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SupplySpy is a complete suite of tools to help Amazon Sellers find new products and suppliers, track SKU price fluctuations and profitability, and gain valuable insights into data that affects their business. The manipulatable SupplySpy database includes powerful filters that allow a user to create narrow searches and quickly find profitable avenues.

Popular Brands is a searchable database that holds critical info on nearly 50,000 of the most popular brand names on Amazon. Along with each brand’s website, contact info and, suppliers, this tool provides important metrics that measure how well a brand’s products perform over time.

Driven by powerful filters (including category, average price point, number of products and more), this tool finds profitable wholesale brands specific to a user’s business model.

The Popular Products tool is a database that provides information on more than a half million of the most popular Amazon products. Products searches can be narrowed by a dozen filters for maximum efficiency. Insights into each product include a list of sellers, fees, net profit, and sales rank.

Their Bulk Analyzer tool pulls data from supplier lists and tracks price and profitability fluctuations for individual SKUs over time. The software allows a user to assign products to specific suppliers to more easily track supplier profitability.

The extensive Supplier Directory tool contains info for thousands of U.S.wholesale suppliers. Users can sort the info by state or region to find untapped profit in their own backyards.


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