What is Teletext.io?

For most developers of innovative software, adding content management to their website or app is not a top priority. As a result, content writers need to push text changes through software updates. This is a slow procedure, and annoying for both developers and content writers.

Solutions are hard to find. Traditional CMS systems, frameworks like Django or Rails CMS and API-based content services all require a lot of server configuration, programming, testing and so forth.

We offer a Javascript-based, distributed content management service that doesn’t require lots of programming, it injects your content right into your website or app, it lets your content writers edit texts inline, real-time and yes, it even works in static websites.

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  • Teletext.io
  • Teletext.io
  • Teletext.io

Teletext.io Product Overview

  • Localization support

  • Free tier to jumpstart your website

  • Template engine included

  • Stellar performance and bulletproof security

  • WYSIWYG editor right on your own website

Teletext.io Pricing Plans

Starting from: $10.00/month

Credit card required: No

Up to 100MB data transfer and 1 user account is free.
Pricing will scale with the amount of data transfer you need and the number of users in your account.
See the website for a pricing calculator.

Stats & Other Information on Teletext.io

Company Info
Founded 2015
Based in -
Employees 2-10
3 Month Trend
Alexa Rank:

3 Months Change: 3885569

Languages: English

Teletext.io FAQs

What is Teletext.io generally used for?

Building websites with any technology / language of your liking, it can be a rails app, java, php or even a static html or react site. It really doesn't matter. With only a couple of lines of javascript you can power your content managers with the ability to change texts directly on the website with an inline WYSIWYG editor without having to publish a new version of the code.

Does Teletext.io offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?

Yes, we have a help section with a getting started section, tutorials and examples and direct support lines to our tech guys.

What platforms does Teletext.io support? (e.g. native mobile apps)

Currently, we focus on websites, but mobile support will be coming soon.

Does Teletext.io offer an API?

The entire platform is build with an API-first approach, although the API is currently not documented yet, it is already usable. Documentation for the API will be coming soon.

Who are the main user groups of Teletext.io?

Developers, startups and website building companies that need a solution for content management, but don't want to commit to a full fledged CMS system.

Does Teletext.io offer multi-user capability? (e.g. teams)

Yes, you can have multiple users per account.

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