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AdRoll Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Advertising & Affiliate Software Review Team

AdRoll’s Growth Marketing Platform contains all of the essential marketing tools, all in one place. Thousands of marketers worldwide rely on AdRoll to help them get better data in order to make better decisions, grow a successful brand, turn site visitors into customers and grow customer loyalty. AdRoll began in 2007 with the goal to democratize online advertising. Since then, the solution has continued to evolve and grow to include tools in email marketing, attribution and measurement and more. Through that time, we’ve maintained a firm base in what originally brought value to our customers – our firm commitment to helping marketers overcome challenges and reach goals by using marketing automation technology that is usually reserved for big brands and budgets.

AdRoll Features

You may have previously heard about AdRoll as a solution just for online advertising, but investments in growing the platform over the last several years have expanded the capabilities so that AdRoll can now be considered a single platform for all of the essential tools for online marketing in today’s often cluttered and siloed landscape. With over a decade of data and machine learning baked into AdRoll’s platform, they make it easier for brands to find their audience and create cross-channel and cross-device experiences that help marketers monitor and improve a wide variety of KPIs throughout the customer lifecycle.

AdRoll’s core features can be divided into four main categories:

Get Better Data, Make Better Decisions: AdRoll helps marketers solve the puzzle of cross-channel attribution and measurement with options that allow marketers to see their data at a glance and in more in-depth views. Upgraded options provide much more guidance and depth, allowing marketers to outpace the competition with attribution model testing, automated campaign insights and more.

Build a Brand: Identify and target customers on the web and social media using a variety of targeting options that allow marketers to target using demographic traits, by context or by targeting more customers like your previous customers using AdRoll’s in-depth machine learning/artificial intelligence.

Turn Visitors Into Customers: Move customers through the customer journey by using a combination of AdRoll’s well-known retargeting solution in addition to email marketing and onsite personalization solutions. Customers will find that AdRoll has a variety of rule-based and automated audience options, making it an easy, seamless process to set up campaigns that improve average order value and decrease cart abandonment.

Grow Customer Loyalty: Keep customers coming back for more by creating customized experiences that feel personalized using AdRoll’s dynamic retargeting, email and onsite personalization solutions. Customers have the ability to send out automated emails based on behavioral cues, email newsletters, and more.

All of this is found in one, easy-to-navigate platform. Customers will first connect AdRoll to their website either by using an integration with an e-commerce platform like Magento or Shopify, or by installing the AdRoll pixel using the provided instructions. From there, setting up campaigns of any type will take just a few minutes. Whether you’re using one of the hundreds of preloaded email templates, creating a brand awareness campaign to generate new site visitors or creating a retargeting campaign, you’ll find that it’s easy and intuitive.

AdRoll features

AdRoll Benefits

While the AdRoll platform has many benefits, the main ones that customers site are generally in four main areas.

Increase New Site Visits

Customers can use the Brand Awareness solution to target the right customers in the right places to drive more traffic to their websites. The targeting options help customers target users based on demographic traits (age, income, location, etc.), interests (sports, beauty and fashion, etc.), context (types of websites and display partners), and using AdRoll’s AI/ML to target more customers like previous customers.

Decrease Cart Abandonment

AdRoll’s solution includes options to use automated emails and retargeting campaigns to decrease cart abandonment and bring back cart abandoners. Users can set up campaigns based on their needs and customer knowledge or use AdRoll’s guidance to automate the setup.

Improve Customer Lifetime Value

Stay top of mind even after the point of purchase with retargeting, onsite personalization and emails structured with the loyal customer in mind. Send offers, launch new products and remind customers to repurchase with easy-to-launch campaigns.

Make Better Decisions Based on Data and Insights

Users can get insights, data and attribution information usually reserved for big brands and budgets that was built with the ambitious brand in mind. Get quick insights to test, refine and initiate campaigns using solutions that help you assign value across the customer’s journey with you, not just from the last click. Upgraded options give you deeper insights that go beyond UTM codes to help further break down siloed platforms and but the marketer in the driver’s seat of the data.

AdRoll Pricing

There are two types of costs that marketers may encounter with the AdRoll platform. The first is a platform fee that enables marketers to use the attribution and data analysis, email marketing and onsite personalization solutions. These packages start with a basic plan that is free and goes up to $19 per month based on the features and volume of emails. Each of these plans comes with a 30-day free trial to allow customers to try the solutions before they begin paying.

The second is a fee for any media placed which will vary based on the targeting options and budget that the customer defines.

In addition, customers who would like access to even more in-depth data analysis, cross-channel tracking and marketing attribution beyond UTM codes can upgrade to the Advanced Tracking plan which is priced at $450 per month.


If you’re an ambitious brand who is trying to save time and money, tell a consistent story across channels and create more mutually beneficial relationships with customers, AdRoll will help you reach your goals.

AdRoll helps marketers navigate the often convoluted online customer journey and create meaningful, memorable interactions at important places using a combination of mature AI/ML from years of investment in gathering customer insights and profiles and transparent data access that allows users to reach their customers quickly and easily.

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