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About INDE BroadcastAR

INDE's award-winning BroadcastAR system enables a customisable, interactive 3D Augmented Reality experience on any screen. It creates a unique edutainment and media platform capable of attracting, engaging and educating individuals and groups, through a mixture of the real world and digital content. The augmented reality delivers the rich engaging experience and covers many audiences in all ages. Our augmented reality solution is able to react in real-time, with the interactive setup linked directly to our software, and displaying to audiences on the large screen.

High definition video and graphics ensure that you attract the attention of your surroundings, and displays the stunning realism of our 3D content - providing an instant illusion of appearing closer to the audience. The big screen augmented reality is the ideal option for the people use at trade shows, exhibitions, display stands, and more.

Off-the-shelf content packages include a huge range of environments featuring everything from dinosaurs to killer whales. Custom 3D can be commissioned via INDE’s content creation team.


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