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About Clerky

Clerky is the easiest way for startups to get legal paperwork done safely. They’re 100% focused on helping startups get legal paperwork done safely, going far beyond simply providing forms.

With Clerky, you can get your legal paperwork done with confidence, so you can get back to building your company. Their software has everything startups need before a Series A, from formation to fundraising to hiring. As your startup grows, Clerky will be by your side to help you do paperwork safely and keep everything organized.

Clerky is unique in its obsession for quality. Clerky’s software and templates help make sure you end up with the same level of quality that you would get from a top Silicon Valley law firm.

Clerky is uniquely able to do this because it's run by startup attorneys and paralegals with extensive experience from top startup law firms. For example, investors will have their lawyers review your legal paperwork in a process called due diligence. Clerky is the only online service obsessed with helping you pass due diligence without issue. They’ve seen all the issues that come up in legal due diligence and work hard to help our customers avoid them.

They don't just blindly mimic the output of attorneys though. There are many non‑obvious issues with moving legal paperwork online. Their deep experience enables them to recognize issues and do the necessary legal research. They do a tremendous amount of research - more than what a typical startup attorney would ever do.

Every time you use Clerky, you benefit from their obsession for quality. Their deep legal expertise and extensive legal research are built directly into our software and templates.

In addition, Clerky has powerful collaboration features that make it easy to work with your attorney. Many startups use Clerky on their own without issue. However, some want an attorney to double-check what they type in, or else have unusual circumstances that require customization. Others might already have an attorney and just want to keep them in the loop.


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  • Startup legal documents made easy


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