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Software Description:

Jibestream - Bringing Maps to Apps

Jibestream is the premier indoor mapping and location platform provider for enterprise organizations. The company’s geospatial platform integrates business data with indoor maps to create smart indoor spaces. With Jibestream, any system can be enhanced to display advanced data in the context of an indoor map. Highly configurable and flexible, Jibestream gives developers the tools to create and manage indoor map-enabled web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications. Maps are broken down into layers and objects that can be associated with any third party data source to visualize and render data in real-time enabling a myriad of map related use cases from a single, centralized database. 

Jibestream’s mapping platform is technology-agnostic which provides the flexibility to integrate with industry specific systems and data while diverting the risk of vendor lock-in and increasing the reach and value for each user.

Jibestream is being adopted and integrated into a wide variety of enterprise applications to deliver on valuable use cases, including:

  • Experiential Wayfinding – Add real-time turn-by-turn, landmark-based indoor navigation with a blue dot experience.
  • Asset Tracking – Monitor the location of key assets, including people and equipment; manage assets in real-time and via historical spatial reports. *Map Profiles – Create permission-based profiles and grant users access to different map views based on their profile, using a single set of maps.
  • Business Intelligence (BI) – Make sense of complex data through location; gain visibility into operations through location data and make smarter more actionable decisions.
  • Security – Improve the indoor spatial awareness of security teams; respond to critical building security issues faster by using indoor geo-fences to alert security.
  • Building Energy Efficiency – Enable customers to use indoor maps to track, visualize and control building temperature and lighting systems.
  • Facilities Management – Visualize any infrastructure layer on a map and monitor the status of physical infrastructure (lighting, HVAC, cameras...); send any employee or field service staff detailed directions to any asset.
  • Intelligent Parking – Help visitors seamlessly transition from outdoor to indoor maps to find the best parking spot and navigate to their destination within a building.
  • Geofence – Gain insights into user behaviors and engage users at the right time, in the right place.
  • Proximity Messaging – Make people aware of nearby points of interest and send real-time targeted messages to users based on their location.

Make sense of complex indoor spaces by integrating business data with maps.

  • Enhance experience through location-awareness
  • Gain real-time intelligence into operations through data
  • Enrich business insights through location data
  • Uncover data patterns and trends through spatial context
  • Realize workflow efficiencies through connected technologies


  • Multi-User
  • Inventory Tracking
  • Notifications
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Data Visualization
  • External Integrations
  • Data Import
  • API


  • Geospatially accurate vector-based maps provide a high-fidelity and fluid user experience.

  • Easily access and manage spatial data using a web-based content management system.

  • A technology agnostic architecture provides interoperability to indoor positioning technologies.

  • RESTful APIs allow for seamless integration with other systems and applications.

  • Overlay multiple data layers on maps to create scalable, location-aware applications.


    Does this service offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?
  • Yes, user creation is possible on the Jibestream Content Management System. Users with restricted access to parts of the CMS is also possible.

  • What are some applications this service is commonly used in tandem with?
  • Jibestream's indoor mapping platform is often used with indoor positioning service providers to unlock real-time data driven use cases that benefit the end user experience.

  • Does this service offer an API?
  • Yes, Jibestream offers a robust SDK and API.

  • Who are the main user groups of this service?
  • Mobile application developers, innovation labs and enterprise organizations use Jibestream to bring the power of maps to healthcare, retail, corporate, airports, and public venue apps.

  • Does this service offer guides, tutorials and or customer support?
  • Full documentation along with online and over-the-phone customer support with Jibestream's support team is available for clients.

  • Does this service integrate with any other apps?
  • The Jibestream indoor mapping platform integrates with any other platform via APIs.

  • What is this service generally used for?
  • Jibestream gives developers the tools to embed maps into web and mobile applications.

  • What platforms does this service support?
  • Native web, iOS and Android.


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Who uses Jibestream
  • Enterprises
Desktop Platforms:
  • Web App
Mobile Platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
Regional Restrictions:
No restrictions.
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