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About Risor

Risor is a B2B trading platform that connects manufacturers, brands, distributors and retailers on to a single platform. The platform aims to simplify business operations of wholesale and retail. It makes it easier for wholesalers to showcase their products in an efficient way along with allowing them to smoothly manage their buyer network: all at one platform.

Creating beautiful catalogs in the form of feed and stories enable seamless browsing experience for the buyer network thus eliminating the traditional and inefficient process of sending catalogs over whatsapp. The app features a one to one chat option for sellers and buyers ensuring smoother connectivity.

Risor was founded in 2021 and is headquartered in Panchkula, Haryana, India.


  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • API
  • Batch Permissions & Access
  • Budgeting
  • Calendar Management
  • Customer Management
  • Dashboard
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Expense Tracking
  • External Integrations
  • Forecasting
  • General Account Ledger
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Lead Management
  • Lead Scoring
  • Marketing Automation
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Password & Access Management
  • Payroll
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Supplier Management
  • Tax Management
  • Third-Party Plugins/Add-Ons
  • Travel Management


  • Create beautiful catalogs in the form of feed and stories.

  • Automatic catalogue updates to buyer network.

  • One to one chat interface with the buyer network.

  • Add and manage team members to online store.

  • Create and manage different type of marketing promotions.


    Does this service offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?
  • Yes, wholesalers, brands or manufacturers can add and manage their team to their online store.

  • What platforms does this service support?
  • Android

  • Who are the main user groups of this service?
  • SMEs, SMBs, wholesalers, retailers, brands, manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

  • What is this service generally used for?
  • The service is used to connect wholesale and retail on an online platform. Retailers can place bulk orders from wholesalers whereas wholesalers can create , manage and showcase their product catalogs in a beautiful and interactive way.

  • Does this service integrate with any other apps?
  • The app in integrated with social media platforms to ensure smoother sharing.

  • Does this service offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?
  • Yes, the service whatsapp support at: +91 78 0044 0066.
    The feature tutorials are available on youtube channel. The service also offers in app customer support.

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Who uses Risor
  • Startups
  • SMEs
Desktop Platforms:
  • Web App
Mobile Platforms:
  • Android
Regional Restrictions:
No restrictions.
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