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About Strikedeck

Strikedeck enables businesses to measure, manage, and monetize the customer experience they deliver. It starts by creating a 360-degree view of the customer by seamlessly weaving together customer data from a multitude of sources – CRM, Marketing Automation, Finance, Billing, Contracts, Support, and Product Usage. Its intelligent algorithms glean valuable insights from the data and present them to users in intuitive dashboards that are not only easy to use, but also focus the user’s attention on signals from customers on which they need to take immediate action.

Strikedeck enables Customer Success teams to transform their customer communications with out of the box playbooks and workflows for common events in the customer lifecycle. It enables users to segment customers and delivers a service that is appropriate to the needs of each segment. Teams are enabled to provide an appropriate level of hand-holding as customers traverse each phase of the customer lifecycle – from initial onboarding to stabilization, all the way to expansion.

Strikedeck enables Customer Success teams to scale to meet the exponential growth in the customer base by intelligent automation of responses to common events that represent adversity to opportunity and everything in between. It works silently in the background, automatically responding to events while alerting Customer Success professionals to the events that need their attention. This means that Customer Success professionals can focus on delivering the best experience to customers, instead of wasting their time on mundane and repetitive tasks.

Here is what a customer had to say about Strikedeck:

“As a VP of CS, I have found that Strikedeck has provided me insight into our client base that cannot be produced anywhere else in the organization. This is mostly a result of the extremely powerful and easy ability to segment our client base. Essentially, all of the dashboards, activity, health, surveys, support tickets, tasks, events, and more can be 1-click segmented. This allows me to present intelligent and actionable data to my leadership team in support of new programs and budgets.”

2018 has been a breakout year for Strikedeck. Key highlights include:

  • 2.6x increase in the customer base.
  • 3.2x increase in the number of Customer Success professionals depending on our solutions.
  • 5.3x increase in the number of customers managed by our customers.

Our customers are reporting some stellar results including:

  • A 100% increase in the customer base while increasing customer satisfaction by 50% (with no change in the Customer Success team size).

  • A 4x increase in time spent with customers by cutting down on wasteful time spent on preparing for meetings, generating reports and other repetitive tasks.

  • A 100% increase in Annual Recurring Revenue, 125% increase in upsell revenue and a 30% decrease in churn.

  • Strikedeck helped a customer increase in retention by 5% to generate 20% higher P/E multiple, followed by a 15% increase in up-sell to a 50% higher P/E multiple.


  • API
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • External Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling
  • Call Tracking
  • Click-to-Dial
  • Net Promoter Score


  • Customer Health Scores: Provides users a customer-specific score to determine the overall satisfaction of each customer.

  • Product Engagement: Identify which customers are getting the most out of your products or services and highlight those who have not yet fully adopted or may need further training.

  • Playbooks: Create and structure key customer success processes into a "playbook" to create unified team best practices for handling customers.

  • Workflow Recipes: Trigger & Action based tasks and automated actions that can be assigned to a user, or carried out automatically by the system

  • Advanced Integrations: 8+ ways to bring in data into the system including - Strikedeck API, Flat Files, Direct Database Access, Tracking Beacons, connecting to Analytics platforms, App-monitoring platforms, and Data Warehouses.

  • Machine Learning: Ability for the platform to learn and improve predictions based on previous customer behavior and a growing database of customer information.

  • Predictive Analytics: Upsell & cross-sell opportunities are tagged based on historical trends to hit revenue and expansion targets

  • Churn Risk: Calculates the risk that your customers will not renew or continue using your product or service.

  • Surveys: Allows users to create and send out surveys to customers to determine net promoter scores and other key satisfaction information.


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