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The Startups / Business application Blobeo scored 46/100. This is based on user satisfaction (60/100), press buzz (28/100), recent user trends (falling) and other relevant information on Blobeo gathered from around the web.

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What is Blobeo?

Blobeo is a marketplace for learners allowing them to connect with instructors offering online interactive live courses. A platform to learn from verified industry experts. No matter your age or profession, Blobeo provides a powerful eLearning environment.Any individual can design and offer a course on Blobeo, provided relevant qualifications and experience can be verified. Blobeo's intelligent profile verification uses LinkedIn and other social platforms to validate an instructor.

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Blobeo Product Overview

  • Instructor reviews and Payment protection

  • Courses are offered by verified industry experts

  • Users can access repeatedly to recorded sessions

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