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What is Sprwt.io?

"Sprwt is a turnkey software platform exclusively built for meal prep companies and restaurants. Our product is a solution to automate kitchen reports and business operations."

Sprwt is a software platform developed exclusively for the meal prep delivery business that expedites your workflow with automated tasks. We worked with chefs, delivery drivers, and marketing teams to build the perfect suite of solutions to facilitate and assist you with your business operations.

Our minimalist design style and simplified checkout process makes it easy for customers to order their meals. Customers can automate their ordering by creating a profile and setting their diet preferences, dislikes, and allergies. Our system can then randomly select meals and learn what they like to eat. Customers can subscribe to weekly meal plans, order A la Carte, purchase recipes in bulk, or even build a custom “Chipotle-Style” meal. With Sprwt the limit is your imagination. But most importantly it's all fully managed by our automated systems.

Sprwt.io scored 63/100 in the Restaurant Management category. This is based on user satisfaction (20/100), press buzz (28/100), recent user trends (falling), and other relevant information on Sprwt.io gathered from around the web.

The score for this software has improved over the past month. What is this?

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Sprwt.io Product Overview

  • Automated Cooking Reports & Fulfilment Reports

  • Loyalty Program & Referral Program

  • Customer Profile Management - Allergen, Dislikes, Diet Preferences

  • Email Marketing and SMS Marketing Integration

  • Automatic Rotating Menu

  • Label Generator

  • Fedex Shipping Integration

  • POS - Inventory Management & Cost Analysis

  • Analytics - PPC Event Conversions, Heat-mapping, Sales Data

  • Customer Management and Order Management

Languages: English
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Sprwt.io Features

  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • A/B Testing
  • API
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Contact Management
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-Currency
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Payroll
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
  • Tax Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Product Catalog
  • Organization Management
  • Shipping Management
  • Order management
  • BitCoin
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • SAP Integration
  • Route Optimization
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Sprwt.io Pricing Plans

Starter Plan

1st Kitchen Location
  • Automated Reporting
  • Customer Profile Management
  • 2GB RAM, 1vCPU, 2TB storage
  • Subscription Management
  • Labels Generator
  • Automated Menu Rotation

Base Plan

1 Kitchen Location
  • Everything in Starter Plan Plus:
  • Marketing Hub - Referral, Loyalty, Gift Cards, Digital Refunds
  • Delivery Systems - Delivery Bag Labels, Fulfilment Systems, Bag Tracking
  • Macro-Nutrition Systems - Nutritional Labels, Nutrition Tracking, Real-Time Nutrition Data while Ordering

Base Plan

1 Kitchen Location
  • Everything in Base Plan Plus:
  • Fedex System
  • POS Systems
  • Franchise Capability

Plans starting from: $250.00/month Credit card required: Yes

Sprwt.io FAQs

What platforms does Sprwt.io support?

This is custom app - works on any mobile device and desktop

Does Sprwt.io offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?


What is Sprwt.io generally used for?

Kitchen management, online and POS ordering, order fulfillment management, customer management, subscription management.

What are some applications Sprwt.io is commonly used in tandem with?

Recipal, Optimoroute

Does Sprwt.io offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?


Does Sprwt.io offer an API?


Who are the main user groups of Sprwt.io?

Our main clients are meal prep companies and grab-and-go / fast casual restaurants.

Does Sprwt.io integrate with any other apps?

Quickbooks, Hotjar, Stripe

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Sprwt.io User Reviews

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"Super traumatizing experience"

What do you like about Sprwt.io?

I liked that it's software for meal prep companies. However, there are so many other ones!!!

What do you dislike about Sprwt.io?

Michael (the founder) is really a one/two-man team with a few coders who is morally twisted. He decided it was a good idea to belittle my work at my expense. As a paying customer, I truly believed that I can make requests that can be denied... I was okay with that. But he decided to attack me as a person and tell me "I'm negative and I'm not a nice person." He even mentioned that he didn't think I was "a good person" because I knew what I wanted on my website... that I paid almost 1500 on.

What have you been using it for and what problems did Sprwt.io solve?

It didn't solve anything... it kept us in limbo where we waited for the website to be finished but in the end there were no results. He even deleted our data without our request and before our cancellation date. Realistically, we lost money waiting for him to provide us a finished product.

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