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About Seller Republic

While product repricing has always been the go-to sales strategy for retailers, virtual marketplaces like Amazon have given it a new avatar. Even though most Amazon sellers today know that manually marking prices simply won’t cut it in the repricing blitzkrieg of online bazaars, the choice of repricing software is one that requires some research. As the latest entrant in the world of repricing, Seller Republic promises to put the best advanced repricing strategies, combined with flexibility and affordability, squarely into the hands of Amazon sellers.

Seller Republic is a web-based repricer that boasts a secure cloud computing system, ensuring uninterrupted uptime and enabling rapid and relevant predictive searches (Very useful for checking out the competition!). Repricing is done round the clock, and inventory data is synched regularly. SSL encryption keeps you safe, and regular data backups make sure you never lose your info.

With a setup time of just minutes, learning the ropes of repricing isn’t going to take much time. Seller Republic provides a clever app that is usable across platforms – it shouldn’t make a difference whether you’re working from your PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Start your free fourteen-day trial today, with only your e-mail address. No credit card required! One account lets you work on multiple regional marketplace (choose from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Spain, France and Italy). Pick a payment plan depending on the number of your active listings – all plans have full functionality and features, so you needn’t be at a disadvantage even if you are just starting out as a seller!


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  • The quickest and easiest way to increase sales and profits.

  • Easy to use, yet advanced, Amazon Repricing service.


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