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What is Snapcloud?

"Snapcloud: image storage for creatives and teams. Keep your image resources and stock photos in one place, simply organised, instantly searchable and accessible from anywhere."

Designed to combat the 'I know I have this image somewhere, but I have no idea where' feeling. Also effective against 'I have no idea where to save this awesome image I found', and 'if only there was some way of neatly tagging all of my images so I can search for them quickly when I need them'.

Snapcloud is your central repo for all of the imagery you use on a regular basis - stock photos, company & client assets, inspiration, icons & logos and anything else that you currently have scattered across shared folders and messy desktops.

Images are accessible from anywhere, and our simple tagging system means finding images when you need them is incredibly easy.

  • Snapcloud
  • Snapcloud

Snapcloud Product Overview

  • Free image storage for designers

  • Collaboration features coming soon

  • Accessible anywhere

  • Easy to use

  • Great for individuals and teams

Languages: English

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