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About Hypersay

Good presenters have great slides
Great presenters know how to get their audience involved.
Hypersay gives you an easy way add live polls, quizzes, open questions, interactive images and videos.

All features

Before session
* Upload Presentations - Start by uploading your slides (Powerpoint, PDF or Google Slides).
* Polls / Quizzes - Use templates to define live polls & quizzes and add them to your slides.
* Opinion Scales - Use 5-step Likert scales to assess your audience opinions.
* Live Open Questions - Add open questions with limited length answers.
* Interactive Images - Upload images & allow participants to drag dots.
* Videos - Embed YouTube / Vimeo videos in your presentation.
* Secure OTP Authentication - Sign in using social media or a secure One Time Password.
* Multiple Language Interface - Switch from English to Italian, Romaninan, French, Spanish or Portuguese.

Go live
* Live Slide Sharing - Share slides with participants in real-time on their devices.
* Freeze Answers - You can freeze answers on a specific quiz.
* Audience Q&A Wall- Crowdsource questions from participants displayed in order of votes received
* Question Wall Moderation - Presenters can moderate the questions asked by participants.
* Claps - Participants can send claps during the presentation.
* Clicker - Use a clicker to advance slides. Stay handsfree during your presentation.
* Private Notes - Participants can take private notes which stay linked to specific slides.
* Feedback - Gather instantaneous feedback at the end of your session.
* Phonetic Codes - Share your session using easy-to-pronounce codes.
* Anonymity - Allow unregistered participants to join.

Post Session
* Download data as CSV - Export data from your presentation into CSV format.
* Digital Pulse - Analyse how engaged your participants were during your session. Actionable session analytics.
* Follow up - Quickly email your registered participants after your session.
* Embedded feedback form - Encourage feedback by asking your participants to use the embedded form.


  • API
  • Calendar Management
  • Chat
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • Data Visualization
  • Document Comparison
  • External Integrations
  • History/Version Control
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Scheduling


  • Live Slide Sharing

  • Live Polls / Quizzes

  • Embed Videos

  • Live Open Questions

  • Audience Q&A Wall

  • Feedback

  • Session analytics

  • Follow-up

  • Export data

  • Multiple Language Interface


Individual plan

1 user(s) / month
Included in plan:
  • Max. participants / session: 20-200
  • Pro sessions: unlimited
  • Unlimited interactions
  • Session Analytics
  • Advanced session control


1 user(s) / month
Included in plan:
  • Max. participants / session: 20-500
  • Pro sessions: 3
  • Unlimited interactions
  • Session Analytics
  • Advanced session control


    Does this service offer multi-user capability (e.g. teams)?
  • Yes.

  • What platforms does this service support?
  • All platforms.

  • Who are the main user groups of this service?
    • School teachers
    • Higher education lecturers
    • Conference speakers
    • Corporate training professionals
  • What is this service generally used for?
  • Hypersay is a platform for interactive presentations that massively increase engagement. Keep your audience engaged with polls, questions, private notes and live slide sharing. Store, enrich & deliver presentations from your cloud.

Vendor Information

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Who uses Hypersay
  • Personal
  • Freelance
  • Startups
  • SMEs
  • Agencies
  • Enterprises
Desktop Platforms:
  • Web App
  • Windows
  • Macintosh
Mobile Platforms:
  • iOS
  • Android
  • WinPhone
  • Blackberry
English, Romanian, Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese
Regional Restrictions:
No restrictions.
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