows you to analyze the origins of every sale or signup on your website, whether it's organic traffic or a paid marketing campaign.

  • Measure your advertising results: Improvely gives you the key performance metrics in a single report to track the cost, revenue and profit from your advertising campaign. It’s there to give you clarity on your conversions.

  • Monitor for click fraud: The Improvely monitoring systems inspect every click for signs of suspicious activity on your ads. Not only will you be alerted to possible PPC click fraud instantly, Improvely will provide you with the necessary tools to get your money back and prevent further losses.

  • Monthly plans to suit your shop size: With two weeks free, Improvely gives you time to work out which monthly plan best meets your needs. Plans start at $29/month and can be cancelled at any time.

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