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Software Description

Testsigma helps the web and mobile dependent businesses to reduce the cost of software quality and to continuously release their great quality software products faster.

Testsigma uses AI to build stable and reliable tests faster as well as speed-up the execution and maintenance of automated tests.

Testsigma is built to address some of the problems with existing automation testing tools like Huge Initial Time and Cost, Slow Test Development, High Execution Time and Costs, High Maintenance Efforts, Less Automation Coverage and Longer Payback Time.

Testsigma requires near-zero initial setup time, cost and ramp up time. Simplicity in Testsigma enables everyone to write automated tests 5X faster using natural language and run tests on thousands of devices available on the cloud. The AI features suggest improvements in test plans to include relevant or affected test cases. It uses dynamic locator strategy to save maintenance time and efforts by 70%. With Testsigma, users can see ROI right from the beginning instead of years.


  • API
  • Bug Tracking


  • Testsigma is ready for Continuous Testing with Shift-Left by eliminating huge initial setup time, cost and ramp up time.

  • Simplicity in Testsigma enables everyone to write automated tests 5X faster using natural language. No additional automation resources are required.

  • Supports multiple cloud-based execution platforms, executions on local devices and AI to create better Test Plans automatically.

  • Saves at least 70% of the maintenance efforts by using dynamic locator strategy and AI to suggest affected tests to run for the changes in the application under test.

  • From a failed test case Testsigma identifies the other tests to run which may have been affected.

  • Unified platform for both manual and automation testing of Web and Mobile applications.

  • Test management within the automation testing tool to manage automated test cases better in a continuous testing environment.

  • Enterprise-class Test Data Management with support for multiple Test Data Sources.

  • Team Collaboration with different access levels for each user to improve reusability and productivity.




Included in plan:
  • Web Application Automation Testing


1Parallel Test/Month
Included in plan:
  • Web Application Automation Testing
  • Android Web application Automated Testing
  • Android Native Application Automated Testing
  • iOS Web Application Automated testing
  • iOS Native Application Automated testing


1 user(s) / month


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  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Enterprises
Desktop Platforms:
  • Web App
Mobile Platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
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