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About Venga WebToGlobal

WebToGlobal provides all the benefits of automated website translation without losing the quality of expert linguists.

Why does it matter?

Maintaining multiple translations of a website can pose many challenges: in addition to setting up the websites and getting high-quality translations, keeping your sites localized, updated, and in sync across regions and markets can eat up a lot of time and energy. Venga built a platform that collects all the complicated parts of website translation into one place and uses one smooth interface to manage them.

How does it work?

  1. No additional website maintenance required. No need to set up separate localized pages or IT resources needed to insert translations or perform complex updates. Venga takes the complexity away so you can focus on your job.
  2. Translations: A layer on top of the original website. The original site appears, and translated text is layered on top. That means no loss of ownership, traffic or SEO benefits for any of your sites.
  3. Translating in context. When working on your content, human translators and reviewers (Venga’s or your own) can see the final look and feel of any translations they create or edit. This allows for greater accuracy and efficiency.
  4. Publishing the translations. Publishing can be performed the moment translation is completed. Once published, the translations can be viewed by visitors in each locale.
  5. Getting updates translated and published. Updates to the original site can be easily captured for translation. It’s a quick process to extract, translate, and publish updated content.



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