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Bekchy Reviewed

Editors' Review by the Firewall Software Review Team

Bekchy is a cloud-based web application firewall software that protects your system from attackers, vulnerabilities and malicious content.

Bekchy can be used by businesses of all sizes and it is also suitable for all types of industries such as finance, insurance, IT, health, education and retail. For large enterprises, they can make use of the Enterprise plan, as it’s compatible with most programming languages and all types of application server software.

What Bekchy does is a report and assesses incoming attacks. defines customizable filters and supports all CMS systems. It doesn’t slow down with incoming traffic and scales itself to the growing needs of the business.

It’s one of the more powerful web application firewalls, making itself stand out from the competition due to its performance optimization tools, DNS and SSL management and load balancing.

Bekchy provides network encryption with SSL or TLS, which aims to provide more secure communications security for your network. The platform also allows you to work with load balancing, caching, WAF, DDOS mitigation and Bekchy engine.

These features can be applied to multiple application servers and aim to protect your website on a 24/7 basis against all types of attacks.

Bekchy Features

When it comes to top features, Bekchy offers the following intuitive features to assist with network security:

Malicious Attack Protection

Bekchy offers 24/7 protection against the following vulnerabilities: file upload, SOL injection, XSS, JS injection, Tamper Data and provides DDOS mitigation.

Protection against these attacks is essential for securing your network and any sensitive data on your servers.

Brute Force Protection

This feature refers to the ability to protect “input” fields such as coupon codes and password and login details. The feature ensures that these fields can’t be accessed and compromised through large amounts of data crawling to find passwords for important accounts.

Fake Information Detection

When people input their details, you can use this feature to detect if the information they’re giving out is fake. This lessens the possibility of fraud and also covers fake redirects, blacklisted IPs and single-use emails. This is important as hacked emails can be used for fraudulent activity.

Malware scan

What this feature does is it scans your system for any suspicious activities or bad codes. It works with 67 unique antivirus software which includes JavaScript and readymade codes and can detect and delete any suspicious malware or malicious code found in your system.

Full Control

Bekchy offers full control of your website from different devices—desktop, mobile, tablet and even smartphone. This lets you check in on your site using the Bekchy Panel whenever you need too and if there are issues that need to be urgently addressed, you can handle these immediately.

Bekchy Homepage

Bekchy Benefits

There are many benefits of using a network protection platform like Bekchy, including:

Advanced protection

Businesses need to protect their websites from malicious intentions and aggressive attacks to their data. Because of this, they choose to invest in software solutions designed to protect their systems and optimize their performance.

With Bekchy, they’ll benefit from not only a web application firewall software but also from a DDoS mitigation solution. Its powerful features cover protection from the most popular types of attacks and also provide protection for lesser-known vulnerabilities.

Bekchy Panel

The Bekchy Panel allows business owners and administrators to view their website and get an instant update on the site’s health at any time and even from remote locations. This allows them to check-in and monitor any vulnerabilities. This works with any type of device and can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device.

Bekchy Features

Bekchy Pricing

Bekchy offers four pricing packages for its users. It can be paid monthly or annually. As it’s a cloud web application firewall, its suite packages include a wide range of features and tools all catered to protect its users from malicious software and suspicious activity. In all the plans, you can only use one website per month.

The prices aren’t listed on their website. However, they offer four pricing packages:


You can check out the Basic plan through its free trial version for seven days. In this package, you’ll get to benefit from all types of protection against the following: SQL injection, SQL bypass, shell and file upload, XSS and JavaScript injection.

Additionally, it protects you against data tampering, fake information and malicious links. These methods are most commonly used by attackers to get into your system but with the Basic plan, you can prevent them from entering in the first place and tampering with your data.

It also offers free SSL, subresource integrity, IP black and white list, email support and HTTP response headers. No credit card information is required when you try the free version.


Considered as the most popular plan, the Pro plan is similar to the Basic one. However, this plan offers more advanced features including malware scans and reporting. You can also have phone support when you encounter malware issues.


The next plan is Business, which has all the features found in the previous plans. The only difference is you get 24/7 support and DDOS mitigation. Having this tool makes it easier to resist and mitigate attacks when it comes to large networks attached to an internet service provider.


The last package is different in a way that it doesn’t offer one website per month. Instead, you have to request for a quotation from the sales team. You have everything that Bekchy offers in a cloud-based web application firewall software solution.

With all kinds of protection against attackers such as SQL injection, XSS, JavaScript injection, data tampering and more, you can be assured that your networks and servers aren’t as much risk of being compromised.

It also has all the features found under malware scans and reports. This lets you scan and protect all security communications in most applications such as email, instant messaging and web browsing.

However, what makes this package stand out the most is its advanced features, which include additional backup storage, load balancing and SLA.


At the end of the day, protection and security is one of the company’s top priorities. It’s best to invest in software solutions that provide a wide array of features and tools in protecting your system.

Regardless of the subscription plan you choose, you’ll always benefit from the Basic Protection Rules and email support Bekchy offers. Overall, Bekchy stands out from other software providers due to additional features that include performance optimization and load balancing.

Customer testimonials have also pointed out its speed in resolving issues and its relative ease in obtaining an SSL certificate.

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