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Nowadays marketing is all about analytics. You are able to track every single step of your customer, but this giant data set looks really scary. And even if you dare to cope with this tremendous amount of digits and try to find some insights, you will spend a lot of time and effort without any guarantee to mine insights that are really worth your attention.

Data-driven marketers are likely to be doomed to sink in dreadful big data, but Captain Growth can help you!

Captain Growth is AI-powered service that automates marketing analytics and finds deep insight from your data.
No charts, no tables, no wasted time anymore. You get just essential insights. Each insight is an opportunity to grow marketing hidden in your data. Either a problem to fix or a good trend to leverage. For our customers, we generate around 100 insights daily on average.
Using them you can make right decisions, act faster and grow.

Which insights can Captain find for you?

Audience Segments
Some of your audiences perform better or worse than average.

Wrong-targeted Ads
Some of your ads work poorly for a particular audience, e.g. male aged 25-35 from Boston.

Creatives To Refresh
Some of your ads start to perform worse - it’s probably time to change them.

Metric Anomalies
There is an unusual drop or growth of your important metrics - ROAS, CPA, CPC, Conversions.

Settings To Use
Which placement, ad format, bidding, optimization goal works better for particular audiences and adsets.

Facebook Updates
You miss on a new advertising opportunity, e.g. you don’t use dynamic creatives.

What to fix?
You don’t apply one of 50 advertisers’ best practices, e.g. there are no UTMs for your ad links.

And others.

Leave all dirty analytics job to machines. Let AI unlock a potential of your data. Concentrate on HOW to develop a company, instead of WHAT is going on in your data.


  • Link Tracking
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Scoring
  • Data Import
  • Conversion Tracking


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  • Agencies
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