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What is IconArchive?

IconArchive is a tag-based icon search engine with more than 580,000 free icons for designers and web developers. The site also acts as a source of inspiration for new design ideas and a place to enjoy beautiful icons.

Icons on IconArchive can be collected, organized and shared using the sites search and categorization functions. Icons are available for all operating systems such as Windows, Mac and Linux.

IconArchive has a number of features not found on other icon sites including color sorted search results, icon up-voting and down-voting, saving without a login etc.


The Media Stock Files application IconArchive scored 82/100. This is based on user satisfaction (0/100), press buzz (49/100), recent user trends (falling) and other relevant information on IconArchive gathered from around the web.

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IconArchive Product Overview

  • Free icons: Approximately 600,000 free icons to select from and download.

  • Advanced search functions: Search icons by color, up-vote or down-vote, save favourites etc.

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