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About DeepFactor

DeepFactor: Continuous Observability for Security & Compliance

You no longer need to choose between shipping fast versus secure to production—DeepFactor empowers you to deliver both with confidence. Designed for today’s modern apps, DeepFactor is the industry’s first Continuous Observability platform to fill the void between static code scanning (SAST/SCA/Container scanning tools) and production security tools (Container/Kubernetes security and vulnerability scanning tools).

With DeepFactor, Developers can ship secure code without sacrificing productivity by rapidly finding and triaging RUNTIME Security, Privacy, and Compliance risks within the DevOps pipeline with one command and no code changes.

The Application Security team can abate security risks before production by setting guardrails, receiving alerts, and having continuous visibility into every build.

Engineering leadership can accelerate productivity and decrease mean time to remediate security and compliance risks pre-production as their teams ship secure releases on schedule using a purpose-built continuous observability tool.

DeepFactor enables Dev to break down silos, reduce friction, and have seamless collaboration with the AppSec team, turning Dev into AppSec champions.

DeepFactor delivers four (4) groups of powerful insights:
1. Code Execution Risks: risks in process, memory, filesystem, and network behaviors determined by observing system and library calls.
2. AppSec Policy Alerts: deviations from expected application behaviors based on policies defined by the AppSec team
3. OWASP Scan Results: results of One-Click OWASP ZAP scans, built into DeepFactor
4. Usage-Based Vulnerable Dependencies: dependency vulnerabilities prioritized based on actual usage

DeepFactor’s actionable evidence enables you to instantly pinpoint root cause and remediate runtime risks earlier in development before shipping to production. Deep Passive Monitoring™ technology collects telemetry from every software component it is deployed with, observing behavior, configuration, connections, dependencies, function calls, system calls, and more. This technology has minimal performance impact in staging, creates no additional security risk, and is transparent to production environments. The Application Runtime Intelligence™ engine detects potential security and performance issues as well as risky and unexpected behavior changes between software versions, allowing you to compare the behavior of one version to another.

Created by developers for developers, DeepFactor supports most applications out-of-the-box with just a simple command—no need to write a single line of code or bother with language-specific instructions. Plus, DeepFactor works with any workload from traditional/non-container to container/Kubernetes/Docker applications.

DeepFactor: Continuous Observability for Security & Compliance. Built for developers by developers. Go from Runtime Blind™ to Runtime Ready™.


  • API
  • Data Export
  • Data Import
  • External Integrations
  • Multi-App
  • Multi-Site
  • Multi-User
  • Notifications
  • Project Management
  • Bug Tracking


  • Bring any workload: traditional/non-container; Kubernetes; Docker

  • Language Agnostic

  • No Code Changes

  • One Command

  • Pre-packaged integrations with popular DevOps lifecycle management tools such as Jira, Jenkins, Slack, GitHub and more

  • Deep Passive Observability technology

  • Application Runtime Intelligence engine


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